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CCP You are Missing A Trick with Ship Skins

Odd Jupiter
#21 - 2016-01-11 14:46:09 UTC
I'd say learn from DOTA 2

Let people in the community create their own models/skins post them on the forum with votes, and implement the top voted.

The ships will have to be easily recognized, so the only thing ccp need to do, is to see if they are within a certain standard..

The creator of the skin/model gets a percentage of the earnings for the sales of the skin.

- CCP get money for no work at all

- The creator get a small fee, and can see he's/her creations flying around.

- The players will get a variety of skins to buy

Win win win
Nana Skalski
Taisaanat Kotei
#22 - 2016-01-11 16:44:13 UTC  |  Edited by: Nana Skalski
MidnightWyvern wrote:
You did see that one clip they showed either last year or the year before at FanFest with the "Custom SKIN" prototype, right?

We're eventually going to be able to create our own color schemes and apply logos to our ships.

It was a time, when developers created their internal tool, and presented it to people, and they warned us: Implementation would look differently.
And we got it as they said, differently, with SKINs separately for every one particular ship.
And people were indecisive and many said: "..meh", and many were angry because it was all overpriced.

Then The Savior found Holy Bug in the code, and with it he colored every ship with single SKIN. Truly magnificent and miraculouus was this Holy Bug. The Savior posted a thread in Reddit for all to see the glory of that Holy Bug.
And people said: Truly he is our Savior, and CCP should embrace the Holy Bug into their code, as it is the greatest feature in a long time.
Then more people logged in to see how their ship would look like, and they used the Holy Bug for their joy and entertainment, and it was all good.
But then CCP bringed a patch and applied it, and killed the Holy Bug, and then the weeping and the gnashing of teeth, everywhere: on Reddit and EVE forums, was heard.

And it was a time when players learned that over developers in CCP rules ruthless Microtransaction Manager, clothed in 1000$ jeans, and he believes in Greed is Good. And he defiles with greed every SKIN they make, and he does that with his unholy, monocled eye.

And to this time he rules over them all, developers and players.
Maximillian Bonaparte
Interstellar Booty Hunters
#23 - 2016-01-11 19:08:43 UTC
Incidentally just posted an idea similar to this in idea and features. I understand why ccp wants to keep the theme of eve with skins that are not all over the place like in star trek online.

However if there were some minimal customizable features like pinstripes, flame patterns, a jolly roger perhaps or pirate variant skins but not go sofar as to ruin the scheme of the ship.

And then to make a corp skin...purchased from thd corp wallet and available to corp members on the fitting window. give corps a theme or point of pride while watching their custom skinned ships fleet warp together into battle! Incentive to players to leave the nnpc corp and join a real one...

Perhaps make pirate skins only available to pirate corps with lots of neg sec status etc. Man I would recruit based on this alone if it were a feature!
Iria Ahrens
Space Perverts and Forum Pirates
#24 - 2016-01-11 21:17:42 UTC  |  Edited by: Iria Ahrens
Nana Skalski wrote:

But..... Amarr! Are they all heretics?

You're confused. Amarr are the true believers. It's everyone else that are heretics.

Really, just have a submission process for player designed skins. If players are paying for it, then it will cover the price of having a GM examine it to make sure they aren't making fuchsia Armageddons.

My choice of pronouns is based on your avatar. Even if I know what is behind the avatar.

Nana Skalski
Taisaanat Kotei
#25 - 2016-01-11 21:31:16 UTC
Yes, the sacred grimdark theme have power of confusion. I am too weak to oppose it on my own.

Amarrians somehow opposed it with their pure hearts, but for how long they will oppose it until they too become the grimdark theme servants?!

The power of ruthless Microtransaction Manager is growing!
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