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EVE New Citizens Q&A

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Dev blog: Calling All New Players! Updated Rookie Resources!

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CCP Phantom
C C P Alliance
#1 - 2016-03-22 16:29:05 UTC
A new dev blog is ready providing knowledge and links to information vital for new players.

A collection of information provided by CCP, the fantastic player community, the most brilliant ISD volunteers, and dedicated individuals can be found in this blog.

Check out CCP Falcon's latest dev blog Calling All New Players! Updated Rookie Resources

If you have any tips for new players, you are most welcome to post them in this comments thread!

CCP Phantom - Senior Community Developer

Vincent Athena
#2 - 2016-03-22 16:54:12 UTC
I hope this gets advertised well. As a new player, I did not know there were such things as Dev blogs for a couple of months.

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The Scope
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2016-03-22 17:14:40 UTC
I feel special for being 'featured' in this dev blog Cool

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Sentient Blade
Crisis Atmosphere
Coalition of the Unfortunate
#4 - 2016-03-22 17:15:07 UTC
Vincent Athena wrote:
I hope this gets advertised well. As a new player, I did not know there were such things as Dev blogs for a couple of months.

I have to agree with this. It was certainly more than a year after joining that I started using the forums (the version prior to this) and a significant number of people I encounter don't know forums or dev blogs exist. They certainly don't have a shortcut to dev posts like a lot of us on here frequently do.

I think the most powerful choice would be to add a "faked" mailing list that flashes the neocom like a mail, and shows up in the mailing lists tab, but is just a glorified RSS.
Niko Lorenzio
United Eve Directorate
#5 - 2016-03-22 17:54:07 UTC
Nice. We really need to make another newbie friendly corporations page.

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ISD Arooga
Amarr Empire
#6 - 2016-03-22 18:27:54 UTC
This blog is endorsed by ISD STAR - Helping new players undock since 2003.

STAR Executive

ISD STAR (Support Training and Resources)

Helping new players undock since 2003

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ISD Fractal
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
ISD Alliance
#7 - 2016-03-22 18:38:43 UTC
Vincent Athena wrote:
I hope this gets advertised well. As a new player, I did not know there were such things as Dev blogs for a couple of months.

It's much easier now to find out about these things with the new launcher notifications, so that's a step in the right direction I think.

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Max Singularity
House Singularity
Sixth Empire
#8 - 2016-03-23 04:42:28 UTC
Great article Falcon!

And if all else fails... pray. Undock in faith that thee shall find thy way.

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So you want to be a Hero
#9 - 2016-03-23 07:19:36 UTC  |  Edited by: Freelancer117
For those new to New Eden just a fyi, You keep what you kill, untill You get killed.

Regards, a Freelancer

ps: if you want a great first chat channel for your needs and fun try,
Eve Radio channel

Eve online is :

A) mining simulator B) glorified chatroom C) spreadsheets online

D) CCP Games Pay to Win at skill leveling, with instant gratification

Sabriz Adoudel
Move along there is nothing here
#10 - 2016-03-23 10:50:35 UTC
Can I suggest linking in one of the PI guides in the official newb resources?

I'm partial to Sun-Tzu Rollard's guide, although there might be a little bias there (I paid him to write it, because I wanted robotics supply to increase). IMO it is still an excellent guide.

I support the New Order and CODE. alliance.

Julia's Interstellar Trade Emperium
#11 - 2016-03-23 17:56:45 UTC
For player wanting to create stuff, instead of blowing stuff up, I recommend ISKtheGUIDE. A must read for everyone wanting to understand the building blocks of the EVE economy.

