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Test Server Feedback

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June Release Graphics Feedback Thread

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Arsine Elgan
#41 - 2016-06-09 13:14:35 UTC
CCP Sledgehammer wrote:
Arsine Elgan wrote:
So what is with the ship spinning on dock, undock, login when in station?

Did you really do that on purpose? Are you going to make us watch that crap over and over again?

Please direct any feedback on the docking camera to this thread.

Docking camera? Seriously?

I don't care what you think, if you ever think at all.

#42 - 2016-06-09 14:35:54 UTC
CCP Sledgehammer wrote:
marVLs wrote:
Awesome, but any news on new ship explosion effects?

Not for June but we are working on them internally right now.

Omg yes! TBH current explosions are soooo not satisfying that im unable to shoot other ships, or even want to play... yeah maybe that's stupid but i don't feel any purpose of pew pew, launching massive missiles etc just to see battleship not exploded but "fart" Ugh

Also why ship redesigning slows down?
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#43 - 2016-06-09 16:38:55 UTC
Darrien wrote:
Galaxxis wrote:
Darrien wrote:
Kinda glad my old GFX Card recently died, forcing me to upgrade to a DX11/12 compliant card, now I get to see all this eye candy. Big smile

I can't seem to kill my old HD 5870! I've been running BOINC projects on it for years, so it's pretty much constantly processing stuff whenever the computer is on. And it won't die. I may have to buy a new video card while this one still works.

Funnily enough it was a old ( 2008 ) stock HD4870 which finally gave up the ghost, they were notorious for running too hot and power hungry, I think it finally had a heat stroke at the end of last summer, and it's been on it's last legs since.

I had an HD4870! Hell, yes, they ran hot. Like 90c under a heavy load. It eventually started giving me random BSODs while playing eve. So I replaced it with an HD7970. I still have the 4870 as an emergency backup. But it sits on a shelf unused until then.

Black Omega Security
Pandemic Horde
#44 - 2016-06-09 18:16:30 UTC
Very nice!
So when are you adding distance to the watchlist?
Berrik Radhok
Ten Dollar Bond
#45 - 2016-06-09 18:30:57 UTC
Can you make ring-shaped shockwaves come out of engine nozzles when MWD/AB is active?
Tax Evasion Corporation 3
I too am gay
#46 - 2016-06-10 17:59:36 UTC
Was there an update to the Einherji's shaders? The icon is a little different, and unless I'm imagining things, lighting hits it different than it did before.
#47 - 2016-06-10 19:01:03 UTC
nezroy wrote:
Manssell wrote:

How original of you! I have never seen a person comment to down to a player on the forums because they are on a mac Roll

Meh, you're the one who brought negativity to CCP and the thread by haranguing them. The rest of us are just pointing out the realities of trying to support a platform that represents a fraction of the player base. Or, in other words... "don't START nothing, won't BE nothing".

How very original of you! I have never seen a person comment to down to a player on the forums because they are on a mac. Hell you're not even the first one in this thread. Shocked

And I never 'started' anything. I never said this should come out, you know there is an option for CCP to make it work on PC AND Mac. but I'm sorry I mentioned I don't use you l33t computer system of choice. I should go hide in shame for using something you don't approve of.
Scheulagh Santorine
The Math Department
#48 - 2016-06-10 19:18:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Scheulagh Santorine
CCP Sledgehammer wrote:
Tactical Overlay Iterations:
We have added the following to the Tactical Overlay:

  • Cyno portal range has been added as a translucent red sphere, indicating the radius at which the cyno portal will spawn from your ship.
  • Action lines (such as for fighters) are now tied to the presence of the overlay.
  • Module hover indication time has been increased.
  • Ship and fighter orbits are now represented (WIP)**.
  • Velocity/Chance-to-hit information for locked targets (WIP)**.
  • Click command confirmations**.


CCP Sledgehammer.

CCP Sledgehammah,

It is exciting to hear that you are considering changes to the UI that will give pilots more information about combat. I had some thoughts and questions on this because it is a subject I've thought about in the past.

