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203 million skillpoint pilot looking for a new home.

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#1 - 2016-05-21 20:29:13 UTC
About me:

I've lived in all areas of space: HS, LS, Sov Null, NPC Null and WH Space (C3, C4, C5 & C6).
WH space is my prefered home, but I'm open to other good offers.
Can fly pretty much every subcap in the game, plus a variety of dreads and carriers.
I've never used a skill injector.

I'm looking for a corp that :

  • Is active in the EU Timezone.
  • Has an active, mature core of pilots.
  • Is focused on PVP, with PVE opportunities whilst it's quiet.
  • Understands that RL comes first.

  • I've been in a variety of good corps with good people over the years, having been a line member in some corps, and leadership in others, but nothing lasts forever and I find myself looking for a new home.

    Reach out here, or in game.

    Takamori Saig0
    Paranoia Overload
    New Jovian Collective
    #2 - 2016-05-22 00:07:07 UTC

    Please check us out when you get a moment :

    Mature, well established alliance with sov null systems. No dramas, real life comes first older gaming group.

    Let me know if you have any questions, happy to answer.

    SgtMaj Grim Reaper
    Capsuleer Industries
    #3 - 2016-05-22 01:52:44 UTC
    Hello Squelch,

    Would be glad to get to talk to you. Fatal Talocan is a real life comes first corp were our focus is pvp and having fun as a communtiy. Please check us out at

    Also feel free to message me or join our pub channel Fatal Talocan Pub

    Looking forward to talk to you,
    SgtMaj Grim Reaper
    Blood ofGODS
    Psychotic Tendencies.
    #4 - 2016-05-22 04:36:53 UTC
    Hi thar. Would you be interested in joining a WH corp yet again, but a C2? (Null/C5 statics).
    Mainly focused on PvP, blasting people away is pretty fun.

    Forum Post:

    Send a mail in game or join or public channel (Relentless Penetration) if interested
    #5 - 2016-05-22 05:04:18 UTC
    C.Q.B is a lowsec corp that believes in fighting outnumbered and against the odds.
    We are the few unafraid of the many.
    Every pilot in our fleet fills an important and necessary role. Every member matters..

    Join our ingame channel 'C.Q.B Public' and ask for a recruiter or pm/msg me directly.

    Corp KB:

    What we do:
    ◙ Fleet PVP (Large and small scale fleet engagements, roams and structure op's)
    ◙ Capital escalation
    ◙ Black Ops (Force Projection)
    ◙ Higher tier PVP

    We are looking for:
    ◙ Min 50m skill Point
    ◙ 300+ kills on an active kb
    ◙ Full slave clone
    ◙ Able to fly CAPS on alt or main
    ◙ Alt account required
    ◙ Active EU and US TZ PvPers
    ◙ Willingness to learn & communicate
    ◙ Mature gamer's
    ◙ Teamplayers
    ◙ Self sufficiency in terms of ISK
    ◙ The ability to fly higher tier doctrine's (Tec 3 cruiser's, HAC's, Faction BS and T2 Logi)
    ◙ Working headset

    What we offer you:
    ◙ Target rich environment
    ◙ Content focused
    ◙ FULL SRP on alliance op's
    ◙ Member of the Snuffed Out Alliance
    ◙ Active member base
    ◙ Very experienced FCs and members to learn from
    ◙ TS3, Forums and Jabba

    Applicants are required to provide full API keys for all their accounts.
    Elric Shi
    Wrecking Machine.
    #6 - 2016-05-22 06:11:11 UTC
    Hi there, here's a standard description of our corp,. from what i read on your forum post you sound perfect for us, we're a rapidly growing corp with high ambitions and a nice plan set up with the new citadel expansion. We are a long standing history corp that has been through all aspects of the game, we like to change the scenery and go nomadic once we exhaust an area of interest. There is always a good vibe and lots of intelligent players with lots to learn from and we all have a RL.


