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YC 118 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest Submission - "Heartache"

Morgan Agrivar
#1 - 2016-09-28 09:29:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Morgan Agrivar
This is my submission for the YC 118 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest. The two 'main' characters mentioned in the story (Morgan Agrivar and Rashaeli Tristana) are actual characters of mine. Everyone else was added to support these two characters in the story.

It is long at 12,176 words but I am proud of how it came out. This is actually Chapter 1 in the long story I am writing about these two.

Thank you for taking the time to read the story below and I hope you like it.

Morgan o/
Morgan Agrivar
#2 - 2016-09-28 09:32:41 UTC
I stood there on the dock, my yellow sundress whipping around just above my knees in the cool, soft breeze. I inhaled the fresh ocean breeze, smiling slightly at the salt-tinged air as the ocean mist sprayed my body lightly and massaged my bare feet. I absently brushed my long, blonde hair behind my left ear as my gaze scanned the horizon. Living here on Dantbeinn II has been both a blessing and a prison. The modest house my family lives in sits right on the ocean and has a beautiful view, nice rolling landscapes with picture perfect farms surrounding us on all sides. As a little girl, I made it my mission to know every inch of this land. It belonged to my family and I was proud that my mother and father worked hard to attain it.

But I also felt alone here. My parents and three older brothers loved living here. This home, this land, this was...theirs. It was alien to me. I felt that this place was not the place I was supposed to be. It was not the place that I wanted to live in, grow old and eventually give to my children. I always felt that I had a bigger role to play, and it had nothing to do with Dantbeinn II.

"Morgan." A voice said behind me, completely startling me. I whipped around quickly and lost my balance on the slick dock, slipping and tumbling off the side of the dock into the cold ocean. I gasped from the shock of the water temperature, which made me inhale some of the salty water. I struggled to swim back to the surface of the ocean, trying very hard not to cough. My chest hurt from the strain as I finally broke the surface of the water, coughing furiously to remove the salt water from my burning lungs.

"Morgan, are you alright?" The masculine voice said, tinged with both concern and amusement. After a few more coughs, I reached out and grabbed the dock pillar, using my feet to keep treading water. Thankfully, living here next to the ocean gave me a reason to learn how to swim, and I was the only one in the family to learn how to do so. Even though the stinging of the salt water kept my eyes closed shut, I knew exactly who it was that startled me.

"Anthony, if you value your life, you should start running now." I growled quietly after a few more coughs to in my attempt to clear the rest of the water from my lungs, reaching up to grab the metal bar on the side of the dock. As I started to pull myself up, I felt strong hands grab both of my arms and hoist me out of the water. I gave a startled yelp since I did not expect that. I could feel him support my weight with his strength as he set me slowly and softly on my knees. My brother, Anthony, was the strongest one in the family and I was always amazed by his strength, but being the youngest male, he had to work hard to be strong and in shape to keep up with my two older brothers. I coughed a few more times, my wet hair covering my face. I leaned back and moved my hair out of my face and rubbed my eyes to remove the stinging water from them. I opened my eyes and blinked a few times to see a blurry shape in front of me.

"Sorry to scare you like that, Morgan." Anthony said, the hint of amusement still in his voice. I could tell that he was trying very hard not to laugh at this point, which only made me more angry. I blinked a few more times, and as my vision cleared up, I could see my brother squatting in front of me. With his sharp angular features and strong body, many of the girls in the area considered him handsome and he was greatly desired by them. His short, black hair tousled slightly in the breeze as he gave me that famous smile of his that would melt the hearts of those adoring girls. I, however, was completely immune to his charms. I narrowed my eyes at him and started to reach out towards him when his eyes went wide and he let out a gasp. I hesitated and leaned back, looking at him

"What is it?" I asked, wondering what caught his attention. He did not respond to my question, but I could tell he was staring at me. I followed his gaze down to my sundress, which was completely soaking wet. My large, prominent breasts were on display through the wet fabric, leaving nothing to the imagination. I narrowed my eyes and used my right arm to cover them. "Really?" I growled, taking my left hand and taking a swipe at him. "You have nothing better to do than to stare at your little sister's breasts?" He blinked and then stood up suddenly, his face red from embarrassment.

"S-Sorry, Morgan." He stammered, brushing his pants off. I still sat there on the cold, wet deck on my knees starting at him with narrow blue eyes. "Mother and father would like to speak to you." He then turned and hurriedly headed back towards the house. I sighed heavily, dropping my right arm. It isn't like I cared that he saw them, it was just that he is my brother and should be looking at the chests of other girls. But for some reason, the only chest he stared at was mine. He is my brother, but deep down, I always felt...felt that he wasn't my brother. Always felt that this wasn't my family.

Morgan Agrivar
#3 - 2016-09-28 09:35:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Morgan Agrivar
I stood up and grabbed the hem of my dress and twisted the fabric to remove the excess salt water. I did this a few more times to try to get as much water out of it as I could, while slowly walking back to the house. At the end of the dock stood my brother, Marcus. He was the most handsome of the three young men in the family. He kept his black hair just a bit longer than Anthony, but always had stubble on his face. That and the fact that he frequently worked shirtless made even the married women swoon. As the oldest, he was slated to take over the family business when mother and father retired. It was an unwritten rule that all the children would be part of the business, taking over certain jobs and tasks. Marcus learned how to salvage and do small time mining in a Reaper that was modified for non-capsuleer use. It wasn't much of an income but it did help when we struggled to make ends meet.

"It seems you scared him again, little sister." Marcus said with a slight smile. I stopped in front of him and looked up, since he was much taller than I was. I knew Marcus well so I did not even bother to cover my wet chest, because I knew he would not stare or even look.

"That guy needs a girlfriend." I said quietly, looking back at the house and shaking my head. "It isn't natural to keep staring at your sister's breasts like he does. It is almost like he is burning the damn image of them into his head." I turned my head slightly and grabbed my wet hair, turning it and wringing the water down from the base of my skull down to the tips of my hair, which ended around my waist. As I started for a second pass, my brother chuckled.

"Well, do you blame him?" He laughed, waving an arm to the side like he was an actor on a stage. "Your breasts are known throughout the lands and all the boys and young men secretly covet them, Morgan." He smiled at me as I gave him a disapproving look. I shook my head and started to walk past him, still wringing out my hair when he grabbed my arm to stop me. I turned to the right and looked up at him.

"What is it, Marcus?" I said quietly, looking down at his hand on my arm. I then raised my gaze back up to meet his.

"Is this what you really want, Morgan?" He replied, all the humor and mirth replaced with a hard, serious look. I sighed and let my hair fall onto my back. I didn't want to discuss this out here, soaking wet and starting to get a chill in the cool breeze. And I especially did not want to discuss it with him. He was the biggest opponent to my startling decision for my future. I looked down at the ground for a few moments before looking back up at him.


