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Old player returning to Semi deleted character

First post
Natasha Jovich
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2016-12-07 19:59:03 UTC
Sorry random question from a returning player.

Just came back to the game after a very long break (something near 10 years) and my main toon only has 800k SP and pretty much all isk and any ship worth of value has gone (assume account got breached at some point).

What's weird is that the account looks like CCP tried to reset the character as all my faction standings history etc are all reset but the SP are all over the place and not the same as if starting a new toon.

Whats puzzling me more is that my alt toon still has 56.5 mil SP and in general looks to be how i left it when i cancelled both accounts at the same time.

I've seen a post about their being an SP issue last month with various comments stating this has been resolved by CCP with other people stating that its still an issue for them.

So basically wondering if anyone knows if a character removal/rollback was done for non active accounts and whether i'm just lucky that my Alt managed to slip through it or whether its more likely that the SP issue is still present on my main toon and that i'd be able to (eventually) get this sorted through submitting it to support?

Essentially if my main has lost everything for good there's a good chance i'll just not pick the game up again as i had 4 years into the char and starting from scratch again sounds terrible ^ ^ (My toon was made for ferrying cargo and salvaging so no real useful skills).

Anyway any help is appreciated.

Fal Shepard
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#2 - 2016-12-07 21:12:54 UTC
Welcome back, Pilot. I belive back in 2014 there was a reset of old accounts that have been inactive for several years. This was to free up names for new pilots. That's really the only explanation I can give you, however it may not be a bad idea to file a support ticket and hope for a better answer.

Also, in curiosity, how do you think the game graphics and art look after so many years?

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#3 - 2016-12-07 21:15:23 UTC  |  Edited by: gfldex
Natasha Jovich wrote:
So basically wondering if anyone knows if a character removal/rollback was done for non active accounts

No account that has been paid for at least once was touched while inactive by CCP. (They remove pure trial accounts once.) If there are issues with your char petition it. If it turns out it was a problem on CCPs side ask politely for a refund, if you send some money their way aleady. The petition queue is fairly long right now. Expect to wait for weeks,

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Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#4 - 2016-12-08 04:25:48 UTC
If the account has been breached recently it's likely the thief would have used Skill Extractors to siphon off your skills. However, in that case you'd still have 5M SP and the Skillbooks injected, so that cannot really be it. Also, back in the day the starting skills were different from what they are today. Used to be that you started with next to nothing, then a phase where you started with almost 600k, then at some point it was back to nothing and a training boost, and now we'te back at I dunno, 400k or so? And the skills were different ones each time. So, the skills on that char being different from the starter skills you get now is not an indication for any sort of shenanigans.

Are you sure you got the correct account? Maybe you had a third one? Ten years is a long time.
Vimsy Vortis
Shoulda Checked Local
Break-A-Wish Foundation
#5 - 2016-12-08 04:29:58 UTC
I would start up a petition, explain your problem and try and get the GMs to basically revert all your SP to be unallocated so you can distribute it properly.
Thursday Park-Laine
Queens of the Drone Age
#6 - 2016-12-08 09:28:51 UTC
Are you sure you locked into your main account and not into an alt by accident?
ISD Dorrim Barstorlode
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
ISD Alliance
#7 - 2016-12-08 09:53:49 UTC
The best option in your case is to file a petition with the GMs and explain the situation so that they can take care of it. Hopefully that'll get you set to where you need to be. Welcome back!

ISD Dorrim Barstorlode

Senior Lead

Community Communication Liaisons (CCLs)

Interstellar Services Department

Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#8 - 2016-12-08 12:09:03 UTC
On the account support webpage for the account your are currently on there should be an option to view all accounts sharing that email address. So if your accounts all had the same email you can view them to see if there is a third or fourth account that you forgot about.

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Natasha Jovich
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#9 - 2016-12-08 19:27:32 UTC
First of all thank you all for the responses ^^ i'll try and respond to all.

So firstly I decided to put in a support ticket, figured better to do it now and if i get nothing back then at least i tried.

I'm definitely on my main account and it was definitely this character, i did have 2 different account each linked to their own email and i've logged into all characters on both (my alt was on the 2nd account as i wanted the ability to cancel the subscription separately if i needed to etc).

"t's likely the thief would have used Skill Extractors to siphon off your skills" - holy crap this is a thing now!! - The idea of the account being breached was basically down to most of my useful stuff and ISK no longer being in my assets so was purely speculation however i did have a good friend who played the game at the time so its more than likely that i could've created some contracts for him and sent the isk his way as a parting gift (i had a Nid sat in a random station so it makes sense that i'd want to pass that on instead of letting it rot). I've tried to reach out to him but it looks like he hasnt played for just over a year so potentially no chance of finding out.

"If it turns out it was a problem on CCPs side ask politely for a refund" - Fortunately i had the foresight to try logging in and looking at my old characters before committing to Omega so no money has crossed hands so far (although looking at the restrictions on what you can do without it, it looks like the game wouldn't really be any fun without paying).

"Also, in curiosity, how do you think the game graphics and art look after so many years?" - This is a difficult one to answer as its like looking at the remastered version of a game you played ages ago in that its difficult to remember how bad it looked back then compared to now unless you were to put a picture side by side as you tend to remember these things with rose tinted glasses. I can tell that they've upped the texture detail/res as i remember rifters generally being a greeny gray sort of mud (just has a look at a jag and thats totally different now).

The jump gates are taking some getting used to with the new animations but the load times are infinitely better and the "warp tunnel" effect from warping to a gate looks a lot slicker for sure. I'm intrigued by what worm holes look like now and what the deal is with all the skins etc (as a side note did Walk in Stations ever become a thing? I remember we got the officers quarters and then everyone lost their minds because you couldn't even leave the room but could buy a $70 monocle lol)

Hopefully that's answered everyone, if i manage to get any feedback from the support i'll make sure to give an update.

Thanks again