    "Walk in the light and live not in fear, for we are brothers our blood ligates us and holds us to our deeds"


    Ship replacement programme

    Experienced pilots

    Excellent reputation within the community


    LOW Sec + FW and 0.0 roams.

    Stop playing EVE, Start Living it

    For an insider's view of the corporation, visit our in game channel 'dark-rising'.

    Renegade Stars
    Stellae Renascitur
    #7 - 2016-05-22 17:03:13 UTC

    you can check this thread:

    We are small corp in based in null sec with guys focusing on pvp/pve/industry as well as other things. There are new players in the corp but all of us are friendly. I am sure you will find good place to relax while playing with here :)

    Also we are not too much pvp oriented corp but we have our time :)
    Jony Bigodes
    The Scope
    Gallente Federation
    #8 - 2016-05-23 09:10:14 UTC
    Take a look at our recruitment post:

    Talk to you soon Blink

    "Take all, give 'em nothing"

    Caldari Provisions
    Caldari State
    #9 - 2016-05-23 09:28:04 UTC
    Check us out !!

    We offer :

    Healthy PvP content ( healthy .. i know right )
    Quality isk making opportunities
    One of the best SRP programs available
    Jump Freighter service / Jump Bridges
    Experienced leadership
    Experienced Alliance
    Great atmosphere , helpful to the new and rusty ( yes that means training and some free stuff )
    Discord / Ts3
    Alliance website / forum
    ... and many many wonderful things .. did i mention we got PvP ?

    What we are looking for :

    PvP minded and self sufficient pilots
    Willing to attend CTA's when able / online
    10 mil SP minimum / willing to train in to doctrines
    Mic + TS3 + Discord ( its like jabber in case your not familiar )
    Not a jackass ... we got plenty of those already :) ... but seriously no drama

    For contact information :

    Please join "Modro Recruit " in-game channel

    Or contact one of the following : Catachan Man, Davos Azizora , Aanthony11 or myself Starbuck05

    You can also just drop us a line here in the thread and we will get back to you .

    Thank you for your time and patiance , Have an awesome day ! o7
    Kurbanis Araeleus
    Interstellar Nuclear Penguins
    Penguin Mafia.
    #10 - 2016-05-23 13:06:02 UTC
    o7 Squelch,

    We are looking for new pilots, and i think we meet all your needs. Check out our post:

    We hope to hear from you soon


    Kurbanis Araeleus


    Interstellar Nuclear Penguins

    Taram Caldar
    Royal Black Watch Highlanders
    #11 - 2016-05-23 14:21:22 UTC
    Sent you an eve-mail

    Royal Black Watch Highlanders

    "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.  He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

    #12 - 2016-05-23 21:58:02 UTC

    Forte. is truly a home for players exactly like you. Founded by a core group of mature players looking to return to what they loved most about EVE: low-sec life. We are a RL-first corp, and as such, we have no requirement other than participation when you are logged on. We have organized and announced fleets, as well as impromptu fleets. We have access to a variety of WH/Null connections for day-tripping, and a C3 WH (DOn't asK mE wHerE : ) - We are not a pirate corp, but we follow a NBSI policy. We also have members engaged in everything from production to incrusions and anythign in between.

    We are currently growing our EU contingent, and are looking for players like you to help in bolster our numbers in EU. Bear in mind, we are rebuilding our once glorious EU, and are primarily USTZ - EUTZ - We have plans to continue growing...

    If you want to be part of something, and not just a number on the field, then give Forte. a chat IG.

    If not, then I wish you many gudfites to come.

    -Kayellejavascript:if (typeof posting=='undefined'||posting!=true) {posting=true;__doPostBack('forum$ctl00$PostReply','');}
    randan showmanton
    Infinite Point
    Test Alliance Please Ignore
    #13 - 2016-05-24 01:37:43 UTC
    Looking for new players for our corp. To grow and have a great community with.

    We do a bit of everything Hi Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec and WH space.
    We do pve and pvp.


    ╬Our pve ops consist of mission running, mining, combat anomalies, ninja WH mining of ore and gas, Exporation etc.