"Why?" He asked sternly, still gripping my arm. There were times when Marcus would get this type of look on his face and it would frighten me, but I was older now. Seventeen is considered an adult and I felt that I needed to take control of my life before someone else did. And indeed they were trying to take control of my life since I just turned seventeen recently. They already had my career, life, and husband planned out for me and I had no input in it, no say in who beds me and takes my virginity. None at all.

"Is that why mother and father wants to talk to me? To ask the same question?" I replied, pulling my arm out of his grasp. I was confused why it was so important for them to have my future planned out but my three brothers, all five to seven years older than me, had control of their own lives. My middle brother, Johnathan, already was married to some pretty woman. He got to choose who he wanted to marry, why couldn't I?

"We are just looking out for you, little sister." His voice and face softened as he put a hand on my shoulder. "We want you to be happy and productive." I glared at him, the anger beginning to rise deep within my chest.

"Happy?" I growled low at him, narrowing my eyes at him. "They set me up a husband that I don't even know. And the worse part of it is he is over twenty-five years older than me. Where do you think that I would be fine being bedded by someone as old as father?" I took a step to my left, out of the reach of his hand. "This has nothing to do with my happiness, only to secure business dealings with other families on this damn planet." I started heading towards the house, but stopped and looked over my right shoulder at my oldest brother. "I want control of my life, and being a capsuleer will ensure that if I succeed or fail, it will be because I had control of my future...not someone else. I hope, someday, you will understand."

I turned back and headed into the rear entrance of the house. I knew that they were gathering in the business room at the front of the house, so I quietly moved to the left and went down the hallway towards the bath area. I entered the room and closed the door behind me. As I swung the lock into place, I turned around and leaned back against the door, slowly sliding down to a sitting position. I placed my head in my hands and sighed heavily.

"I wish they would understand that it is my life, but I don't feel that I belong here." I said quietly to myself as a couple of tears started to flow down my reddened cheeks. "I look nothing like any of them, so I doubt I am their child. But even if that is true, they raised me like I was." I sniffed and wiped the tears out of my eyes a couple of times. I stood up and removed the wet dress, then the underwear and started the water in the large tub. After fine tuning to the temperature I liked, I stepped into the tub and completely submerged myself into the hot water, sighing inside on how good it felt. I shook my head around a few times underwater before coming back up, wiping the water from my face. I leaned back against the side of the tub, absently swirling the water with my hand while looking up at the ceiling.
Morgan Agrivar
#4 - 2016-09-28 09:38:00 UTC
"I feel like I have to do this or I will regret it for the rest of my life." I said quietly, still looking up at nothing in particular. A knock at the door jerked me to a sitting position, splashing water out of the tub and onto the floor.

"Morgan?" A soft, feminine voice called out. I let my breath out when I realized it was the voice of my middle brother's wife, Margaret. I leaned over and grabbed the wash cloth and soap.

"Yes?" I called out, rubbing the soap on the wash cloth. As I placed the soap back, I heard her shuffling on the other side of the door.

"Your parents would like to see you when you are finished." She replied quietly. "Anthony said you fell into the water so we will wait for you in the business room." I could hear her start to walk away.

"We?" I said loudly so she could hear it. The shuffling paused, then I could hear her come back to the door.

"The family is waiting to discuss your recent decision together." She said, her voice still above a whisper. I shook my head as I stood up and started to wash my shoulders and arms. The woman on the other side of the door was probably the end result of what my parents wanted me to become: meek, demure, submissive, feminine, and completely under male control. No ******* way was I going to become a woman like her. I would rather kill myself than become anything like her. The process of becoming a capsuleer has taken lives in the past, but to me it was worth the risk.

"When I am finished with my bath and have gotten dressed, I will be there." I snapped with a hint of irritation in my voice as I started to wash my chest and stomach. I could hear her gasp quietly, then a short pause followed.

"Very well, Morgan. I will relay the message to the family." She said as she started to walk away from the door. I stopped washing my chest, keeping a hand on my left breast as I scowled.

"Yes, go run to my family like the good little ***** you are." I said under my breath, closing my eyes and trying to bring my anger back under control. I hated dealing with that woman and I know she hates dealing with me. The jealousy that is in her eyes when she sees my cleavage is very obvious, since I seem to possess more womanhood than her in the eyes of the men around here. I smiled as I thought I should wear that special dress I have, the one that hugs every curve that I got and accentuates my 'womanhood'.

"No." I said to myself, shaking my head. "You have to be more mature than that, Morgan. This is a big decision and you cannot risk going immature in anything from here on out." After letting out a long sigh to release the anger, I resumed washing my entire body and then rinsed off quickly. Grabbing the hair soap, I washed my hair and went under the water to rinse it completely. Standing up, I wrung out my hair to get all the water out and then stepped out of the tub. I went about drying my hair and then my body. After a couple of minutes, I wrapped the towel around me and unlocked the door. Opening it, I peered out into the hallway, making sure a certain brother wasn't standing there trying to get a peek again. Seeing that the hallway was clear, I went out into the hallway and turned right. Stepping quietly down the hall, I turned left and headed up the stairs to where my bedroom was.

Thankfully I was the only one in the family that had their bedroom upstairs, which always afforded me some privacy. I entered my bedroom and closed the door behind me, placing the chain through the slot to lock it. Dropping the towel onto the floor, I padded over naked towards my closet to find some clothes. I selected some modest clothing, including a skirt that went to my knees and a loose blouse, putting them on after finding suitable undergarments to match. I then went over to my vanity and sat down on the chair. Looking in the mirror, I began to brush out my long blonde hair to dry it out and remove all the knots. I sat there for a few minutes, absently brushing my hair and wondering what arguments they were going to come up with to convince me to reverse my decision to become a capsuleer.

Were they going to start with the fact that some people who try end up dying? The fact that some go completely insane and have to be put down like a rabid dog? The fact that some people have their brains fried while trying to survive the process? I swung my head so that my hair went to the other side so I could continue brushing. Families have been torn apart by the controversial process and some planets forbid their residents from even trying to become one. But to me, none of those facts had any validity. Dantbeinn does not have that law and a few natives have gone through the process to successfully become a capsuleer. But then you never see them again. They rarely come back to where they grew up, flying around in large ships doing all sorts of things, and keeping busy doing things they want to do.

Completely carefree life.

Some of them have even started corporations of their own, taking their business that they had back home and moving it forward into the vast universe. So many ideas and opportunities were taken with those young capsuleers and the only thing stopping them was themselves. Being near immortal, time was on their side in their planning. Time meant nothing. Research could be done at their leisure, plans laid out could come to fruition when it was ready, their ideas and corporations could grow at a safe pace without the worry of it suddenly ending and everything you worked for dying with you.
Morgan Agrivar
#5 - 2016-09-28 09:39:50 UTC
After finishing my primary education here on Dantbeinn, I knew I was almost obsessed with the mysteries of wormholes and the secrets that lie within, just waiting to be unlocked by those brave enough to venture into the unknown. It was only recently that a capsuleer discovered one and reported back on what he saw. I sat there in class, imagining what he saw and the information that his spacecraft gathered in that time he was in unknown wormhole space. I smiled at myself in the mirror, barely containing my excitement in where my future will take me. I know that I will pass the consciousness implantation and become a capsuleer. Then, and only then, will my future open up and show me the wonders of the universe and everything it has to offer me.