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Real Pilots Group
#12 - 2016-03-24 11:47:14 UTC
What should be done to attract new players to the game and have not left the old players! You've got to remember what happened good for the past 8 years that I play - 6 years ago, came the epic and grandiose updates with wormholes, came t3 ships, planetary production, and what's next for the past 4-5 - years? Then do not go anything epic, there are a few new ships, modules and everything! Where are the people who stood at the origins of EVE where these cosmic poets, whose perverted mind (in a good sense of the term) could come up with that! Where did they go? I still wonder how it was clearly worked out and balanced and as diverse! But back to the facts - nothing good epic and interesting does not go over the past few years! Line drops gradually at best standing still! CCP are carrying out attempts to remake all the old, well-balanced, under the guise of a new, and if it happens, a lot of old players will leave the game! But the old players in the ground and attract new pilots in EVE! To avoid this, it is necessary to enter the ССP itself rule - do not destroy the old and new complement the game (insert your brains, not alter, the fact that someone came up with for a long time and came up with very good)! It will not fall online and attract new players! Lists several steps that should make the management of EVAs in my opinion:
1) so, do not break and do not kill all the old, in order to save what is - players online! Simply add the game new and interesting!
2) an introductory training for new players, should be in the style of exciting missions, for example - the pilot, need your help to fight off the attack in such an NPC that system .. or a pilot, your help is needed in the extraction of ore in such the system, and so on .. - including the course of action that much press as warp, customized overview (many old players still can not adjust themselves overview)) and so on! It is necessary to attend the NPC character animation that explains it all voice and arrows showing where that clicking!
3) I remember the days when the Titans were a mighty Doomsday, when after the shock of two titans, survived only 20-30% of the capsules from the fleet! Maybe it's time to get it back in the game + that is now being developed for the new titans? Let the guys would get their rusty Titans and entertained?) But to the fun was not permanent, so you can activate the Doomsday is only 1-2 times a week! Price of fun too high - titan costs more than 120 billion of isk, and the smart naval commander will always be able to catch him!
4) make a new great Star's death, more than Titan many times, for example as a film in the Star Wars
5) skillsinjektor - dangerous thing, can lead to imbalance of the game - it is better to do that the player can pour 1-2 million per month skills, otherwise everyone will soon fly on Titan)
6) it is time to start developing stations interiors, as in the old game Freelancer or new Starscitizen! Place there are shops where you can buy clothes, to modify weapons and so on! Place where bars where you can buy drugs, boosters, taking occasional jobs, just thump with friends) and so on! Add a casino there - let the players will play there cards with each other or against the CCP) or put on the roulette table)! Also, there could be bet on the pilots participating in any competition or on ships 1 vs 1 or without the ships!
7) the ship for the pilot - house! Drawing cabins, interior compartments of the ships themselves, the game in the first person - it is high time it was done! And in the ship's cabin can be placed, something like video conferencing, screen news, a detailed map, and in the engine compartment of the motor to adjust the additional possibility of manually - in Starscitizen go in this direction!
8) It is high time to put into the game Galactic competition by region, and the winners of each other, in order to determine the best player and the best group of players, with the live broadcast of this!
9) DUST transferred to EVA!
10) the ability to land on the planet and driving on the planets, robots (assistants, guards, scouts, spies), missions on the planets - Starscitizen already doing it! Why not make a cosmic planetary Battlefield? Or should we wait when it will make someone else, and then catch up?)
While this is all my idea, the article will be edited with the availability of new ideas!
PS sorry - google translate make translate! original post -
Dr Morgana
Amarr Empire
#13 - 2016-03-31 14:22:08 UTC
CCP Phantom wrote:
A new dev blog is ready providing knowledge and links to information vital for new players.

Hello everybody, newbro here.
I want to give my perspective on how such resources (not really) helped me.
My gaming-related time is limited enough to not frequent forums and stick to in-game interactions.
Just wanted to throw in my 5 cents to and hope CCP will find this feedback useful in improving game accessibility.

First I want to cover my "background". I got into the game following a friend invitation, that was a year and something ago.
I stayed for 2 or 3 months and rather quickly became bored as I had no idea what to do. Waiting for skills felt like eternity, and doing just about anything outside of mining without them was nearly impossible.
About 3 weeks ago I reactivated my account to try getting into whole thing once again. Maybe this time I will have easier time.

So, without further ado I want to comment on things that I believe are a huge deterrent for new players (Also got some additional perspective as I managed to recruit a friend to play with me, he started EvE for the first time ever 2 days ago).

  1. Starting in space without a clue how to navigate is a bit intimidating

  2. Solution: have new chars start docked and then offer them basic navigation tutorial so they can feel comfortable moving around. I really hard difficult time making terms with "pocket" concept in space and not being able to warp around at will without specific target to lock on to.

  3. Each time going through walls of text means that people need to spend A LOT of time to even learn how the game works. Not necessarily THAT bad, but still, something that could be massively improved. Especially that HUD is not really explained and finding what to click and where takes a bit of time and experimentation.

  4. Solution: Make a step towards the future. Having voice narration really isn't that big of a deal in 2016 you know? Also, some kind of dialogues, with career agents at least, would help streamlining blocks of text.

  5. YouTube videos explaining how the game works... who thought that's a good idea? It's not, really. Not for newbros. Would you want to play new game knowing that instead of proper tutorial explaining game concepts and mechanics you need to go through an hour of video material?

  6. Solution: Embark on a crusade agains EvE learning CLIFF. Empoyer newbros with proper tutorial that will gradually familiarize them with game concepts and mechanics through actually playing the damned game. Not have them study books before installing the client.

