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Out of Game Events and Gatherings

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Brisbane Meetup 15th October

Tactically Challenged
The Initiative.
#1 - 2016-09-29 08:47:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Fawlty7
It's that time again ladies and gents. If you live in the Brisbane area please come to this meetup and have fun and talk trash with eve nerds. We usually go to closing time of the bar which is midnight and its always a good night. We will also have a guest eve player from Germany visiting so come make them feel welcome.

Time & Date: 6pm on the 15th
Location: Buffalo Bar on Mary St
Activities: Nerd talk and drinking

If you haven't been to one of these before that's good, because you can come to this one! If you aren't sure feel free to message me in-game or post in here and ill gladly discuss it with you.

Anyway, any concerns or anything evemail me in-game, send me a convo or reply to this thread. I hope to see you all there.
Shaun Hansen
Tactically Challenged
The Initiative.
#2 - 2016-09-29 10:02:04 UTC
Enjoy guys. I live in Denmark, abit far away, but get some good videos from your phones and perhaps even a twitch stream Big smile
Subira Hakuli
Redemption Road
#3 - 2016-09-29 12:42:38 UTC
Kailii and I are planning to be there!