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PHP 5.5 End of life

Here there be Dragons
#1 - 2016-07-14 22:19:09 UTC
So for those PHP developers that may have not been keeping track PHP 5.5. 37 is the last expect version in that series as it reach end of life making PHP 5.6 the oldest currently supported version. PHP 5.5 now has an additional year for critical security issues only at which point it'll get no more updates. PHP 5.6 is the last of the 5.x series and all new development should be done with PHP 7.0.x series. We can expect PHP 7.1.x sometime before the end of the year according to the release cycle so keep that in mind as well. Most web hosting companies have 7.0 available already and if you already did update to 5.4 or later you should be able to switch directly to 7.0 with no code changes. Good news is your web site should actual run faster with all the changes that come with 7.0 in most cases.

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