    ╬Our pvp ops consist of WH pvp, Null sec roams, Low sec roams, and we have a sister corp for Faction Warfare.

    ╬We have SRP-Ship Replacement Programs on the corp level and also on the Alliance level depending on the Op.

    ╬ We have a Corp and Alliance Teamspeak 3 for comms.

    ╬We have a corp buy program for ore and ice.

    ╬We have new as well as very experienced players that are freindly and will help in anyway they can. So we welcome new and old pilots alike. And will offer advice on any topics that you need help with from fitting or any other aspect of the game. There are no dumb questions. Everyone has to learn sometime. We have some casual members and also some daily hardcore players as well.

    ╬ We like to have fun and are looking to grow our player base.


    We require full API for account with no expiration. If you do not know what this is we can guide you through the set up and explain.

    ╬We prefer that you be a team player and participate with the corp and alliance ops after all that is the point of joining a corp/alliance. But lone wolves are welcome alsoBig smile

    ╬We also require that you have fun.

    ╬Over 18 only allowed

    We require an interview. NO auto accept applications. If you want to just be a number then maybe another corp/alliance is your destination. We prefer to be selective on who we let into our community. Quality is better than Quantity

    So if this sounds like what you are looking for feel free to reply here, contact me in game randan showmanton, apply to the corporation
    Volatile Peace, or join our in game recruitment channel. VOPCE recruitment
    Corbulo Typhonius
    #14 - 2016-05-24 11:33:43 UTC
    Hi, Lineark is looking for new members, is an established corp in the black rise region, our members are always up for anything, weither is missioning, mining or pvp, low sec roams, wormhole roams, if you ask they will join, the only downside is we reside in high sec, for now atleast until we grow further in numbers, knowledge and strength, if you think you would enjoy your stay with us and watch us grow then i encourage you to contact me in-game, we have much to offer. fly safe 07
    Gren Stormhammer
    Star Frontiers
    Brotherhood of Spacers
    #15 - 2016-05-24 15:06:48 UTC
    Hello Friend

    I believe we can offer you what you seek. Come check us out.

    Star Frontiers - a PvP Focused 0.0 (Sometimes Sov Holding, Sometimes Not) Based Nullsec Corporation

    Ingame public channel - Star Frontiers


    *Full API Security Check
    *Have a Mic for Comms
    *Must live(or move) in our official area of operations (lowsec or 0.0) and PvP
    *Be Open Minded, Willing To Learn, and Adaptable
    *Be Fun To Fly With
    *No hard SP requirements

    About Star Frontiers:

    Star Frontiers is a 0.0 based PvP focused corp currently operating independently under our own alliance. We have a history of living all over 0.0 and have flown with a variety of coalitions and alliances as well as spent multiple stints operating as a solo 0.0 corp. We were founded eight years ago (crazy) by a group of friends who just wanted to have fun playing EVE together. We still maintain much of that flavor, and in -S-F- camaraderie and a good time together come first. If you are a player who wants a close knit, fun loving group of people with oodles of experience to pass on, along with top notch logistics - we are the corp for you.
    We have never lost that "group of friends" feel, even as we have grown to 150+ members, moved through over a dozen different regions and spent time in and out of alliances and coalitions. That being said we've managed to develop into a decent little PvP group and often live by the motto: "We're not elitists, we're just tired of fail."

    We are a social and supportive bunch while still striving to play good EVE. While our focus is on PvP, we understand the importance of industry, mining and ratting to a corp - and in particular, to the enjoyment of players. You can't always be fighting, and so we welcome all comers, as long as there is a WILLINGNESS to learn to PvP well.
    Our goal is to run a close knit corp, that has fun and enjoys all that nullsec has to offer while making an effort to develop all of our members into highly competent pvpers.

    What -SF- can offer:

    Excellent Logistics (we'll move your stuff for you!)
    Corp Loaner Ships, Including Capitals
    Generous Ship Replacement
    Comms, Forums, and Slack Chat
    ISK Based PvP and Recruiting Incentives
    FC Training and Support
    Open to All Skill Levels
    Alliance Options Available: Make Your Corp Part Of Our Family!

