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Making friends in Eve Online

Net 7
#21 - 2016-11-30 17:19:43 UTC
After re-reading the op, my advice for you is to join one of the social fleets for a roam. will be easier for you to find a battle buddy then joining a corp tbh

OMG Comet Mining idea!!! Comet Mining!

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Tremaine Holden
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#22 - 2016-11-30 17:20:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Tremaine Holden
Major Trant wrote:
Kojee wrote:
Major Trant wrote:
So the only danger is from a suicide gank, but who would go to such an elaborate length to target you? When they can just scan down a mission runner and suicide gank them easier, while knowing exactly what the target would be flying.

It's not always about the opportunities... it's more about the catch. And a juicy hauler, mining barge or orca is a great catch.

Did you read the OP? He was asked to help out in a mission, why would he take a juicy hauler, mining barge or orca into someone else's mission? Even if the mission didn't exist, why would he even be flying them if he just thought he was on the way to help a newbro in an L2 mission in hi sec for example.

I'm trying to establish the facts, was it is high sec? What mission level was it? Trying to understand whether the OP simply didn't understand a mechanic. Many people are still confused as to whether fleeting up grants fleetmates the ability to gank you without Concord response for example.

This was in 0.5 territory, I was on a level 3 mission in a relatively expensive cruiser; I believe the newbro probably was doing a level 2 or even level 1 mission. The person sent me a fleet request too.

But damn, I'm so out of it and because I've avoided PvP/etc for so long I didn't know how to process whether or not it was a genuine request for assistance; I immediately passed judgment it was a trap and told them I couldn't help because I was leaving soon.


I wanted to post an update, I took in some of the various advice from here and made the first step to going out and making friends: Interacting with players.

I docked my main ship, and bought 3 cheap and inexpensive ships on a missile-boat platform I can use: the Caracal. I have great missile skills on this char, and I am currently cross-training into Gallente (I rolled this char as a Gallente since Caldari does not offer darker skin tones) to use their marauder variant. Missile counting, weight, and traveling times are starting to get to me and I'm leaning towards preferring instant attacks over traveling ones.

Although, I miss the difficulty, or lack thereof with the GILA, I was able to travel around and interact with other players. I did get into 1 pvp fight with another caracal, it was a stalemate and I warped away. The adrenaline rush was outstanding.

I didn't have much time, but its a start.

Eve isn't about flying the biggest ship, or having the biggest guns. It's about finding something you love to do and doing it better. Gallente born. Guristas driven.

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Prince Kobol
#23 - 2016-11-30 17:48:54 UTC
Kojee wrote:
Tremaine Holden wrote:
So what is there I can do that can establish a player to player friendship, or maybe even encourage interaction?

I stand by my previous post.

That being said, I'm a BitterVetĀ© and eye all patch notes with inherent suspicion, but on a day-to-day basis I get my enjoyment out of the relationships I've built. There are several players I've been playing with for almost a decade and will probably continue to maintain relationships with well past EVE's demise, if/when that occurs.

Some of my recommended avenues for accumulating space tras...erm, friends..

  • Get in fights. Seriously. Kill people, get killed; if you are gracious in your mayhem and receipt of mayhem, you will be rewarded with friendships and perhaps a style of gameplay you like more than what you're doing now
  • Chill in the Help channel. You may have expertise a newbro needs to learn, and that's an avenue for forming a mentor/protege relationship. This has happened to me with PvP and I met a cool guy that turned out to be one of the best PvPers I've ever seen
  • Local is not just for trolling and scouting. If you're in high-sec, engage the locals. I guarantee you some of the local inhabitants, after getting used to your presense, will be willing or even ask to join up with you and space-chill.

  • In closing I'll say this: EVE isn't necessarily about space, ships, markets, or any of the other crap that's in it; it's more of a social game than anything else. And like in real life, generating/maintaining relationships is predicated on putting some kind of effort in at the start and over time. So get to it.

    Great post.

