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This Week in EVE #128 - Week 43/2016

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CCP Phantom
C C P Alliance
#1 - 2016-10-28 14:53:17 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Phantom
"This week in EVE" is a weekly overview of EVE Online related news and events and shows what is going on in EVE Online. The focus of this overview is on official news from CCP: For example, dev blogs and important forum posts by CCP developers, the ever evolving background story and upcoming events. The previous weekly overview can be found here.

The current "This week in EVE" gives an overview of the previous week from October 22 to 28

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Dev blogs and announcements
Deployment of EVE Online: Ascension Postponed Until 2016/11/15
Get ready! The huge EVE Online expansion "Ascension" will be deployed on November 15 (one week later than initially scheduled). Check out the expansion features on EVE Updates, and use the test server Singularity to test the upcoming changes!

EVE Vegas 2016 Kicks Off This Week! - Feedback
The awesome EVE Vegas 2016 player gathering is about to kick off! Enjoy an incredible weekend at this largest EVE gathering after Fanfest. If you cannot attend, you still can have lots of fun by following the exciting EVE TV broadcast (where you can win fabulous prices, for example a GTC 1080 and GTX 1070 graphics card). Check out the schedule!

Update: Command Bursts and the New World of Fleet Boosting - Feedback
With the Ascension expansion we see a completely new world of fleet boosting changing from passive, off-grid to active, on-grid game play. After excellent feedback from the community, the team comes with an update and refinement of the mechanic (Evasive Maneuvers burst is split into signature radius boost and agility boost; leadership, wing command, fleet command will get stronger, and more). Check out the details!

Update: Building Dreams: Introducing Engineering Complexes - Feedback
Engineering Complexes (EC) will introduce a whole new level to industry related game play. Following good discussions and community feedback, the team comes with an update (ECs get a flat boost to ME, PE and costs; the fuel consumption has been lowered; blueprint costs are available). Check out the details!

Fast Checkout PLEX and Aurum Purchase Now Available In The New Eden Store
You now can buy PLEX and AUR through an in game interface using the “BUY PLEX” and “BUY AUR” button! To enable this "fast checkout" go to Billing Information on your Account Management and enable the “Remember this card for fast checkout”.

Crimson Harvest YC118 SKINs for capital and supercapital ships
Fantastic looking capital and supercapital Crimson Harvest YC118 ship SKINs are now available in the New Eden Store. Those SKINs are on sale (25% discount) in the store and available only until November 1st!

World News
Caldari Megacorps Lead Military Cloning Efforts as Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa Provide Support to Caldari Navy
Leading megacorporations Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa (usually positioned as great rivals)have...

CCP Phantom - Senior Community Developer

Gaia Albosa
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2016-10-28 15:24:17 UTC
Yay, another week boosting from the POS ..... ;)
#3 - 2016-10-29 03:43:14 UTC
Thanks for the recap!

EVE Online video content creator

The Code Center
#4 - 2016-11-03 11:30:15 UTC
It seems to me that the effort to push out the little guy is growing ever stronger. Whining? yes, i guess, a little. The biggest operation my corp is capable of is a group of five Retrievers in a mining op. I do understand the need to encourage larger corps to proliferate. Large corps are the lifeblood of New Eden. I just want to express my concerns that the little guys like us would like to be able to do more also. Engineering Complexes are a fantastic addition. I look forward to drooling over someones EC structure. My small friends-and-family corp salute the larger corps capable of constructing and maintaining one. Maybe we can sell you some ore to help you keep the fires burning.
Ok, i am done whining now.
Talking In Stations Corporation
#5 - 2016-11-05 05:20:55 UTC
Thank you for this summary!