    What we look for:

    While we are fairly new player friendly, please know that we are not looking for just anyone. There is no formal teaching here in SF, but there is plenty of "on the job" training. All of our members and leadership are more than willing to teach you what you need to know to operate in 0.0 and to PvP. We don't troll, berate, or belittle - and offer a supportive environment in which to learn how to live and survive as a nullsec pilot. No one who listens, learns and adapts well will fail in our corp.

    If you are interested and want to know more, then contact any of the below or join our public chat ingame (Star Frontiers)!


    Argus Sorn


    MatthewMN (US)
    Kilyun (EU)


    Mira Coran
    Elmo's Ghost
    Or any other member of Star Frontiers

    Corp Recruitment Forum: B0SS Alliance Forms
    Alliance Killboard: B0SS Zkill
    Our philosophy: Conan Knows Best
    Alliance EVO Recruitment Forum: B0SS EVO
    B0SS Alliance Twiiter: @b0ssalliance

    Hope to see you soon!

    Verlayn Delia
    Native Freshfood
    Minmatar Republic
    #16 - 2016-05-24 15:25:08 UTC
    Mosquito Squadron are looking for active PVP pilots. We are a member of The-Culture, the best pound for pound null sec PVP alliance, frequently in the top10 alliance on ZKill and only with 1000 members. Our peak is EUTZ but also have a strong presence in US & AU TZ

    (There is some flexibility):

    • 30mil skill points
    • TS3 capable with working mic.
    • Must be willing to use services such as Jabber.
    • Must be able to fly, or willing to train for, doctrine fleet fittings
    • Full API KEY – This is non-negotiable.
    • You must be financially Self-sufficient!


    • You have or plan on PURCHASING a dread!! (or even better if you have an alt with a dread)
    • If you are an aspiring super pilot: THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE WITH THEM! We are eager to use them at any chance!

    If you are interested in applying, then here is a link to the Mosquito Squadron Application. Please feel free to fill it out and convo for any questions!

    Or join public channel "633 Public" in game.


    • Don't fall for up-starts promising the world only to fall short due to internal conflicts and lack of real goals!
    • Fly with what's been named 'BL 2.0 / EU Edition' minus the toxic BS atmosphere!
    • Stable leadership from both corp and alliance!
    • We grew slow, and had time to adjust with our fellow alliance mates!
    • 0.0 Sov with great isk space. (Fountain)
    • Relaxed atmosphere
    • We know RL comes first and foremost!


    W-4NUU - The Culture vs. Cloud RIng
    C-N The Culture vs Fcore
    Raging Darkness
    Goonswarm Federation
    #17 - 2016-05-24 19:25:21 UTC
    Hey Good Evening..

    maybe this is what you are looking for:

    C6/C5 wormhole PvP corporation


    Who we are

    ART OF EXPLOSIONS is a highly motivated corporation of old friends and new that grew out of Probe Patrol and Sock Robbers Inc. We have history and experience in w-space and we all enjoy the harsh environment and daily changing opportunities it provides.
    Our primary content is PvP in any shape or form, but have no fear You will find ISK in the chain aswell. We expect all of our pilots to do their fair share of the work that w-space demands of healthy corporations, you will need to give as much as you get.

