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Just wanted to say ...

DSpite Culhach
#1 - 2016-11-18 11:36:11 UTC
I suck at this game, and have extremely limited time to play and a million other things, but god damn it's amazing.

I spent an entire morning on SiSi with a mate that came over, testing counters for 1 on 1 situations he's been in, and wanted to actually see actual in game results vs expectations, such as how hard you can still hit with close range orbiting ships using Artillery, and how well Drones would function when chasing ships by gradually upping MWD and Afterburners speeds.

The amount of Module combinations and fits you can make to play rock/paper/scissors is off the scales.

At least all that testing now explains why I suck at this, as I just can't remember half the stuff most of the time, and mistaking one ship for another or not remembering what they are "probably" fit as, kind of makes encounters turn into suicide runs.

Anyway, have fun guys.

I apparently have no idea what I'm doing.

#2 - 2016-11-21 15:14:32 UTC
Never give up and you'll eventually succeed. It's the small victories that amass into great ones.

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