But first and foremost, I have to get off of this damn planet. My gaze drifted over to the window to my left as I continued to brush my hair. I blinked a couple of times and sighed heavily, mentally preparing myself for the battle that was about to ensue downstairs. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, and then slowly let it out as I put the brush down on the vanity counter. I stood up and faced the mirror, looking at myself up and down. I did have my moments where I wanted to look pretty, but most of the time I dressed out of convenience or comfort. Mother was always telling me that I should be dressing pretty to get the attention of the local boys, but that wasn't what I was concerned about. I was more concerned with getting respect for my intelligence and abilities rather than my looks. But that is how my mother's thought process was, and of course I felt I couldn't blame her. She loves the life she has right now, but I am not sure I would be happy in the same situation. I just expected more out of life than to just have kids and live somewhere, being supported by a man doing a menial job at best.

Straightening my shoulders, I turned and headed towards my door. I reached out and unhooked the chain off of my door and opened it up. With one more deep breath, I exited my bedroom and started heading downstairs. Inside, I was actually nervous and a bit afraid. Was I slapping them in the face with this decision? I turned right and headed down the hallway, slowly coming to a stop in front of a hologram picture on the wall to my right. I stared at the picture with a young couple holding three young boys and a small blonde haired girl, all of them smiling back. I reached up and ran my hand along the wall as the hologram picture was interrupted from my touch. I could feel my face soften and the hint of tears starting to well up in my eyes. I leaned forward and placed my head against the wall as I silently let the tears fall. This decision of mine will probably break their hearts, which is the last thing I wanted to do to them.

I really don't want to hurt them. Even if I am not their child, they took care of me and showed me love. They cared for me when I was sick or afraid. But as I grew from just a girl into early womanhood, it seemed their concerns about me shifted from support and love to preparation. Preparation for what? That is what I didn't know until a month ago. Even my plans shifted when they told me they planned to marry me off to one of my father's friends, who had never taken in a wife and had a successful merchant company. Feeling he was financially stable, he began to shop around for a wife and my name came up in the conversation. He loved the idea of getting a seventeen year old girl with large breasts for a bride and was willing to cut my father in on some business deals in compensation for his 'troubles'.

After hearing that, I didn't talk to my parents for over a week.

I brought my head back from the wall and looked left towards where I could hear very quiet conversations going on. I don't think I have gotten over the feeling of betrayal I felt when they were just going to 'give' me away to someone else. I pulled my hand back to my chest as the holographic picture cleared up. I stared at it for a few more moments, then turned to my left and started heading towards the business room.

Sitting next to my father on the other side was a portly older man, wearing finely tailored clothes of blue and grey. He was starting to lose his hair but tried to keep the rest of it combed over the bald spot. I wanted to giggle every time I saw him, but this was the man that my parents wanted me to marry. My three brothers all sat on the couch that was in front of my mother, with Margaret sitting on Johnathan's lap, who was my middle brother. Johnathan was also considered handsome but he kept his black hair very short, unlike all the other males in the house. He wasn't as physically well built as the other two brothers but he was definately the smartest one. He preferred to wear more simple clothes than Marcus and Anthony, who seemed to wear more expensive clothes to attract the ladies. Johnathan did not have to dress stylish since he already has Margaret. She was wearing a blue blouse and black skirt that went down below her knees. Her loose auburn hair went down to her lower back and her green eyes was twinkling in his direction. Now she is technically pretty, but in my eyes her temperment and attitude made her a witch, and that detracted from her pretty looks. I never really understood what Johnathan saw in her but I knew they were in love. Well, at least Johnathan is in love with her. I honestly wasn't sure why Margaret married him since the family doesn't have much in the way of isk. I have a feeling it is something else but have not yet figured out what her agenda is. They were all into their own conversation and hadn't noticed me come into the room yet.
Morgan Agrivar
#6 - 2016-09-28 09:41:56 UTC
I gasped when I looked to my left and saw my best friend, Rashaeli, sitting with her father next to her. She was sitting properly in the chair, looking down at her red dress hem and hands folded neatly in her lap. Now talk about a body, Rashaeli had the body that even I envied. Her short, black hair curled around her head and face, and her red lips slightly shown in the light from the window. She was extremely beautiful and I fully expected Anthony to go after her, since her chest was as big as mine. But she had no interest in things like that. She was a lot like me, wanting more than what was offered.

My parents accidently found out my plans through her, and she admitted to me that it broke her heart to let it slip and have me mad at her. And I was mad at her. But before we could talk about it, she had to go on a business trip with her father to the other side of the planet. This is the first time I have seen her in almost three weeks. I wanted to go over to her and give her a hug but from her body language, I could tell that she didn't want to be here for some reason.

Her father looked up and noticed my presence first. He was impeccably dressed in a black and white suit with the latest fashion that isk could buy. He could be considered handsome and fit at his age but his superior demeanor put almost everyone off within the first thirty seconds. My father tolerated him because he was rich and was one of his main customers, but they were nothing even close to being friends.

"Glad you could finally grace us with your presence, Princess." He said firmly, raising his gaze from the hem of my skirt to just below my neck, then slowly to my eyes. His gaze upon me was...unnerving. I knew just by his gaze that he was slowly undressing me in front of my family. Everyone else in the room turned their attention to me. Rashaeli still stared at her hands in her lap.

"I am sorry for the delay, Master Tristana." I said curtly, grabbing the hem of my skirt and pulling both sides out while I did a curtsey. I released my skirt, letting it fall back into place. "I did not plan on taking a swim in the ocean before the meeting." I glanced over at Anthony, who blushed bright red and looked away from my gaze.

"No matter, my love." The balding man said, struggling to stand up from the chair. With a little bit of help from my father, he righted himself up and gave a small bow, which was the best he could do with his morbidly obese body. "You look as beautiful as ever, Miss Agrivar. Even without your makeup."

"Thank you, Mr. Whitehill." I said, nodding back but deep down I wanted to throw up.

"Please, call me Roland." He grinned. "You are going to become my bride soon, so maybe we should just cut the pleasantries. Agreed, my dear?" He gave a nod of his head and a slimy wink of his eye, which was planted firmly on my chest.

"It appears they did not tell you, Mr. Whitehill." I replied, placing and interlocking my hands on my waist behind my back. "It is a shame that you came all this way just to find out this way. I do apologize for that." Roland got a confused look on his face as he plopped back down in the chair, which gave a creaking groan in protest.

"What are you talking about, my love?" Roland said, looking confused. He turned to my father who was sitting next to him. "What is going on, Joseph?"

"Relax, Roland." My father said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "There is nothing to worry about. We are here to work on a couple of issues that have come up."

