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The Entosis link and what to use it on..

Katana Seiko
Made in Germany
#1 - 2016-03-09 14:52:14 UTC
Originally the Entosis Link was designed to allow you to disrupt services and to take over Sov.

Then someone started using them on the Jove Observatories.

I would be interesting to hear your experiences and results. Something like this:

Target: TCU
Result: Takes over Sovereignity on a system.

Target: Jove Observatory
Result: You receive item "Gleaned Information".

Your turn. Does the link work on Drifter stuff?
Commander Spurty
#2 - 2016-03-09 20:57:41 UTC
How to make friends and influence Drifters.

Step one: Put a corpse in your cargo hold
Step two: Fit an entosis link on your ship and drop in some fuel for it!
Step C: Find a Drifter (not the band, but those bad guys in Spaceships)
Step Banana: Question the order of this list. Why are we using Fruit to count? I don't know either?
Step five: Point Entosis link at Drifter and GO
Step six: Profit (although not for you. Might be for the guy that finds your corpse)

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