  7. EvEUniverstiy, by far the best source of information. But there is a problem I have with that. It's player run. I have no idea why you decided to kill the official Wiki. But I don't rely on player maintained information for 100% accuracy. I appreciate what people do, and it really helps, but I find it hard to trust each time I want to learn about specific topic. It's the internet after all.
  8. Also, please think for a second what EvEUni does with their classes for newbros. It's pretty cool they do that, true. But now think about WHY. And why it is that badly NEEDED.
    Because game fails to explain this stuff. Fails miserably. And so, new players end up spending an hour of their game time in class-like environment instead of having fun. Given of course they find out somehow that there is such a thing in the first place.
    And trust me, it might not be that obvious.

    Solution: Same as before. Also, please PLEASE bring back official Wiki. Going through a year worth of DEV blogs to follow on changes that happened when I wasn't playing is a no-go.

  9. Market and ship fitting. Yes, those two interconnect pretty heavily from where I look at it. First of all, it's cool that game offers such an array of different modules and rigs to fit our babies with. Why they are not covered properly by mission agents? Why do I spend 20 military missions only to learn about very limited amount of EWAR modules? What about cap rechargers or repairers and how they work with their specific "ammunition"? Or tracking scripts if I started off with blaster fit ship? Why not use the same opportunity to explain traversial speeds and signature stats? I learned about this stuff ACCIDENTALLY, while googling after exploration fit for Astero. Mouseover given stat of your ship and in most parts you will still have no idea what it does.
  10. And then there comes something I'd call awareness. Two major points here to wrap this point quickly. I fit a new ship and I know about primary stuff I want to put on it. Some guns, an afterburner and damage control. Let's say I'm left with 2 open mids and 3 lows. What can I put here? That's right. Forget about filtering modules by slot they occupy. You need to go through ALL of them in-game to see what options you have. On top of that, problem I have with market. The only source of information when it comes to "stuff I can put in my ship". If given module is not available within range, it won't come up while browsing. WHY?! Of good sweet Lord, why not? Make it greyed out so people see at a glance it's not in the vicinity. But for the sake of sanity don't have it hidden. Think that newbies know about Jita? They have no goddamn clue.

    Solution: Imagine for 5 minutes that EFT (or similar) 3rd party tools are not existing.
    Give people "access" to all available modules through market (or another interface although market feels most intuitive), allow them to test-fit selected ship and save that. They could experiment, see how stats change and learn this way. Otherwise we are at a mercy of either this forums, rookie help or reddit for majority of our fits. That is, if we want to perform at all.
    Side note - something like right-click on empty module slot and getting a list of available modules, with the ones that won't fit due to lack of CPU/Grid being greyed out, would be a GODSEND.
Dr Morgana
Amarr Empire
#14 - 2016-03-31 14:36:58 UTC  |  Edited by: Dr Morgana
Ran out of space in previous post. But I covered major points where I consider EvE to be a pain in the...

So I also want to explain where I manage to find majority of the information right now.
For me this should highlight the scale of the problem EvE has, with being accepting towards new players.
It's not about cold-harsh universe where you can be blasted at any given second. No. This part is the most awesome thing about whole game.
It's about not having to go through same frustration you'd get with Zork. Or majority of MUDs through putty client.

At the moment, by far, the most reliable sources of information/knowledge are:
1. Other players. Although trust issues arise here naturally. Good to have friends. Consider some people start the game solo and Rookie Help is frequently overflowing with messages.
2. As much as I hate to admit, reddit.
3. 4chan EvE general threads
4. Wingspan videos and Feyd blog with his kill-it-forward program (nowhere else can you find such decent description of how security system actually works and how to exploit combat mechanics to your advantage and not be afraid to engage fat targets if you are prepared. Should also be mandatory for each carebear in terms of "How to stay safe")
5. random google stuff
6. EveUni webpage
7. Ingame item information tab although some of them fail completely at explaining what given item does. Take ECM drones as example. Light ECM Drone. that's it. Looking at it's attributes you also cannot conclude what the hell it does. Shame on you CCP for releasing something like this into the game :<

Now look at this list and see how much of information a newbro can get from in-game. Past most core concepts, almost none.
And by far, the worst thing that's missing from in-game, is... WHAT CAN YOU ACTUALLY DO IN THE DAMNED GAME!
Long time ago I stumbled upon this image
And it at least shows you a map of things you could do. Based on that newbros can investigate further concepts that appeal to them. Something like this should be in game. Really.