"Nothing to worry about?" I said, turning my gaze to my father. "You didn't tell him, did you?" His handsome face hardened as he turned from Roland to me. My father was a hard worker all of his life, doing odd and menial jobs to keep us under a roof, but he chose a career path that did not have much of a future here on Dantbeinn II. Businesses like his were all over the place and generally did not do well unless you caught the attention of your customers somehow. The most successful salvaging business out there on the planet was run by all females, most of them not bothering to wear much when dealing with customers. My father found their practice distasteful but it actually was very successful, taking most of my father's customers and contracts out from under him. There were some days I wondered if he took out his anger towards them on me cause I was a female also.

"That is why we are here, Morgan." He replied, looking at me sternly. "To discuss this ridiculous decision you made and then move on to more important issues." I bit my tongue, fighting the nasty retort that was threatening to leave my lips. I hated it when he talked down to me like this. Every time I questioned a decision he made, he would talk to me in this tone like I was a child who was just about to be punished for something.

"Life altering decisions are not ridiculous, father." I said calmly, clenching my fists behind my back where they could not see. My gaze went to Roland, who was looking at me still with a confused look on his face. It was obvious that he wasn't told of my plans to leave the planet and become a capsuleer. I was mad at my father for not informing him beforehand. But before the words were going to leave my lips, I thought that this was either going to be fun or a complete nightmare. "Mr. Whitehill, I have decided that I am going to pursue my dream and head out to the stars as a capsuleer soon. Thus, I cannot marry you."

Rashaeli's gaze snapped up to me in surprise as her father shifted in his seat with a disapproving look towards me. Roland's mouth slacked open, then shut it as his face turned red in anger. I wanted to smile so badly but I needed to keep this composure going to give me strength for the unknown events that might happen in this room soon.

Morgan Agrivar
#7 - 2016-09-28 09:43:31 UTC
"Joseph, what in the hell is she talking about?" Roland roared, struggling to stand up. My father reached out and placed both hands on his chest, sitting him back in the chair. My mother gave me a worried look as my three brothers just looked at Roland's reaction. My gaze fell upon Margaret, who was glaring at me coldly. I gave her a wink, which caught her completely off guard, making her look away quickly.

"Relax." My father said, patting him on his arm. He looked at me angrily as he stood up from the chair. "Morgan, that was uncalled for, young lady." He snapped at me, crossing his arms over his broad chest. I turned my gaze from Roland to my father.

"No, father. What is uncalled for is not telling Mr. Whitehill why he is here in the first place." I retorted, the emotionless mask still planted firmly on my face. Inside, I was trembling fiercely and just wanted to throw up to get the nerves out. "I never agreed to marry him. I do apologize for the farce that my family lead you through in believing that I would marry you, Mr. Whitehill." My gaze never left my father's face. Inside, I wanted to shrink back from that glare he was giving me but at this point, I cannot show weakness or everything will fall apart.

"You said she was fine with the marriage, Caroline." Roland said, looking at my mother.

"I never was." I replied quietly. "I only found out about it a month ago while you made these plans over six months ago."

"Caroline, doesn't your daughter know where her place is in the family?" Rashaeli's father said, looking at my mother. "Doesn't she know that she is expected to follow customs and traditions, and never question the decision of her parents?" His gaze then fell on me, his chin slightly shifting up as he stared at me. I held his gaze for a few moments before I turned my gaze to my best friend sitting beside him. She held my gaze for just a couple of seconds before she looked back down at her hands.

"Customs and traditions are fine when everyone agrees with it, Master Tristana." I said quietly as I looked at him, choosing my words carefully as I continued. "But I do not agree with being considered property to be bought and sold at someone else's whim much to my detriment, without any thought or concern on how the young girl thinks or feels about the situation."

"Well, I wouldn't allow..." Mr. Tristana began to say before I cut him off abruptly.

"It isn't your decision, Master Tristana." I said flatly, giving him a piercing gaze with my blue eyes. "In fact, sir, I am not even sure why you are even present in this 'family' affair. Your daughter is family to only me, you are not family to anyone in this room besides Rashaeli."

"Morgan!" My father barked out, uncrossing his arms and starting to move around the table towards me.

"Joseph..." Mr. Tristana said, raising his hand and waving him back. "She is right. She should know why Rashaeli and I are here." He sat up straight in his chair. "Let me ask you a question, Princess. Do you care about my daughter?"

"Of course I do." I replied. "She is my best friend and I love her dearly. I would do anything for her." Her gaze met mine and I could see the hint of tears in her eyes, then she looked back down at her hands again.

"So you wouldn't want to see her get hurt in any way, would you?" His tone made me narrow my eyes slightly, my gut feeling telling me I might not like where this conversation will go.

"No." I said, shaking my head.

"Good." He smiled. "So you would try to support her in any decision she makes, correct?"

"If she is the one making the decision, then yes." I smirked, getting an eyebrow raise from him. "But if it is a decision that is being forced upon her and being told it was her decision, then I would tell her to just follow her heart like I am."

Rashaeli raised her head slightly and we met each other's gaze once again. She didn't raise it high enough so her father could see but I could tell she was scared about something. Looking from my best friend to her father, I could tell that something was happening that I didn't know about.

"Well, she has decided that she is going to marry one of your two brothers, either Marcus or Anthony." Mr. Tristana replied, pulling out a small metal case out of the inside of his jacket. He opened the case and pulled out his wooden pipe."So I expect your full support in this decision of hers. And you cannot support her decision if you are not here, young lady...unless you want to abandon her and leave her to her fate with one of your brothers?" He tapped the pipe on his knee and put the metal case back into his jacket.

Without realizing it, I stood up straighter and brought my hands to my sides, which clenched into fists. Rashaeli looked back down at her hands as her father smiled at me. I gritted my teeth for a moment before forcing myself to relax. He was just trying to goad me into making a mistake, and he almost did it. I relaxed my hands and placed them behind my back again. He put the pipe into his mouth and turned a switch, inhaling smoke from the pipe into his mouth. He looked at me with a smug look, smoke slowly oozing out of his mouth and nostrils as he removed the pipe and held in his right hand.

"If her true wish was to marry one of my brothers, then I support her since I think either one would be a good husband to her." I said, my gaze locked on Mr. Tristana. "But as her best friend, I would still urge her to follow her heart, where ever it would lead her to...whether here or someplace far, far away." I smiled as Rashaeli's head snapped up to look at me. "Rashaeli, I love you with all my heart. You have been my confidant since we were little and you know more about me than anyone else. You understand me and I understand you. I know what you desire and what you want in life. Follow it. I am."
Morgan Agrivar
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Tears started to well up in Rashaeli's eyes while she looked at me. I gave her my famous crooked smile and a wink. Her father looked between the two of us, then at my father. My father gave a shrug back, not understanding what I was saying. But I knew that Rashaeli got it.

"You know what my daughter wants, do you?" Mr. Tristana said, looking back at me. I nodded. He pursed his lips, looked at his daughter, then back at me again. "And what would that be?"

"You need to ask her, not me." I said, moving over and taking a seat next to the exit of the room. I sat down and placed my left leg over my right knee. Without looking, I could tell that Roland was staring at my thighs because of the slimy shiver that ran down my spine. "It was shared in confidence between just the two of us."