First, when you are considering adding 'Chance to Hit' information, not all of the information a pilot would need to determine that probability is available in the interface right now. While distance, transverse velocity, signature resolution of your turrets, falloff, are all available to you as a pilot, the signature radius of the target, however, is not dynamically available in the interface. If the target is pulsing a MWD or they are fit with shield mods, you can't know their sig radius. You can try to infer it from velocity but it is not, as far as I know, communicated with other clients on-grid. In this way, determining the hit chance and presenting this information to players will now provide us with information that was previously unknowable in the interface. This is an interesting development that I think would take some of the mystery out of combat for new players, as well as reduce the need to explain log arithmetic when describing tracking mechanics. This could be positive for new players.

Second, from the discussion on reddit, as well as in this thread, it is not clear whether there will be improved support for control of automatic orbit plane? I.e. will we be able to control the plane of orbit that we establish when using the orbit command? This should be a straightforward addition because the existing orbit algorithm pilots towards a point that is a set distance away from the target. What about using the camera vector as the way to specify the orbit plane with both of those common points (I can post a full explanation in my blog next week if you are interested). This would give new pilots the opportunity to command orbits that avoided immovable objects such as 'roids and stations, which would normally require manual piloting.

Finally, Would you also be interested in considering changes that help player visualize the transverse velocity vector? I have some ideas on how this could be done. I haven't written them up in the past because I don't want to be perceived to be lobbying for changes to the game based on my writing. Maybe I'll add my notes on this when I get a chance. Glad to see you are considering giving players more geometric tools for combat.


S. Santorine

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S. Santorine

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Alstevar Eastern
Caldari State
#49 - 2016-06-13 20:42:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Alstevar Eastern
Hangar Lighting

EDIT : The spotlight on top in Caldari and Minmatar station on the ship is not a good idea, too bright on some (SOE and clean ships) and too less covered on others (Barghest, Orca...).

Proposal :

Add on each station something like the pilon in the Caldari station and choose to add some spotlights starting from it.


Just do the same as Amarr and Gallente station.

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CCP Sledgehammer
C C P Alliance
#50 - 2016-06-14 09:57:10 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Sledgehammer
The orbit plane is purely representative right now. We'd have to sit down with game design and plan out the ability to select your orbit by using the Tac Overlay representation. We're having a mass test this evening (5PM EVE time) and will be checking the tac overlay out as part of that. We hope to have the velocity indication and vectors for your ship/targets in as well, but I will update here if that is not the case. As far as the chance-to-hit information goes, it's probably not going to make it in to this release but we think that the velocity and vector indications are a solid foundation to build that information into the overlay.

Graphical QA Analyst | EVE Quality Assurance | Team TriLambda

Fulgur lumene
#51 - 2016-06-14 17:07:46 UTC
It seems good, but think Amarr dock is too dark. Apreciate your graphic add's.
When will be INCARNABig smile
Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#52 - 2016-06-14 18:33:15 UTC
CCP Sledgehammer wrote:

We are looking forwards to hearing from you, especially regarding any ideas you guys have for the WIP features of the Tactical Overlay.

Much love,

CCP Sledgehammer.

Sterling work chaps,

A few Ideas.

Logi mods range in green, not red.

Optimal and maximum range for drones when one is selected, especially sentry drones.

Less spokes, 16 looks like a wheel, 8 would suffice and still look cool.

Some colour to the line you get when you select a 'thing', yellow would make sense to me as that is the colour for gates and stations you set as your destination. Nothing to bright, something nice and subtle.

Increased overall range, 200km looks tiny when zoomed out a long way, maybe for battleships and above?

The white dots where the selected item meets the overlay are too big, or bold or something, looks a mess when you have lots of stuff bunched up together, like wrecks around a MTU for example.

The move too option you introduced by pressing Q is fantastic, but it can get a bit wonky when selecting the vertical angle from certain camera angles, perhaps a slightly slower movement speed would assist this. The distance part on the horizontal axis is fine.

You brought in a permanent icon (used to need to press alt) representing your ship when zoomed out a certain distance, could you add some effect to that icon when you are cloaked?

