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Flight animation

Umbari Kado
#1 - 2016-02-11 10:35:18 UTC
Well - I quite like all the recent changes - well done (seriously).
One thing, however, possibly could use some reconsideration: flight animation.
The shake during acceleration and braking phase (during warp) is IMHO far too excessive.
While it conveys well the sense of movement - it also puts a lot of strain on the eyes...
Maybe it could be reduced a bit - or an option added to select the level of shaking...
Just would really improve the interface - and I am not alone in that statement...
Raphendyr Nardieu
Hole Control
#2 - 2016-02-22 23:53:00 UTC
You can turn of the camera shake:

for ccp: feedback link in the launcher doesn't tell if it's general eve feedback or launcher. at beta state if was clear...