"But we found out about your dream from her." Mr. Tristana replied, smiling slightly as his gaze went to his daughter next to him. I leaned back in the chair, placing my hands on my lap. "So she technically betr..." He began to say before I cut him off quickly.

"Forgiven." I said quietly with a shrug. Rashaeli's eyes went wide as the tears started to flow down her cheeks in a torrential downpour. "Like I said, Mr. Tristana, she is my best friend and I love her too much to be mad at her for something as miniscule as that. Water under the bridge, if you ask me. I just hope she forgives me for not talking to her for those few days."

"I do!" Rashaeli blurted out suddenly, taking everyone by surprise. "I do forgive you." The tears kept flowing down her cheeks as she smiled at me. "I am so sorry, Morgan. I didn't mean to let it slip, honestly. I am just happy that you have forgiven me."

"Of course I have, Rash." I said, using the nickname that I gave her when we were younger. "And I will be here for you even if I am not on this planet. Anything you need, just let me know."

"Morgan, we still haven't discussed this capsuleer issue yet." My father said, sitting back down in his chair. My gaze went from my friend over to my parents.

"There is nothing to discuss. I have made my decision and I am following through with it." I said, frowning. "The only thing that would need to be discussed is how long I would be allowed to stay here before you throw me out. My recruiter at the Republic Military School would need to know when to expect me. My trip is paid by them to wherever my school would be located, and they will come and get me. In fact, I am already packed and can go now if I need to." My father's face started to turn red and he began to open his mouth when Anthony interrupted him.

"Father, wait." Anthony said quietly, leaning forward on the couch. His gaze turned to me and he looked at me for a few moments before speaking. "Listen, Morgan. We honestly need you here. The family business needs you here."

"No, Anthony, I am not needed here. The family business does not need me." I said, looking at him carefully. "If mother needs a replacement when the both of them retire, then Margaret can do it. She is part of the family, so put her to work." Margaret looked over at me with an incredulous look on her face.

"Wait, what?" She stammered, looking from me to her husband behind her. "I don't do any work..." She started to say before I cut her off with an inside smirk.

"And that is the problem, Margaret." I replied, slightly kicking my left foot up and down. "You don't work. Johnathan is out there every day, working hard to bring the isk back home and you go out and spend it on frivolous junk instead of necessity items." Margaret turned back and began to glare daggers at me but my impassive look seemed to **** her off even more. I reached my hands up over my head, stretching out and pushing my large breasts up and out a bit more. She narrowed her eyes angrily as I couldn't help but smile at her.

"Why you little..." Margaret started to say, trying to get up but Johnathan grabbed her waist and brought her back onto his lap. "Let me go, Johnathan!" She said as she struggled to get out of his embrace.

"Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Agrivar?" Rashaeli said quietly, her gaze turning to my parents. Both of them looked at her in surprise.

"Yes, Rashaeli?" My mother replied. Rashaeli wrung her hands in her lap, then took a deep breath and sat up straight while looking straight at my parents.

"I support Morgan in her desire to become a capsuleer, because that is the desire I have myself." Rashaeli started to say, taking another steadying breath before continuing. "But I do see that your business needs help in regards to bookkeeping and money handling. I would like to offer myself in Morgan's place for a set period of time so you get the help you need while she goes and follows her heart. It is the least I can do for my best friend." She said, looking over at me.

I sat there, completely numb from shock. I did not expect that from Rash at all. To think that she would take my place so I could go follow my dreams without having to worry about my family made the tears start to flow. We planned on going to school together but the thought that she was willing to sacrifice her dreams temporarily just so I could go was just too much for me to handle. I leaned forward and placed my head in my hands, and then started to cry. I tried to stop it. I tried to stem the tide but the waves of all the emotions I have had to deal with for the last month just washed over me and I couldn't fight back at all. I felt helpless as I cried into my hands, the stress of the last half an hour and the guilt I carried for a month pounded my soul and threatened to tear me apart.
Morgan Agrivar
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As I felt myself starting to drown in my sorrow and grief, I felt Rash's arms slide around me as she placed her head against mine. She began to shush me quietly as the tears and stress just poured out of me like a river off of a cliff into the ocean. She started to rock gently as she held me, stroking my long blonde hair with a gentle caress as she stood there.

"Whatever you do, Morgan, come back sometime and visit me. Just don't forget about me." She whispered in my ear, slowly rocking me side to side. I moved my hands away from my face and then around her back. I held her as close as I could.

"I can never forget you, Rash." I replied through sobs, pulling her as close as humanly possible. "I will make sure that your dreams come true." I could feel her smile against the side of my head.

"I know." She chuckled. "But one dream at a time, Morgan. You first..."

We sat there for a couple of minutes as the tears started to slowly dry up. Having Rash there with me, giving the support that I desperately needed started to steel my resolve. I might end up being disowned by my parents soon, but I know that I would have Rashaeli's unwavering support.

"Rashaeli, you offer to take Morgan's place?" I could hear my father say, surprisingly calm for what has been happening in this room. Rashaeli stroked my hair a couple of more times, then stood up and looked over her shoulder at him. I leaned forward to hide my face as I furiously wiped the tears from my face and hid the red eyes I had.

"I offer to take her place in the business for a specific period of time agreed upon by both of you and myself, since I do have my own dreams to follow. And I promise to the both of you right here and now that you will get one hundred percent of my attention and loyalty during that period of time." She said, turning fully towards my parents. "Unfortunately, Mr. Whitehill will have to search for another bride since Morgan wants to leave and I find him undesirable." She looked over at my three brothers, who were all looking back at her. "As to a union with either brother, that is something I will discuss with both of you first. I am not against being married to one of them for the time being but when it is time for me to leave for my own dreams, I do not want that to hold me back. If either one of them is fine with that situation, then we can discuss it further some other time." She cupped her hands in front of her and smiled at my parents. "Please, let Morgan go..."

"Joseph..." I heard my mother say quietly, even though I couldn't see anyone because Rashaeli was standing in front of me. I braced myself for the onslaught of negativity that I was expecting to hear. "It is obvious that she is not happy here. Even though I do not want to see her go since she is my little girl, I think we should seriously consider letting her follow her dreams." My head came up after hearing that only to see Rashaeli's ass in front of me. I stared at my best friend's behind as my mother's words hit me. W-was she supporting me? Did I hear her correctly?

"Caroline, do you hear yourself..." I heard my father say before she cut him off, which is very unlike her.

"Yes, I know what I am saying." My mother retorted, a little bit of bite in her response. "I gave up my dream to stay here with you, Joseph. And if I had to do it all over again, I would do so in a heartbeat." Her voice went softer as she continued, "But that is me. Morgan is her own person. She would constantly talk about the stars and planets. Her best grades was in Planetology and Astrogeology. Honestly, I fully expected this day to come, just wasn't expecting it so soon. I think letting her go is the best thing for her. I just want my little girl to be happy."

