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Cannot Launch Client

First post
Calll Wain
Warp Factor Zero
#1 - 2016-05-07 07:50:48 UTC
Hi folks, returning to the game after a long break.



Logged in.

Then when I click play nothing happens except I get an error message saying:

Client Closed Unexpectedly
Client assigned to CallumW has closed unexpectedly.

Any ideas? Pretty crummy welcome back!
Unburied Horror
Garden of Eden
#2 - 2016-05-18 21:35:45 UTC
I have exactly the same problem with my 4 accounts for 2 weeks now. Tried a few things to fix it and nothing worked.
CCP Snorlax
C C P Alliance
#3 - 2016-05-19 16:30:15 UTC
Go to and submit a support ticket.

CCP Snorlax - Software Architect - Team RnB - @CCP_Snorlax -

Unburied Horror
Garden of Eden
#4 - 2016-05-19 18:30:10 UTC
I sent one already but knowing CCP i will have to wait a month before getting an answer. During this time i'm paying for 4 accounts...