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Skill points not accumulating.

E Normus
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2016-01-02 14:27:00 UTC
Hey all,
Anyone having issued with your sp's not getting any higher ?
Mine actually went down and have stopped going up at all on 2 accounts for over a week !
I have not been podded in a long time before anyone asks.
I have an open petition for this but we all know CCP's stellar response time >:(
RaVeN Alliance
#2 - 2016-01-02 17:24:17 UTC
Not sure if you knew this:

Your skill points won't change unless you pause the current skill for a second. Then the SP will register as updated on your character sheet.
Be sure to hit 'apply' if you update from the skill queue.


Clear your cache from the settings and options page.
It's also a good idea to clear all the chat logs from your computer. There might be thousands of pages of them. (Search Chat Logs)
It's also been recommended to restart your computer from time to time. A reboot seems to refresh and re-organize your game data.