I could hear complete silence after that. I wanted to reach out and grab Rashaeli to move her out of the way so I could see what was going on, but knowing my father was against my dreams, I stayed behind her. I could hear rustling and the labored breathing of Roland as a couple of chairs creaked.

"My love, I understand what you are saying." Joseph said, his voice smoothing out. "But Morgan has a responsibility to the family and she is just abandoning it. She has a responsibility to do whatever is necessary to ensure the success of the family."

"And that responsibility is marrying one of your friends?" Caroline replied, that bite coming back into her voice. "Someone older than both of us. You might be fine with throwing your teenage daughter at one of your friends to play with, but I am not." I couldn't help but smile. My mother actually feels the same way I do. I always thought that my mother was both meek and strong, picking and choosing when to be soft and when to be hard. She was the mediator of the family, always trying to make peace in the home. Most of the time, she did succeed in doing so.

"But that is not your place to argue, woman." Roland barked out, shifting in his seat while ignoring the chair's protest. "Joseph and I have come to an agreement and Morgan must..."

"**** your agreement, Roland." Caroline growled at him, getting wide eyed glances from the two brothers that I could see from behind Rashaeli. My eyes also went wide in response to her reply. I have never, ever heard my mother curse in my life. I have never even heard her this angry before. I leaned to my right and peered around Rashaeli's waist to take a glimpse of those three across the room from me. I placed my hands on her waist to keep her there as I watched Roland's face turn bright red in anger. My mother sat there with a stone face, her hands folded neatly in her lap as she kept her gaze locked on the portly bald man.

Morgan Agrivar
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"Well, this got interesting." Mr. Tristana said, standing up for his chair. "I think some parts of this has been settled. If you do choose to take Rashaeli's offer, Mr. Agrivar, please let me know." He placed his hat on top of his head and started towards the exit. "Come along, Rashaeli. The rest of this conversation does not concern us." He headed out of the room and turned left towards the front door. Rashaeli turned slightly towards me and placed each of her hands over mine and smiled. I gave her waist a squeeze and then brought my hands back, but not before pinching her ass. She gave a cute squeak in surprise and playfully glared at me, trying to look serious but her beautiful dark eyes were twinkling.

"I will talk to you later, Morgan." She said, looking down at me. I kept my smile as I stood up. I then threw my arms around her and pulled her into a loving embrace.

"You are the best friend I could have ever hoped for, Rash." I replied, burying my head into the crook of her neck. "Thank you." She hugged me back and then we pulled apart. She turned and looked over her left shoulder at my parents.

"Like my father said, please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you and your business." She turned back to me and smiled before heading out of the room. After a few moments, we could hear the front door open and then close quietly. I sat back down, placing my right leg over my left knee and looking back at my parents sitting across the room from me. With the exception of Roland, now only my family was in the room.

"This is unacceptable, Joseph." Roland finally said after a few moments of silence. I frowned, actually irritated that he interrupted the beautiful nothingness in the room. "We had a deal. I have already made all of the arrangements for the wedding in two weeks. And the invitations have already gone out." He looked over at my father, sweating through his fine clothes, pounding his chubby fist on the arm of the chair he was sitting in. My eyebrows went up.

"Two weeks?" I said quietly, folding my hands back into my lap. I looked over at my father. "When were you going to decide to tell me that I was to become a wife?" My mother got a more worried look and put her hand on my father's arm.

"Morgan, please listen to me." My mother started to say, glancing at Joseph really quick before turning her attention back to me. "I wanted to tell you..."

"But it was my decision not to." My father interrupted. He locked his gaze with mine, a very stern look in his eyes. "It was my decision as your father to go ahead with this arrangement without your consent. I didn't need it anywa..." He started to continue before I interrupted him.

"Are you my father?" I asked quietly, one eyebrow raised. The shocked look I got from both my mother and my father told me they were not ready for that question. I glanced over to my brothers and all three of them avoided my gaze. Looking back, Joseph started to open his mouth when I cut him off again. "By your reaction, that answers my question."

"Morgan..." Caroline started to say but my glare stopped the rest of her response.

"So, since no one here in this room is technically my blood relative, then I am free to go and pursue my dreams without hesitation." I said, wiping my hands on my lap. "How long until you kick me out? I do have to notify the school when I will be arriving."

"You are staying here and you will be my bride." Roland finally said, face bright red with anger. My gaze turned from the couple who raised me as long as I could remember to the man that turns my stomach when I look at him.

"No." I simply replied, then turned my gaze back to my parents. "How long do I have?" I sat there with an impassive look on my face but inside I was trying not to break into tears again. I could see the pained look on my mother's face, but if I did not take a stand here, I would regret it for the rest of my life. If I wanted to have control of my own future, I had to be a ***** at this point.

"Take as long as you need, Morgan." My father said, his shoulders slumping forward in defeat. Roland's eyes went wide as he turned to look at him.

"Joseph, we had a..." Roland started to say when Joseph raised his head to look at him.

"Yes, Roland, we had a deal. Had a deal, not have a deal." Joseph said quietly. "The deal has fallen through and we cannot come to an agreement." He stood up and walked to the large window behind him. My father just stood there, arms crossed over his chest with his back to everyone in the room. Roland looked from him to my mother, his gaze wild with frustration. Caroline just gave him that same impassive gaze that I was giving him. I was not going to back down, and apparently neither was my mother.

"You will regret this, Joseph. I can and will ruin your business and reputation." Roland said, slowly getting up out of the chair. "I will ensure that you will never find work here on this planet ever again."

"Get out." I said quietly, standing up suddenly. "Don't you dare ever threaten my family again, or I will come back with a ship with big guns, find your business, and dismantle it piece by piece...personally." I locked my blue eyes with his, narrowing them in anger at him. He stood there for a moment, glaring daggers at me but I stood firm, anger replacing my nervousness. How dare he threaten the livelihood of my family. How dare he threaten to destroy what my family worked so long and hard to build.

Morgan Agrivar
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"Listen here, little girl. I am important here..." Roland started to say, but I cut him off in mid-sentence.

"Next time we see each other, Roland, it will not be pleasant for you." I said, stepping aside and motioning my hand towards the exit. "Now, please leave my house and do not come back onto our property again." He glared at me for a few more moments, then in a huff started heading towards the exit to the front door. "I will escort him off of the property." I said, turning and following him out of the room. I continued to follow him as he opened the front door and headed out of the house and down the small path. I closed the door behind me and proceeded to just follow him a few paces behind. He knew I was there but he did not turn around. We had said everything that needed to be said, and nothing more was necessary.

We walked on the small dirt path that split the two main farming areas that were used to fill the family's food quota required by this area to help feed the citizens. The stalks that swayed in the calm breeze came to my waist as I looked out as far as I could see. We had one of the larger farms and provided a lot of vegetables during the harvest period. My hand absently brushed against the tops of the stalks as I followed the obese man down the path.

When we got to the end of the family property, I stopped at the wooden gate and continued to watch him as he kept walking down the road. My father was supposed to take him back to his property, but my interruption prevented that from happening. If his body gave out before he made it home, then I wouldn't shed a tear.

