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February release - Issues feedback

First post
Kobra Critter
Minmatar Secret Service
#141 - 2016-03-01 09:27:41 UTC
"Proxy not connected to sol server" wtf is this?!
Been trying everything to get it working. Says the server is online.
Janie Cooper
Wizard's Vision Industries
#142 - 2016-03-01 09:28:58 UTC
Nice how CCP tweets:

"Early downtime today started at 9:00 UTC! TQ will be up again after the downtime jobs have been completed in a few minutes." mention of an early message saying that it was coming...

does anyone really know what is going on?
Niwena Mendelen
Noobs Home
#143 - 2016-03-01 09:46:42 UTC
Janie Cooper wrote:

does anyone really know what is going on?

Janie Cooper
Wizard's Vision Industries
#144 - 2016-03-01 09:49:15 UTC
Reminds me of that scene in the one Harry potter movie...just changed a bit.

Imagine Mrs. Weasley in her pod...

"Systems empty! No note....ships gone! And you say early Downtime!?!"
Ayern Caderu
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#145 - 2016-03-01 09:51:06 UTC
Kobra Critter wrote:
"Proxy not connected to sol server" wtf is this?!
Been trying everything to get it working. Says the server is online.

I get that and incompatible build. I was playing the game, the game crashed and when I went to log back in, I started getting these errors.

Bit of a bummer there has been more down time than up time here recently. Or close to that anyway.
Niwena Mendelen
Noobs Home
#146 - 2016-03-01 09:52:51 UTC
before server downtime: 112 Players on singularity... one hour after DT... 320 players Lol
The Hun Terona
Lone Wolf Union
The Rogue Consortium
#147 - 2016-03-01 10:03:48 UTC
EVE Information portal: Hmmm...... No information?
Where to next?
Anybody know what's going on?
Bra' Rage
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#148 - 2016-03-01 10:50:20 UTC
Still Broken for me 3724 port error and I'm watching the number climb that are logging on :(
Kathryn Painway
Just a Ride
#149 - 2016-03-01 14:41:07 UTC
Noob Rookie wrote:
I was just hacking a relic site with my main, I finally reached the core and hit it, BAM! Game frozen!
I guess I hacked into CCP servers accidentally.
The window stayed open with charming turquoise "core" button that I hit few more times with no avail, then the server kicked me out. I thought I hacked the server, looks like it was an unsuccessful attempt.
So, what now, I can't login, it gives me socket error.

With me it gives the error with two options, sign into Eve (not using the launcher and only ever one toon at a time) or quit.


#150 - 2016-03-02 08:26:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Darkblad not found on the New Eden Store. Like Tronhadard skins for cruiser and above. However, Seabeast skin licenses are also not listed (nor available for market orders) on the market.

Seabeast skins actually can't be available anyway. The's not set to visible on Tranquiliy.

Which ... designer skin (read: no unique texture, only different color values (and maybe transparency) will hit TQ first?
MssNova Novafamily
#151 - 2016-03-07 10:06:59 UTC  |  Edited by: MssNova Novafamily
sorry wrong topic
Ncc 1709
Fusion Enterprises Ltd
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#152 - 2016-03-09 12:26:55 UTC
@march patch

sensor booster boost to sensor strength is not working. patch notes state that sensor boosters now do the effect of eccm moduals