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EVE Launcher

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EVE Launcher version 1016420

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CCP Snorlax
C C P Alliance
#1 - 2016-03-07 18:16:54 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Snorlax
EVE Launcher version 1016420 has the following changes:

  • Fixed a couple of crashes when exiting the launcher.
  • Reverting back to Qt 5.5.1 as it seems to be more stable.
  • Launcher now looks up the gui version and loads that explicitly, rather than relying on CloudFront redirects. This should reduce caching issues we've seen on gui updates.
  • Certification errors for index and version files are now handled (and can be ignored).
  • Enabled support for running the EVE client under Wine on Mac.

See for a separate announcement on the Wine support on the Mac.

CCP Snorlax - Software Architect - Team RnB - @CCP_Snorlax -

Eternity INC.
Goonswarm Federation
#2 - 2016-03-07 19:43:15 UTC
Nice work. My accounts have magically reappeared. Now just get rid of tracking adds and we can get back to improvements instead of just fixes :)
Sly F0X
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#3 - 2016-03-08 04:08:44 UTC