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Banned Account

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Rican Artraties
#1 - 2016-07-10 05:29:34 UTC
I was just wondering if I could get an answer on how long it takes CCP to get back to you these days on a petition. My Main account was banned and I have no Idea why. I petitioned on that account 3+weeks ago and then again on this account over a week ago. I would just like to know how long it takes them to get back to you on things of this nature. Thanks.
Pak Narhoo
Splinter Foundation
#2 - 2016-07-10 05:37:09 UTC
At the moment it might take them *month's*, not kidding here their GM's are swamped. And it's summer.
Also don't petition your petition, you're making it worse. Just add to the existing one.

Sequester Risalo
German Corps of Engineers 17
Federation of Respect Honor Passion Alliance.
#3 - 2016-07-10 06:06:33 UTC
It depends. If you are a banker engulfed in RMT your unbanning might come real quick.
Duckzer Mining Corporation
RAZOR Alliance
#4 - 2016-07-10 06:22:29 UTC
This thread is going places..... IB4TLRoll

Have you heard anything I've said?

You said it's all circling the drain, the whole universe. Right?

That's right.

Had to end sometime.

Drago Shouna
#5 - 2016-07-10 06:59:25 UTC
I have no doubt whatsoever that you know why you were banned.

So stop with the pretence.

Solecist Project...." They refuse to play by the rules and laws of the game and use it as excuse ..." " They don't care about how you play as long as they get to play how they want."

Welcome to EVE.

ISD Buldath
#6 - 2016-07-10 07:20:58 UTC
While it sucks to hear yo have been banned, CCP Will never disclose a reason for a banning on the forums or even discuss it. Locked.

~ISD Buldath

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