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Farms Fields and Castles, The Changes are looking quite Fantasy Like.

Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2016-04-18 04:26:11 UTC
I am hearing that the current Solve system has no benefit and the current solve system is totally useless.

So far this is what I am seeing.
The current solve system is like your farms and fields : Work the land get better rats, and mining, and jump bridges are your roads. A small group or an individual can come by and light it ablaze, but the work you have done of tending the fields also meant you have put up small walls, ie the limited windows of entosising opportunity, and making your crops a little more flame resistant (longer time taken to entosis)
Your peasants (the NPC telling you your claim marker is being hacked) will warn you of an attack, so you, the garrison can leave your homes (Stations) and head out to frighten that lonely invader away. Hope fully it was just 1 invader. Latter if you did not prove your dedication to the land, the evading force will attempt to forcibly over take your property and win the peasants (NPCs running in the back grown, finding you those juicy pirates and belts) through the enosis war that will follow.

Currently the only defendable positions are the POS’s, essentially small wooden and grass towers that hold a few poorly trained peasants with bows and cantrips to defend the tower. Sadly, they have ADD and often randomly switch targets (POS guns.) These are often able to be taken out by a hand full of trebuchet (Dreadknots) and Balisti (Carriers w Fighters) If the invading force is large these wooden towers will fall even faster, in seconds.
Soon Castles will be able to be built (Citadels). Once maned, by even one man, they can fend off a force much larger than the ones defending it. These Castles will vary in size and carry an increasing number of counter siege weaponry the larger they are. Though they will become more effective if they have exterior re-enforcements. As with gates and strong parapets, the re-enforcements that can enter or hide behind the walls for safety.

When completing a siege a Castle the season take an important role, enabling attack during certain periods. So the invading force will most likely live off the land while they hell camp, starve out the players as they sit their armour and holding their weapons blue balling the invading force.

With the new expansion Ballisti(Carriers) will have a longer range, Trebuchet (Dreads) can now install the multi shot arrow like the manitcor, Healers now walk the field in full plate (Force Auxiliaries). Magically buffed Mages (Titins) and Enchanted Balisti (Super Carries) will wonder to spread carnage upon the black soil of the battle fields.

Peasants (Miners), Scouts (Light attack) Magical Apprentices of varying skills (EW ships ) Armoured Nights (Battles Ships) and other troops types will also join the fight for their Kings (Alliances) and Nobles (Corporations)

I am so happy with the new expansion coming out!!

Someday I will have the time to play. For now it is mining afk in High sec. In Cheap ships

Pleasure Hub Node-514
Pleasure Hub Hotline
#2 - 2016-04-18 04:43:53 UTC
Try and take my castle by force? I fart in your general direction!

Now go away, or I will taunt you a second time.

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Herb Men
#3 - 2016-04-18 10:23:01 UTC
We need somebody to Solve the problems with SOV. Wont be the op though unfortunaly. What?

Signatures wer cooler when we couldn't remove them completely.

Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#4 - 2016-04-18 15:58:18 UTC
1/10 Log off and don't come back for a week.

Been around since the beginning.

Sustrai Aditua
#5 - 2016-04-18 16:26:22 UTC
Imaginative interpretation. A delightful exposé of the saying:
"The more things change, the more they stay the same."

If we get chased by zombies, I'm tripping you.

Annemariela Antonela
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#6 - 2016-04-18 16:46:33 UTC
Water is a solvent. Have you tried hosing it off with hot water?

“Culture is like a smog. To live within it, you must breathe some of it in and, inevitably, be contaminated.”

― Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon

Poddington Bare
Black Mount Industrial
#7 - 2016-04-18 17:04:06 UTC
Annemariela Antonela wrote:
Water is a solvent.

OP has been sniffing solvents.
Goonswarm Federation
#8 - 2016-04-18 17:13:02 UTC
That was an entertaining read. Not good by any means, but entertaining. Good job OP! Big smile
Pandora Carrollon
Provi Rapid Response
The Watchmen.
#9 - 2016-04-18 18:31:19 UTC  |  Edited by: Pandora Carrollon
You could just as easily make an allegory of it in naval terms using ports and such (since it is a 'ship' game), or Armored combat with tanks, etc.

Transmuting the basics of offense and defense does not change the character of the game. All combat games have similar builds because they use human history as the basis of their build. You bring about 80% of the story with you to about any game or even a book because all authors need to engage those common life elements to tell the story.

So, no, EVE =/= WoW or D&D or Castles (The game, any of you remember that old game?)

Allegory aside, yes, EVE is not perfect either. CCP is trying really hard to make things balanced but still playable.

How playable would the game be if any number of alliances could just stroll in at any time and capture your systems while 1/10th of your alliance players are available to defend? The game mechanics are trying to force fights when both sides can be on-line at the same time and fight with a degree of parity.

Ever play the game of RISK? The attacker gets 3 dice, the defender gets 2 but wins ties. In reality, defenders usually have the upper hand both strategically and tactically. It should be the other way around if you wanted RISK to emulate real life, but if you did that, the game would stalemate quickly and the board would go relatively static. The game would take forever.

EVE, as a game, to me does a pretty good job of walking the balance line. Yes, I agree that sovereignty needs some work to restore the more aggressive concept of war. I am waiting to see what variables that Citadels will introduce. They could make that stagnation worse, or improve the desire to take space.

Speaking only for myself, if CCP allowed you to CAPTURE stations/citadels using marines and such, I think creating, taking, defending turf becomes a much more interesting equation. Not only does the system and it's resources become yours, but the complexes/structures can too if done right.
Kerensky Initiatives
#10 - 2016-04-18 18:59:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Bumblefck
Is this you thinly-hinting towards a game of Farmville with me? It is, isn't it?

...oh, go on then

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