Lastly, some digital distortion/degradation to the whole overlay when in a warp. It looks to crisp and clean when the rest of the screen is all... er... warpy.

Ageanal Olerie
Gallente Federation
#53 - 2016-06-14 19:02:49 UTC

Speaking of booster lighting.

The boosters on the mining barges/exhumers are pathetically weak looking. (Well at least the Mack I fly, haven't looked at the others).

Could you guys please make them more powerful.

I suspect the size/brightness of them is being based off your speed, and mining barges being very slow have small weak looking engines.

However, shouldn't the size/brightness of them take into consideration the mass of your ship?

So yeah, the engines should look much brighter and more powerful on the mining barges than they currently do, however they still go slow because they are a lot more massive.

Fulgur lumene
#54 - 2016-06-14 19:06:54 UTC  |  Edited by: Kabaos
A. OK. I came in TEST server and looked dock's. It seems fine , but they dark. I have a next idea.

You can keep 2 docks light and dark. How ? It's simple.

1. At 6~7 AM of EVE dock will be light (because everything starts to work, the pilots appear scurrying workers - need lighting(my imagination))
2. At 12 AM of EVE dock will be dark (workers go away and ships remain, all scatter to their cabins (
my imagination))
B. I look engines of ship. Much realistic with reflection of fuel .

C. Good idea when ship dock, you can see how fly it on the place. You can change distance-place, like ship fly through hangars with other ships. . I also had that idea to offer (as always, but I think it would not have noticed) Not like cinematic view camera, you can't spin.

I have much of ideas. You can doing 2-3 exit of docks. They can be automatic random. 1 from one side of station, and one from other.
Eli Stan
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#55 - 2016-06-14 19:27:45 UTC
Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance wrote:
Logi mods range in green, not red.
I'd suggest blue or cyan, not green, so that ~8% of people who cannot distinguish red from green can tell the difference.
Kon Kre8r
#56 - 2016-06-14 19:44:35 UTC  |  Edited by: Kon Kre8r
Psianna Archeia wrote:
Manssell wrote:
Vincent Athena wrote:
I'm confused. I see a picture labeled "Before secondary lighting", but not one labeled "After secondary lighting" or some such. What am I missing?

It really doesn't matter Vincent since we'll never see them in game if we are mac customers.

I found graphics to be far better performance wise when running on Mac
and better quality overall -- but Only when Able to Run on Mac :)

UPDATE - NOW I am getting far better results on my new Windows 10 system

Moving on to current issues...

Black Ops ships using Covert Jump Portals with Covert Cynos are NOT allowed to use Covert Cloaks. That makes sense.

Kon Kre8r
#57 - 2016-06-14 20:02:29 UTC  |  Edited by: Kon Kre8r
OOPS - I forgot not to care - There that's better.

Black Ops ships using Covert Jump Portals with Covert Cynos are NOT allowed to use Covert Cloaks. That makes sense.

Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#58 - 2016-06-14 20:12:38 UTC
Eli Stan wrote:
Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance wrote:
Logi mods range in green, not red.
I'd suggest blue or cyan, not green, so that ~8% of people who cannot distinguish red from green can tell the difference.

aye, good call. I didn't think about colour blind issues. Blue though, as cyan is evil.
helana Tsero
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#59 - 2016-06-15 03:21:06 UTC  |  Edited by: helana Tsero
Stargate V5++ Renovations
Alll stargates have now been updated to our V5++ Shader standard.

This was a great opportunity to add indicators of entering/exiting low / null space. Eg Yellow lights and warning signs on gates leading to Low sec. (instead of the un immersive popup). Sadly seems you did not take advantage of the opportunity.

Bugs (or misfired change)

- The Billboards on gates are now tiny. Please increase the size back to what they are on tranquility.

- Captains Quarters main screen is currently broken will not update past ship description slide.

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Zansha Expansion
Brave Collective
#60 - 2016-06-15 11:28:21 UTC
I hope this is the right place for this, my Phantasm seems to look different on the current SiSi built. There is a silver-ish plating thing around the elliptic spikey-front.

And copyships didn't copy my TQ killmark Sad does it have a new placement?

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