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BPO Container - proposal for a new item in the game

MIKE Commander
Setenta Corp
#1 - 2016-01-23 03:38:49 UTC
Greetings fellow EVE players, devs and random persons.
Have you ever had the problem sorting hundreds of blueprints in your hangers, corporation hangers and get lost in searches for what you had been looking for? You would say, that there is search options and filters but sometimes those are useless in some situations or it takes a long time to search for an item in different containers.
Have you had the issue being the top man of a corp and having to deal with unlocking hundreds of blueprints and waiting for everybody to vote and clicking like a mad man on every single little even sometimes useless blueprint but being the only way to move it between hangers you have no other options?
Do you sort your blueprints like i do using small containers? The smallest ones are 100 m3 which sometimes is more then enough to store blueprints inside, since those use very little space. Have you tried moved a few of those containers with a frigate or any other small ship and you wished you should not mix all the prints by getting those out of the containers you have named and sort and putting them in the cargo hold?

If the answer to the above questions is the same to mine then i might have an idea that will fix that. My idea is to have a new item in the game that will work like a smaller version of a container. It will have size very small something like 10 m3 and will have the purpose of sorting blueprints. I will call this container for ease "Blueprint Library".
The Blueprint Library will have the ability to have different sub-container (sub-folder) options, which the player could rename and use by his wishing. To explain better i would give an example. I have such Blueprint Library which i will name "Ships BPOs", i plan to use it to store only ships BPOs inside it. Then i want to sort those by classes. I create ( or it could be a fix number) folders inside the Blueprint Library which i name the following: frigates, destroyers, cruisers, BSs and so on. Then i sort all of the BPOs i wish to put inside this Blueprint Library to the named folder i need. This way i could move a lot of BPOs by dragging and dropping a single container (the blueprint library) without having to look for the tens of containers which is the current mechanic. I will have cargo space to move them, i`ll have better way to sort them in different folders for easy access and search.

Also i would propose that those Blueprints Libraries should be able to have the same roles as a standard blueprint being locked inside a corp hanger. I would explain better. You put 100 blueprints inside a container of such kind, then you move that container to the corp hanger, and then you propose a vote to lock that container like you do now for blueprints. After a successful vote the container is being locked with all the blueprints that were inside it as well. That container cannot be moved (stolen) as well as the blueprints inside it, however everybody with roles could use those to build, copy and so on. You will have to vote only for a single item and not clicking hundreds of times for a few prints to be locked/unlocked. The prints inside the container also gets locked and are unmovable. Those prints could be researched, copied, used without problems like how it is now, they could be sorted in different folders and those folders named in different classes depending what kind of BPOs you want to sort. Those will be locked, unlocked, moved by a few clicks, and also could be used easy on POS and so on.

I do not know if you like this idea of mine and would understand the benefit of it, but i would be happy to hear your thoughts. So far thinking about it i haven`t found any reasons why this should not be created and introduced into the game. It introduces some very nice options for corporations or players to handle their prints at easy, making it secure and easy to use, and very easy to handle with the current voting mechanic for locking and unlocking blueprints, as well as removing the fact that you wont have a billions prints spread across the hangers. Easy transportation if required without mixing them up in the cargo hold and then sorting them back to the containers you currently use to sort those and much much more.

Lets discuss this and see if we need such a thing in the game and why should we have it or not.
Reaver Glitterstim
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2016-01-23 05:48:39 UTC
I would like to see a sort option that puts everything into a custom list pre-sorted by CCP (with exact sorting suggested by veteran players) such that you are not limited to only sorting alphabetically or sorting categories alphabetically. Alternatively, the category sorting could use some work. Some category names are bad, they put a specific qualifier before a general qualifier. For instance, a blueprint category should be:
Blueprint, Original, Ammunition, Small
It should not be:
Small ammo blueprint (Original)

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DoToo Foo
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2016-01-23 13:04:51 UTC
Tiny (10m3) and micro (1m3) containers should be very achievable. I suspect these to be a few line entries in a database (or something similar) would be enough to solve this.

Voting to lock down a container in a similar method to a blueprint may be achievable. Probably useful in NPC stations, less useful in nullsec citadels and downright dangerous in wormhole citadels. Corp permissions and being stingy with director permissions can achieve something similar if you trust the CEO and directors. (Eve is full of director gone rogue stories - needing trust is sometimes a bad thing)

Reaver's change of sorting categories also should be readily achievable (and at least better than now). Both of the ways that I currently use blueprints have filters for bpo/bpc but I also agree that ammunition small is a better sorting for me than small ammunition.

I also feel the problem with searching, and will often just use jeveassets to find items. Jeveassets may take me 10 minutes to startup, download stuff and then be usable. This can be faster than dealing with an overloaded folder. I would love better/different indexing. Additional Indexes make it faster to find things, but slower to move things, but still should be achievable.

Subfolders inside a container would be wonderful but ... I suspect that changing database structure would make ccp devs cry. Again without knowing the technical details of code this feels like double wrapping and all the problems that this entails. (In short I think that this is hard compared to the above).

(I do a lot of database work in my first life)

MIKE Commander
Setenta Corp
#4 - 2016-02-06 11:42:52 UTC
I believe there should be more people reading this idea and writing their opinion.
This could be a very nice thing for the industry and also it could help the industry UI as it currently glitches when you try to load a ton of bpos.
Drein Aldmeri
The Four Horsemen LLC
#5 - 2016-02-06 16:30:01 UTC
I really like this idea.

I use one of my hangars to store all of our BPOs in one large group. Having a container to sort them and be openable but not take able from the hangar would be great. Everyone of my pilots has the ability to view the hangar and use the BPOs provided they supply their own materials but with the current setup if there were containers in that hangar they wouldn't be able to use what's in the container.
This is Serious Mum
The Initiative.
#6 - 2016-02-07 17:58:25 UTC
This is a great idea and would really help.
#7 - 2016-02-07 18:09:56 UTC
It would be nice if we had a set of containers that took up the same volume as the stuff you can cram in it. From there make these containers stackable inside of each other. This would actually allow for better organization opportunities without leading to limitless storage capacity.

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Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#8 - 2016-02-07 20:18:19 UTC
I really like this idea as well. It would greatly simplify BPO and BPC management.

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