    What you can expect:
    Attention A community willing and able to engage in content all over w-space, low sec and null sec
    AttentionPrimarily EUTZ with ambitions and willingness to grow into USTZ
    Attention Experienced leadership with access to vast networks for content
    Attention Battle Proven FCs and professional doctrines
    Attention Experienced and supportive core members willing and able to help you continue to grow in your aspirations
    Attention Great battles, including capitals, with tons of ISK exploding

    We offer you:
    Arrow Rewarding FC and Content-Creator PvP loot distribution
    Arrow A place in our tight-knit community with great lads to call space bros
    Arrow Guidance and help for young pilots or inexperienced wormholers
    Arrow Excellent mapping tool and intuitive bookmark system
    Arrow Safe POS divisions for your shinies, Soon enough to be citadels
    Arrow Active and stable coms and other OOG communication for pings and banter

    What we expect of you:
    Question Full API keys for security checks
    Question Working microphone and the ability to speak and understand English
    Question Relaxed and mature attitude culture that quickly switches gear when in combat
    Question Around 20 million SP, with both armor and shield skills**
    Question Ability to fly at least one T3/T2/Faction Cruiser**
    ** - if your SP, other skill requirements are not met but you have basic wh experience and can fly:
    Electronic attack frigates (kitsune, keres, hyena), command destroyer, Interdictor, t3 destroyer class of ships with great passion, contact our recruiters for an interview
    Question Basic knowledge of scanning, Astrometrics IV, support skills at III
    Question PvP Experience and a willingness to engage in combat on a regular basis
    Question Being proactive, seeking for content and active scouting/scanning. In W-space every pilot is to a great extent always a content provider, look elsewhere if you intend to ship spin while waiting for someone else to find you content

    If you want to find out more, join us in our ingame channel and have a chat with us, or contact one of our recruiters directly!

    Public channel: Art Of Explosions

    Raging Darkness
    Talon White
    Red vs Blue Flight Academy
    #18 - 2016-05-25 10:47:59 UTC
    You may or may not be aware of Red vs Blue?

    Official CCP data recorded that we (RvB) rank #3 in the ‘corporations that kill the most’

    It’s true. We kill a lot.

    I dropped my alt into RvB whilst seeking a corp, as you are doing now. I loved it so much, I never left.

    No lengthy interviews
    No API checks
    You can join/drop anytime.

    Simply click and pew

    So, give us a try whilst you're looking - you never know - you may just stay!

    About us......

    RE: Red vs Blue

    Our never ending Hi-Sec war rages on in non-stop consensual PVP.....

    Red Federation battle Blue Republic

    RvB accounts for close to 10% of all PvP in EVE… 10%!!

    Join in our never ending war and inject your killboard with lashings of awesome sauce.....

    :!: Alot of our activity takes place around EURO TZ. However, we are actively seeking and recruiting into all timezones for around the clock activity.

    We aim to take #1 slot in 'corporations with the most kills' each and every month.

    ...and hope you (or your alt) can be part of this journey.

    ....sign up with the Red Federation, or Blue Republic, today.!

    No lengthy journeys (Red and Blues are separated by one system gate!)

    Simply apply in game (no forms) and...

    'Shoot. Kill. Die. Rinse. Repeat'

    Most of us have alts/mains that mine/manu/mission/ninja loot/pirate/WWB :), so you'll be in good company.
    Gallente Federation
    #19 - 2016-05-25 12:23:26 UTC
    Squelch wrote:
    About me:

    I've lived in all areas of space: HS, LS, Sov Null, NPC Null and WH Space (C3, C4, C5 & C6).
    WH space is my prefered home, but I'm open to other good offers.
    Can fly pretty much every subcap in the game, plus a variety of dreads and carriers.
    I've never used a skill injector.

    I'm looking for a corp that :

  • Is active in the EU Timezone.
  • Has an active, mature core of pilots.
  • Is focused on PVP, with PVE opportunities whilst it's quiet.
  • Understands that RL comes first.

  • I've been in a variety of good corps with good people over the years, having been a line member in some corps, and leadership in others, but nothing lasts forever and I find myself looking for a new home.

    Reach out here, or in game.

    TDSIN C5/C5 Corp

    Join our public channel "TDSIN PUB" ingame to speak to our recruiter, if you have any questions hit me up or visit the pub channel/forum thread should wormholes be of interest
    Naliao Vee
    Row Row Fight the Power
    Test Alliance Please Ignore
    #20 - 2016-05-25 13:19:36 UTC
    i guess ill add to the list of spam

    we dont do any PvE though
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