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Ratting with carriers

Super Miguel
Disposable Spies
Honorable Third Party
#1 - 2016-04-28 14:07:52 UTC  |  Edited by: Super Miguel
how do you keep them from getting damaged?
DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2016-04-30 08:16:30 UTC  |  Edited by: DeMichael Crimson
Hopefully someone with experience running Carriers will answer your questions.

I don't own a Carrier but I do know they use Fighter Drones and Fighter Bomber Drones. I don't know which type is better. I know each Faction has a different type which does a specific type of DPS for use against specific NPC types. And since I have no experience with Carriers I don't know what their tactics are.

Wish I could be helpful. Definitely looking forward to the answers.

Abiding Ormolus
#3 - 2016-05-01 13:44:11 UTC
the dudes in my allaince and sister alliance all use light fighters , apparently those are the go to for anomaly / plexes ... and the occasional sabre that tries to get tackle for its fleet

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Sabastian Cerabiam
Dromedaworks inc
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#4 - 2016-05-05 15:34:43 UTC
Keep your fighters from getting damaged? Or yourself?

For fighters when you land at anom let the rats target you then launch fighters. Throughout the whole anom your fighters will get hit some but shouldnt die if you kill the smaller rats asap.