I stood there for quite a long time, watching him get smaller and smaller on the horizon. I brought my right hand up to my mouth, fighting to hold back the tears. I started to shake uncontrollably, the emotions and nerves catching up to me again. I dropped to my knees in the grassy field and began to cry again. The flood that I thought I stemmed earlier washed over me, and I couldn't hold the tide back.

This isn't how I wanted this to go. I sat back on my ass and brought my knees up to my chest. Crossing my arms over my knees, I buried my head into my arms and rocked myself as I continued to cry. Did my family hate me since I brought up the fact they weren't actually related to me? Did I do the right thing by bringing that up? Who is my real family? Where are they at?

Why did they never tell me?

After a few minutes, I looked back up at the horizon, not seeing Roland anymore. I wiped the tears from my eyes and cheeks and stood back up. Brushing off my skirt, I scanned the horizon once more, not really looking for anything in particular, but trying to remember the scenery and imprint the image into my mind. I wasn't sure when I would be able to see it again after I head off to school. And if something went wrong with the transfer, I would never see this view again. I wrapped my arms around myself, wishing Rash was here to give me one of her famous hugs that always made me feel better.

Rashaeli Tristana. My best friend, confidant, and with some unspoken rumor amongst the girls of our basic education school, apparently my lover. Some of the other kids thought we were an item, since she seemed to be at my side all the time. It became a joke between us, pretending by holding hands or just hugging a bit closer than friends would. Seeing the reactions on their faces made both of us laugh, so the other girls didn't know if we were faking it or not. The boys, on the other hand, wished and prayed it wasn't an act. Watching two beautiful girls hugging each other made for a hilarious distraction, and their reactions were sometimes even more funny than the girls. My smile faded as my mind wandered to our actual relationship.

Am I attracted to her? I deeply care for her but does a part of me actually love her in that way? The disappointment in the thought that she was not going to accompany me to the capsuleer school was very strong in my heart. She has been around me as long as I can remember, growing up with her with my earliest memories. We also watched each other blossom into young womanhood these last few years. I put my hands behind my back and looked down at the cleavage of my breasts, thinking that she has actually seen my bare breasts, but I have not seen hers. That made me snicker, remembering her reaction and not feeling any embarrassment from the situation.
Morgan Agrivar
#12 - 2016-09-28 09:54:01 UTC
"Yes, Morgan, you are attracted to that way." I quietly said to myself, finally coming to the realization on the feelings that I have held for a long time. I loved having her next to me, sitting in my room on my bed, talking about everything and nothing in particular. "But you know she likes boys. You are just a good friend and you do know the relationship will not go in that direction." I sighed heavily, knowing that fact basically destroys any hope of something more than what we share right now. But would I want the relationship to go that direction since I love the way it is right now?


It was perfect the way it is. I know I can rely on her at any time with whatever problem I have and Rashaeli knows she can rely on me. Sadness then began to wash over me as I realized that I was moving forward...moving forward without her. I was leaving and she was staying here, taking the family responsibility that was supposed to fall on my shoulders. She was being selfless and I was completely taking advantage of that. Was I taking advantage of her too?

Looking down at the path in front of me that lead away from the only home I have ever known, I began to get angry at myself. Just this morning, I looked forward to moving on and begin a new adventure in my young life. Taking the reins of my destiny and steering it to what I want to accomplish is all I ever wanted. But at what price? What am I sacrificing to achieve this goal? Was this a silly idea like my father believes it is?

"I think only time will tell..." I said sadly, turning back towards the building that was soon to be just a memory of my past life.

Morgan Agrivar
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Rashaeli closed the door behind her as she exited the house. She stood there for a moment, her hand still on the old fashioned doorknob, wondering what she got herself into by putting herself into Morgan's responsibilities. She sighed as she let the doorknob go and turned around to follow her father down the path, only to realize he was standing right there. She stepped back in surprise, putting her right hand on her ample chest.

"Father, do not scare me like that." She said, slightly shaking and regaining control of her breathing. Her father stood there in front of her, his gaze not wavering from hers. Rashaeli always felt more uncomfortable the longer he looked at her like this. This was his gaze of disapproval. She cupped her hands in front of her and turned her gaze away from him.

"Are you going to throw everything away that I worked for to help Morgan pursue some silly dream?" He said quietly, with her knowing full well his gaze was still locked on her. Rashaeli pursed her lips and took a deep breath. She looked back at her father with those dark eyes of hers.

"These are not silly dreams, father." She said, raising her chin slightly. "You just do not see the full picture and what opportunities become available if we go through this process...and survive." She kept her gaze on his before he turned and started walking down the path towards their land vehicle.

"Educate me." Master Tristana said, not even looking back at her. She hurried up and fell in step next to him as they walked. A small sliver of hope started to burn deep in her chest. Maybe he might actually listen to her for once...

"Are you truly happy with the limited possibilities you have here on Dantbeinn II?" She asked, looking over at him. He looked back at her with a slightly confused look on his face.

"Limited possibilities?" He replied, raising an eyebrow. "I hardly consider my business" She smiled at him, realizing that he truly did not know what was out there. He narrowed his eyes at her. "Why are you smiling?"

"Because you do not understand what you are trying to stop." Rashaeli hurried to get in front of him and stopped, facing him fully. "Father, imagine this...imagine taking your merchant business to different star systems, planets, constellations, galaxies, and many more customers than the ones you have here. The customers you have here are reliable, but most of them are considered poor once you look at what is out there. Any business owner should be finding any way to expand and grow their taught me that." She placed her hands on her shapely hips and glared at him. "Morgan and I understand a little of what is out there. We have heard of merchants making billions and billions of isk doing merchant trading. What our family business does here on this planet is nothing compared to what they achieve."

"Really?" Master Tristana replied, looking at her with that impassive gaze. "And what do you two plan to do if you get through the training and go out amongst the stars?"

"Morgan wants to explore wormholes." Rashaeli said with a smile. "I want to take what you taught me as a basis for my own merchant corporation. She wants to fly ships and blow things up, I want to research blueprints, construct modules and ships, and sell them to interested parties to increase my bottom line. I want to establish trade routes among the stars, much like you do on this planet. Buy low, sell high. Hopefully with the skills I learn at the Republic Military School, I can achieve my ultimate goal."

"And that is?" He said, walking around her and continuing on the path. Rashaeli frowned for a moment and turned to face her father's back.

"Make more isk in my first month of being a capsuleer that you have made in your best year." She crossed her arms over her chest and waited for his reaction. He slowed to a complete stop, then turned back towards her. His impassive gaze was upon her once more.

"And you think you can achieve that." He scowled at her. "I made twelve million isk last year, and that kept you in comfort. Just remember that." Rashaeli shrunk back a bit at his anger, taking one step back and turning her gaze from him.