    In all the years I played this game I can say that I have only ever really trusted 10 people out of the hundreds I have met. Some may say only 10 in years out of hundreds isn't so good but those 10 were something special and they were people I would of never met in any other game.
    Kara Hawke
    The Scope
    Gallente Federation
    #24 - 2016-11-30 18:45:59 UTC
    Meh I get suspicious whenever anyone private messages me..
    P3ps1 Max
    Hedion University
    Amarr Empire
    #25 - 2016-11-30 18:55:40 UTC
    Trust no one yet trust your alt :)
    #26 - 2016-11-30 21:56:58 UTC
    I still have some spots on my friends list for sale, if anyone wants a new friend Iits 10 million isks and I add you as my friend.
    #27 - 2016-12-01 05:10:43 UTC
    The real question is how do you get by in real life? While most of us are not at risk of being shot in the face by anyone we meet we all have to use trust effectively. If a stranger in the street asks you for help in some way you might well offer it, but only if it risks little to you. You wouldn't lend a stranger your life savings and eve is exactly the same. Having difficulty trusting strangers is healthy, you shouldn't trust strangers. Not trusting strangers doesn't mean you can't get to know them so you can decide whether they stop being strangers.

    Really you just need to be sensible. If you are in hi sec, with your safety turned on, flying a ship that isn't a suicide gank target what do you have to lose? The potential gain is somebody who could be a friend for life who will make your gameplay a hundred times more rewarding. Seems worth the risk tbh.
    #28 - 2016-12-01 09:02:05 UTC
    Tremaine Holden wrote:
    I couldn't actually move forward with helping him cause I was so afraid I was going to get ganked or set-up that I just brushed him off, politely, and said I couldn't because I had to go soon (which in part was true, but it wasn't as immediate as I made it seem) and left chat.

    You never ganked anyone yourself. As a result you don't know what works and what doesn't. I lost a Paladin to a highsec gank before we had Bastion mods. I found it most annoying that I had to go to Jita to buy a new one. I felt that way because I removed close to 100 Hulks from highsec belts.

    Tremaine Holden wrote:

    I'm not a top notch pilot, yet,

    And you are not going to become one because you are to afraid to play the game you pay for.

    Tremaine Holden wrote:

    but I would like to leave that open so when the time comes I can align my goals and ambitions with a corporation who also shares the same views and values.

    There are no values in EVE Online. Only targets that you can kill and those that you can't. The faster you realise that anything you see on screen, both your assets and the assets of other players, are the sole property of CCP Games, the faster you will have fun. If you explode somebody else ship, you don't. You use a game piece given to the player by CCP Games. If you have your own ship exploded by some other player the same applies. You can't lose a ship because it isn't yours in the first place.

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    Major Trant
    Brutor Tribe
    Minmatar Republic
    #29 - 2016-12-01 10:19:04 UTC
    I think the phrase "Trust nobody" is overused in Eve. There are plenty of situations where you can trust people in a limited fashion especially in high sec, the key is to trust them on your terms and minimise your risk. Maybe you will get stuffed now and again, but most of the time you will get a positive experience and you will get more out of it overall if you jump in and interact at most opportunities.

    In the situation described by the OP, I wouldn't accept a fleet invite from a random in local asking for help. But I would send them a fleet invite after getting into a ship appropriate to help (but which I can afford to lose) as established by the conversation. Obviously, never put your number 1 mission ship that you can't afford to lose on the line for them. Furthermore, I'd send the invite from a place which has a GTFO option, eg The undock or a highsec gate, certainly not my mission space.

    Accepting a fleet invite gives them control, not only when, but you don't know whether others are in fleet until you join and even if not, they have the control to invite others and fleet warp you around.

    Sending a fleet invite tells you immediately whether the other pilot is already in a fleet and if not and he accepts, he can't invite others to the fleet or fleet warp you. You also get to see the Fleet data telling you what ship they are flying and what system they are actually in.

    As I said before, being in fleet doesn't give pilots the right to shoot one another. But it does allow them to loot one another's wreaks and cans, but only wreaks and cans that were created while they were fleeted up. Be careful of them dropping fleet at the end and then dropping you a reward can after. But if you keep your safety set to green, you won't be able to loot a can/wreak that will give you a suspect flag.
    Brutor Tribe
    Minmatar Republic
    #30 - 2016-12-01 10:21:14 UTC
    P3ps1 Max wrote:
    Trust no one yet trust your alt :)

    I wouldnt trust my alt. That bastard.
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