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The Ultimate Nomad Legion

Max Caulfield
Caldari State
#1 - 2016-05-07 14:46:10 UTC  |  Edited by: Max Caulfield
Up to date as of end of June 2016

Do-it-all Legion dedicated to extended solo deployments in space

What it can do:
  • safely travel through all areas of space
  • engage wide variety of targets in pvp
  • run majority of combat sites found in lowsec
  • complete every single exploration site
  • do all C3 anomalies and lower, including salvaging
  • capriciously gank right out of travel fit

Why Legion?
The Nomad ship must be able to cloak, scan, hack, tank, shoot, salvage and travel, all of that unencumbered by the need to make pit stops in stations (or to use alts). Stratios is too slow for more advanced pve sites (like C3 anoms) and doesn't have nullification. Loki, Proteus and Tengu all have to use bulky ammo, making them unable to function for prolonged periods of time without restocking.

Cargo space breakdown:
  • 792 m2 cargo space (+20m3 more if you run 1x Small Standard Container)
  • travel fit (what's on your ship when you undock) not included
  • arranged by importance

790 2x Exotic Dancers, Female (2*1=2)
750 Liquid Crystal Magnifiers (40)
710 Fuel Catalyst (40)
670 Tactical Targeting Network (40)
570 Mobile Tractor Unit (100)
520 Mobile Depot (50)
515 Data Analyzer (5)
510 Relic Analyzer (5)
505 Cargo Scanner II (5)
475 6x Salvager II (6*5=30)
465 Centum C-Type Medium Armor Repairer (10)
460 Imperial Navy EANM (5)
455 Centus C-Type Armor Thermal Hardener (5)
445 Heavy Pulse Laser II (10)
435 2x Tracking Computer II (2*5=10)
433 2x Optimal Range Script (2*1=2)
431 2x Tracking Speed Script (2*1=2)
416 4x Heat Sink II (4*5=20)
396 4x Warp Core Stabilizer (4*5=20)
391 48x probes (48*0,1=5)
367 24x combat probes (24*1=24)
362 500x nanite repair paste (500*0,01=5)
342 120x crystals (120*1=120)
232 10mn Afterburner II (10)
217 3x Scan Rangefinding Array (3*5=15)
212 Warp Scrambler (5)
207 Sensor Booster II (5)
206 Scan Resolution Script (1)
196 Medium Hull Repairer II (10)
sleeper blue loot (0,10)
(ancient) salvaged materials (0,01)
decryptors (0,1)
frozen corpse (2)

Minimum, mandatory and useful skills:
Don't listen to folks proclaiming you need perfect combat skills for T3 cruisers - they are full of crap. Myself, I'm running with almost all the relevant skills at IV, including Repair Systems and Hull Upgrades. I'm not saying training to V is useless - after I completed Rapid Firing V, my dps with conflagration went from the number of the beast (666) to 700.
If you do run with similar skillpoints as me, Legion Defensive and Offensive V are a must. If you plan to operate in wormholes, get Legion Electronics to V too. Same goes for Salvaging - using t1 salvage mods without rigs in C3 is an outright drag.

You can fly all the fits without implants*, but why would you? 2% implants offer excellent cost/efficiency ratios, with one notable exception: Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Medium Energy Turret ME-805. This baddie will give you 5% more damage for mere 29mil ISK (Jita price at the time of the last edit).

Here are some options:
slot 6
  • WS-60x faster warp speed (underrated implant)
  • RS-60x reduction in repair modules duration
  • EO-60x reduction in capacitor recharge time (get this if you have Controlled Bursts or Capacitor Systems Operation below IV)
  • AP-60x reduction in maximum scan deviation (almost useless benefit)

slot 7
  • MR-70x better turret tracking speed
  • EM-70x better ship agility
  • AQ-70x faster probe scan time

slot 8
  • ME-80x more damage

slot 9
  • SS-90x more damage

slot 10
  • HG-100x more armor HP (not very useful with our fits)
  • EY-1005 +5 virus coherence for both data and relic modules and 5% faster salvager cycles

* untested blingy pve fit needs 2% powergrid implant
Max Caulfield
Caldari State
#2 - 2016-05-07 14:46:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Max Caulfield

ArrowI'm using Tengu for C3 daytripping. Should I care about this Legion?
If all you do is C3 anoms, then probably not. Tengu is able to pull off roughly 160dps more than Legion for comparable buck while having the same tank. However, Legion ruins sleeper frigates much faster than Tengu. In the end, if all you do are Fortification Frontier Strongholds and Solar Cells, you'll have roughly the same ISK/hour regardless of what hull you choose to run with. Also Tengu has one more thing going for it - faster align time.

ArrowI want it more tanky. What do?
You can gain roughly 15% more tank by dropping one tracking computer in favor of cap recharger or faction cap battery and replacing cap rig with auxiliary nanopump. If you want waaay more tank, refer to the blingy fit - but be prepared for your dps to suffer greatly.

ArrowWhat are the dis/advantages of running with small cargo container?
Small cargo container gives you +20m3 cargo space. When put into space, it's also unprobeable (unlike mobile depot). On the other hand, you cannot put MTU or depot inside, making refitting in space pain in the ass.

ArrowHow to make refitting in space faster?
Unfortunately, the experience of refitting in space leaves much to be desired. It's not possible to refit instantly to a saved loadout nor strip fitting. At least one can online a module faster by clicking on it once in the fitting window.

ArrowI have trouble reaching the advertised completion speed/my tank breaks while running C3 anomalies. What am I doing wrong?
Most likely, you have bad positioning and don't utilize frequency crystals properly.
  • for everything except frigates closer than 17km use conflagration
  • blap all frigates with scorch while they are more than 20km away, otherwise wait for them to come into webbing range, then shoot them with conflagration or multifrequency
  • orbiting sleeper battleships at 500m will prevent them from hitting you
  • webbers, not remote repairers, are your first priority
You will earn consistent 200mil/hour from blue loot only doing Fortification Frontier Strongholds. Solar Cells and Oruze Constructs are easily doable too. Outpost Frontier Strongholds take more time, but can be done too.

ArrowAny other tips and tricks I should know about?
  • Armor repairer and especially armor thermal hardener builds up the heat quite slowly. There's no shame in overheating them in pve.
  • Speed gives significant amount of tank on top of the EHP numbers listed ingame (or osmium). If you have trouble in pve, make sure you are moving and the webbers are dead.
  • You can fit and fly tech II rigs even if you don't have the skills required for them.

So, after several weeks of flying and perfecting, I added sensor booster II with scan resolution script to the cargohold - this ship is just too slow to reliably bump asteros and covops frigates in exploration sites.
I also found out 2x tracking computers both loaded with tracking scripts improve dps application in sleeper sites considerably. Orbiting sleeper battleships at 7500 with afterburner off improves dps too.
I also updated the pve fit a little and posted what seems to be more feasible blingy pve fit.
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2016-05-08 04:12:27 UTC
Hey this strongly reminds me of what me and my buddies used to do when we lived in Catch. We ran 10/10 -> 6/10s in Claoky Refit Yurt Depot T3s. With the right refit Besieged sites are definitely doable. I used to run them in a Proteus and it was swannky but carriers do em better ;0

As far as your fit and other items seems about right. I am glad to see that other people like to go tripping around. As for nullsec anoms they can run them spare an escalation but they are pretty slow unless you are talking rock havens, which would go faster.