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are there plans to buff WH connections?

Substantia Nigra
Polaris Rising
Goonswarm Federation
#21 - 2016-09-08 07:46:59 UTC
Seraph Essael wrote:
Jesus christ your self entitlement is so big, you'll mass any hole you jump through.
Scan more, cry less.

Nah, not end of thread ... but in complete agreement with you. Solo, one jump wormhole collapser in a frigate.

I guess I am almost a 'vet' by now. Hopefully not too bitter and managing to help more than I hinder. I build and sell many things, including large collections of bookmarks.

Project Fruit House
#22 - 2016-09-08 13:17:03 UTC
I lived in a wormhole for a while with a null static. There was at least one wh connection to null everyday! Can you believe it?! :p

Cheers Love! The cavalry's here!

Lulu Lunette
Savage Moon Society
#23 - 2016-09-09 02:20:09 UTC
The nullsec wormhole connection nerf was terrible. Killed my logistics as well.


March rabbit
Gallente Federation
#24 - 2016-09-09 15:10:02 UTC
Sonya Corvinus wrote:
Robert Caldera wrote:
my hauler jumps from station to station, only. Come get it.
Its just fitted BS I had to leave behind, because there were no suitable connections..

going through more than 1 WH is too much effort to me and too much risk, so not an option either.
Null-LS oder Null-HS or Null-WH-LS/HS connections are of interest for this purpose.

scanning out two to three more WHs is more effort than waiting weeks for the magical perfect connection?

maybe he just does not feel like meeting WH people? Lol

The Mittani: "the inappropriate drunked joke"

Sonya Corvinus
Grant Village
#25 - 2016-09-09 15:13:05 UTC
March rabbit wrote:
maybe he just does not feel like meeting WH people? Lol

That's crazy. We're super friendly
Robert Caldera
Caldera Trading and Investment
#26 - 2016-09-12 09:20:00 UTC
crossing unscoutable space is risky for moving (expensively fitted faction) battleships, so wouldnt go through more than 1 WH max, if at all (depends on dscan) - better leave behind or buy new in your new home. Thats my personal opinion tho.
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