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New Drone interface

Smuff Gallente
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2016-08-11 07:18:15 UTC
could we get a new drone interface something in the manner of what u guy's did to the fighters Except for drones this interface we have now is ancient it's been around for as long as i can remember
Rivr Luzade
Coreli Corporation
Pandemic Legion
#2 - 2016-08-11 12:23:25 UTC
You mean that interface that does not let you clearly see the hitpoints and damage on your fighters? The interface that covers even more of your screen real estate with yet another interface? The interface with all the extra controls that make managing fighters a painstaking chore rather than a joy?

I rather not have to tell my drones individually to MWD back to me or around the place or start shooting somthing with buttons rather than shortcuts.

UI Improvement Collective

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Old Pervert
Caldari State
#3 - 2016-08-11 16:16:59 UTC
One must ask why?

Other than the fact that it has been around "forever". What needs are not met? Drone management to me seems pretty straightforward.

The only change I would make would be to add a yellowbox or redbox around the drones in the interface to show when they're being targeted/aggressed.
Eleonora Crendraven
Global Communications AG
#4 - 2016-08-11 18:01:44 UTC
Old Pervert wrote:
One must ask why?

The only change I would make would be to add a yellowbox or redbox around the drones in the interface to show when they're being targeted/aggressed.

Yes please CCP!!! That would make a drone-mums life far easier :)


The Thirteen Provinces
#5 - 2016-08-11 20:30:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Maenth
It would also be really nice if somewhere we could see what our current drone control range is, instead of having to figure out our control range by having a targetting range greater than control range and then trying to send mobile drones to attack a distant target and then be told "You can't issue that command because it's too far away and your drone control range is only _____ km" <--- because that is literally the only way in EVE to find out what your total control range is, aside from manually putting your range modifiers together from skills + modules + base 20km ... and the base 20km is also not shown anywhere, it's either figured out or passed by older drone-users to newer users sharing information that they've learned.

It could even be something small like a little [optional] readout around the HUD console IF your ship has drones fitted, and then hovering the cursor over it can give a range indicator in the tactical overlay just like weapons (and maybe also show range bubbles for each drone you have in space?) ...... I didn't have any of this idea when I started but now I really like it, so, please? :D

And if so then maybe that little spot showing control range can also be a menu button that gives drone command options telling all drones in space to 'Attack Selected Target' or 'Return to Drone Bay' (and show the hotkey currently assigned to that command) and list other things that are in either the special drone control menu or otherwise need hotkeys or discrete orders ..... and then the classic drone control interface would be mainly for choosing which drones to launch, viewing their current status, or issuing different commands to each drone if wanted.

ONE LAST THING; can the command (hotkey) for 'Order all drones to attack target' be changed to 'Order all drones to engage target' ? The distinction being that the hotkey should be used not just for drones to attack, but also to send them out salvaging, or mining, or repairing, or whatever else they might do.

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