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T1 fitted T1 frigates for noob pvp

Morgan Agrivar
#21 - 2016-07-06 06:28:53 UTC  |  Edited by: Morgan Agrivar
Black Belle wrote:
Morgan Agrivar wrote:
I started my lowsec PvP career in a Maulus. I f**king love that ship. My job was to dampen any kiting ships or any Tornados/Rokhs that decided to land 100km and try to snipe. With 140km damp range, I could play the whole field and the FC let me do what I wanted. He would call out what he wanted damped at that time, but otherwise I decided who got my long distance hugs.

"Damn you and that f**cking Maulus!" - saw that in local quite a bit. Twisted

This sounds like so much fun!!! Is it new person friendly?

It is the ship my corp put me into when I came to lowsec and was starting out. I had great tank skills but no combat skills to speak of, so instead of a tackler ship, they put me in a Maulus.

And I loved it...

So yes, it is new person friendly. A few hours of training and you can annoy snipers too. *\o/*

P.S. The first combat ship you should fly is what Dana brought up, the dual rep damn fun to fly. But down in lowsec, they know you are dual repped if you show up to a fight in an Incursus.
Robot Robot
#22 - 2016-09-28 16:01:23 UTC
Yeah, once your gang size gets up to about four, the advantages of having someone in a Maulus or Griffin is huge. You effectively take their strongest ship off the field right from the get-go, and it takes almost no SP to be effective in them. The Griffin is hilariously easy to fly and can even shut down more than one ship at a time. The Maulus takes a little more practise and requires you to have a little more knowledge about the ships you're engaging. It's a lot more effective to sensor dampen a kiting ship than a blaster Atron for example. Overall though, I think the Maulus is more rewarding to fly.

But if your gang size is three, or especially two, you're probably better off bringing another DPS ship.
Codex Praedonum
Top Belt for Fun
#23 - 2016-10-04 19:23:39 UTC  |  Edited by: Ahrieman
Reaver Glitterstim wrote:
Go with the Agony Unleashed fitting style. It's generally something like this:

1.) decide if it's shield fleet or armor fleet. Mixed is okay too, but make sure people are on the same page, and do one or the other when possible.

2.) fit a medium shield extender or a 200/400mm armor plate.

3.) prop module is MWD

4.) one low slot for damage control, and one mid slot for EWAR. Get an EWAR comp for your fleet, make sure you have a good mix of long points and disruption

5.) weapons in the highs

6a.) shield fleet: defense in the remaining mids, offense in the remaining lows
6b.) more EWAR in the remaining mids, offense in the remaining lows

It differs from most frig fleet fittings in that it makes liberal use of disruptive EWAR while most frig swarms focus more strongly on high DPS and warp disruption.

Lots of good advice here, but THIS IS GOLD.

I would like to add that most of Agony's play is in null unless I missed something, so you may want to consider different propulsion/tackle mids if you plan to fly in low sec. The 3 best options depending on the relevant factors are AB/Scram, MWD/Scram, MWD/Long Point. A mix gives you the most versatility but if you plan to fly low and null in the same roam, no AB. In general, AB is death in null.

While keeping fleet in shield or armor doctrine is preferable, unless you bring some sort of logi, the different tanks are less significant except with regards to mobility so consider this, but it won't ruin your t1 fitted, t1 frig comp. You will whelp plenty ships just by virtue of what you are flying and that you sound like you are learning anyways.

Dana Goodeye wrote:
if this is still actual, my advice is, make your pilots to fly usual dual rep incursuses.
the ship itself is one of the hardest to fly. i know, because i flew them when i was a newbie. buttttt
if a pilot can fly a dual rep incursus well, he/she can fly everything
i mean the incu is a silly frig, and you have to
1. manual fly if needed
2. manage targets, and weapons
3. manage your active tank
4. manage your fuc*ing cap
5. fly the ship
most passive tanked frigs are like click, orbit, f1.
the incu is faaar away from that. its a littlebit skill heavy, and its reallly hard to fly, but its worth it in my opinion.

I like this advice. The idea is to teach your players how to micro manage their modules. If the intent was to get as many easy wins as possible, the suggestion would have been a FOTM ship like Tristan, Breacher, or Tormentor. I am not a fan of dual rep Incursus because of cap and range dictation issues, but the advice is solid nonetheless.

I recommend something similar to my Minnie newbros with a similar intent: fly the Rifter. It's not the easiest ship to win fights with in the current meta. However, it will teach you about target selection, range dictation, and opposing ship fittings (selectable damage ammo). You win fights by forcing the engagement on your terms at your range of choosing. The Rifter is also an engageable target (read: gets lots of fights) for others with nerfs to it and (appropriate) buffs/ballances to other T1 frigs. The Rifter is a balanced ship that does not excel too heavily in any regard except for speed in class. For the record, the only T1 frig I haven't solo'd in a Rifter in the past 2 months since resubbing is a Tormentor.

As for dedicated EWAR frigs, I would prefer a Maulus over a Griffin. Damps always apply whereas you better pray to RNGesus for your jams to land. Both ships will be primaried as EWAR ships and the Maulus accommodates a better tank since jams are the Griffin tank. If you engage another frig gang, the griffin will get killed by whichever ships it can't jam and/or drones.

Good Luck and have fun. You could also consider doing scrimmages with your friends on Sisi for fun and extra practice.

Solo Rifter since 2009

Skelee VI
The Wraithguard.
#24 - 2016-10-05 13:25:57 UTC
The best way is to make the pilot fly same ship for a week to learn it's role then swap to different one. Before you got out make them check speed, ranges, damage type for ammo etc. I stil fly frigs, fun ships. You can mess up some people and have fun knowing the ships you are in are cheap.
DJ puar
Covert Economics
#25 - 2016-10-06 01:01:44 UTC
Crossing zebras is starting a new series on Alpha Clone fits
Nalia White
#26 - 2016-10-18 12:34:40 UTC
just a general tip. a lot of these fittings here are ok but are showing you tech 1 meta 0 modules. they are the worst modules you can get. always look for the meta 1-4 modules. they are always better and sometimes even a bit cheaper.

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