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EVE Launcher

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EVE Launcher GUI version 1.935

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CCP nLock
C C P Alliance
#1 - 2016-06-02 15:29:02 UTC
Small update on the GUI side of things here

  • Fixing MOTD - now displays properly on update
  • Fixing server status showing "unknown" intermittently
  • Fixing Steam login on first startup after update
  • Player numbers now update with server status change
  • Account bundling now reports correct bundle state after relogging from connection error
  • Steam login now carries over to test servers
  • Steam login now carries over when loading new GUI version
  • Loading new GUI version now respects localization URL
Virtual Intergalactic Army
#2 - 2016-06-05 19:41:57 UTC
Is this just me the "Latest News" in the launcher window showing dates one month behind?
Baboo Yagu
#3 - 2016-06-06 04:22:42 UTC  |  Edited by: Baboo Yagu
Mine is showing "Launcher: 1037417.1.935" and it's still showing all servers as 'Offline".

Hello darkness, my old friend.