"Yes, I can achieve that." She said quietly, looking at the grass next to her. "I will prove to you that I have the capability of achieving whatever goal I set. But first, I have to help Morgan get started first, and then I will join her next year after I help out the Agrivar family." She finally turned her gaze back to her father, who was slightly smiling at her. She blinked at him, completely confused.
Morgan Agrivar
#14 - 2016-09-28 09:56:17 UTC
"A father always wants their children to succeed further than they have attained. It took me a few years but I got the family business farther than your grandfather did." He said, crossing his arms over his broad chest. "And I was wondering what I would do since I did not have a son to pass the family business to after I retired."

"I am sorry that I did not turn out to be a son for you." Rashaeli frowned. She always hated the fact that he really wanted a son and ended up getting her, a very feminine girl. She looked back at the ground to her left and started to seethe. She looked back up when she noticed her father approach her.

"I was going to give you the family business, regardless of whether you were a boy or a girl, Rashaeli." He said, cupping her face in his hands. "Let me make you a deal. If you do happen to make more than twelve million isk in your first month, the business is yours to do as you please. If you don't, you come back here and work for me for at least a year and learn to make it the right way." She looked at his face for a few moments, then lowered her gaze down to the ground. She thought for a moment, going over all of the key points that Morgan and her went though in planning on what they were going to do. With Morgan traveling and blowing things up, she could get the salvage and modules that happen to survive the destruction of the ship and use that to start her business. Morgan even agreed to show her how to do it but she was more of a hands-on approach to getting the necessary minerals needed to start.

Morgan always though the idea of mining was boring as hell. She would listen to Marcus as he would talk about what happens when he takes the Reaper out and just mines whatever he could to help the family and the business out and it always made Morgan roll her eyes in boredom. Then Rashaeli would tell Morgan that part of the capsuleer training involved learning how to mine for ore. Morgan would then reply that she will sleep through that class.

That memory made her smile as she looked up at her father.

"I agree." She said quietly, nodding at her father as she placed her hands over his. He gave a slight smile and dropped his hands as he turned and started back down the path heading off the Agrivar family property.
Morgan Agrivar
#15 - 2016-09-28 09:58:16 UTC
That is the end of my submission. I appreciate your time in reading my original story.

Thank you.

Morgan o/
Miyoshi Akachi
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#16 - 2016-09-28 13:53:42 UTC
Read all in a looong rush.... uff... when you plan showing more of this? :D

I mean I quite liked this all, with such an insight in the characters tought and believes. I'm curious to see if they will get to their dream, you know 12 milion in a year aren't nuts! :P
Silen Serine
#17 - 2016-09-28 16:52:08 UTC
Happy to see first-person work, wish there was more of it. Easier to convey motivation and create a sympathetic character. Cool!
Morgan Agrivar
#18 - 2016-09-29 08:23:48 UTC
Thanks for the good comments. This is still a work in progress and there is more of Chapter 1 that I am still working on, but I submitted up to what you see for the contest. There is MUCH more that I am working/writing on and I might concentrating on finishing Chapter 1 and posting the rest here but it would be very long.

Basically Chapter 1 ends with Morgan heading off to Republic Military School...
Morgan Agrivar
#19 - 2016-11-11 01:42:37 UTC
Below is another part of Chapter 1 and another section will be coming soon and will be posted here.

Morgan Agrivar
#20 - 2016-11-11 01:44:41 UTC
I was standing in front of the cooking plate, cutting up some vegetables for the meal I was planning to make that night. Five days have passed since the meeting, and the tension in the air that has been hanging around since then has been depressing. I really haven't talked much with anyone, and they have returned the favor in kind. Where dinner time was somewhat festive with lots of conversation, the last few days have been extremely quiet...and I know I am the one to blame for all of this dreariness. I picked up a hunk of meat, looking at it and wondering how I was going to prepare it for the meal.

I heard a shuffling noise behind me, making me look over my right shoulder. I could see both Marcus and Anthony standing there, staring at me with very serious looks on their faces. I sighed and turned back to the cooking plate, wanting to be anywhere else but right here.

"Morgan, we need to talk." I heard Marcus say behind me. I placed the chunk of meat back down on the plate and reached for a towel for my hands. As I started to clean my hands, I turned back to them.

"This isn't the right time to talk about this." I said, looking at the both of them. "I need to finish cooking this dinner for us." I turned back around and placed the towel on the counter next to me. As I reached for the chunk of meat again, Anthony's hand came out of nowhere and pinned my wrist to the counter. A gasp of shock escaped my lips since I did not expect that at all. My shock turned to anger as I tried to move my hand out from his grip but he firmly kept it in that position.

"No, we are going to talk about this now, Morgan." Anthony said, his grip tight on my wrist. I slightly grimaced since his grip was starting to hurt me. "You have avoided this for long enough."

"You are hurting me." I growled, trying to pull my arm back. After a couple of tugs, he finally let my wrist go. I took a step back from him as he reached over and turned off the cooking plate. Rubbing my sore wrist, I frowned as I looked from Anthony to Marcus.

"Morgan, we just want to talk so you realize what a stupid mistake you are making." Marcus said, sitting down in one of the chairs at the dining room table. Anthony leaned against the cooking counter and folded his arms over his chest, looking at me with a slightly angry expression on his handsome face.

"You wanted to talk so badly that you resorted to hurting your little sister to prove your point?" I said, my glare settling back onto Anthony. He looked away from my gaze for a moment to Marcus, who nodded back at him.

"We did not mean to hurt you, Morgan" Marcus replied, leaning back in the chair.

"But it seemed that you meant to hurt us." Anthony interjected, his angry glare settled on me. "After all the things we have done for you, this is how you repay us?" My mouth went open for just a moment before I forced it shut in a frown.

"Repay you..." I said quietly, looking down at the ground. My anger began to rise as I felt myself get hot. "Let me see. Was I supposed to be grateful for being forced into a marriage with an old fat man? Was I supposed to be happy being thrown at this old fat man for him to do whatever he pleases to my body? Was I supposed to be all giddy with happiness when all of you set up my future life for me, without even asking what I wanted?" I screamed out the last half of that sentence at them, glaring in their direction while looking between the two.

"Morgan..." Marcus began to say before I cut him off.

"If the marriage is that important to this family, you go marry him." I said to Marcus, crossing my arms over my chest. "At no point in my life did I want that fat bastard touching me in any way, shape or form."

"What is going on here?" Johnathan said as he entered the room, stopping at the hallway entrance.

"We are trying to tell Morgan here that she needs to stay and help out the family." Anthony said to him, pushing away from the counter and walking over to take another chair at the table. I watched him walk past me and then looked over at Johnathan. After Anthony sat down, he pulled out a chair and motioned to Johnathan. "Sit down and help us."

"We are still on this?" Johnathan said, walking over and sitting in the chair provided to him. Now all three brothers were sitting on one side of the table with me standing on the other side. It all of a sudden felt like three judges determining my fate without my side of the story. "Listen, everyone provided reasons why she should stay, but she also pointed out a good few reasons on why this was not fair to her." Both Anthony and Marcus leaned over and looked at him.

"Whose side are you on, Johnathan?" Anthony said, looking at him incredulously.
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