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The Congregation [No Handlebars]

Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2016-05-09 18:53:13 UTC
The Congregation [No Handlebars]

Are you sad because your eve time lacks content?
Do you want to pvp, and be surrounded by like minded people?
That you seek the thrill of pvp with a dank FC?

Im sure you are one of the above, otherwise you wouldnt be here on the recruitment forums...

Currently we are seeking the following:

Decent knowledge of PVP mechanics, dont worry we can help and train you, we aint elitist jerks.
Have the ability to fly most of our doctrine setups, T2 sub cap, T2 Guns, or even logistical piliots are welcome.

What we offer:
Extreamly funny, and great corp members, We all have a sense of humor.
Locate you in the heart of the action
Roams that consist of small to medium gang warefare, black ops, and capital dunking.
We hand out free doctrine ships, but dont take the ****.


What to expect:

For more information please visit our website

If interested in joining please contact one of the below members via evemail or comvo

Baltrom - CEO - US, EU TZ
Rancyin - Head Of Recruitment Wales

Alternatively you may join our public channel: Rabi Pub or convo any of us in game.