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Preview window problem

Shakor Hendar
#1 - 2012-01-13 15:37:04 UTC  |  Edited by: Shakor Hendar
Hello, I have amd 5970 card and experiencing issue with preview window. It works perfectly with ships and modules, but when I try to see other people outfits, or outfits from the store it doesn't load properly. Sometimes I just get a black window, and rarely I only see small piece, but its constantly flickering.
I have updated drivers to 11.12 version.
If anyone knows how to solve this problem I would appreciate it.

P.S. Just noticed that in game browser has the same issue.
Domain Research and Mining Inst.
#2 - 2012-01-18 23:38:28 UTC
Hi, i just had same issue too.And the problem is ; Driver patch. I just removed Catalyst 11.12 and installed 11.10. Now all works fine.When is AA disabled in-game still u cant see the character or ship's preview,but if u make it medium or high u can see them without problem.

P.S couldnt solve the in-game browser issue.Still there is black screen.