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edeity for CSM XI

Holy Amarrian Battlemonk
#1 - 2016-01-02 00:28:02 UTC
Pax Amarr.

I address all of New Eden. First and foremost my Brothers in the 24th Imperial Crusade, then Friends and Loyalists of Amarr, our Caldari acquaintances of utility, and finally the dirty vile heathens that roam Low Sec and beyond.

Having failed miserably at the Amarr Succession trials with my Dirt n Glitter brothers (Including Nikolai Agnon - also running for CSM XI - please support him if you don't think my Campaign is super awesome) - I have now turned my attention to Politics.

The campaign platform is simple, and a little different to the policies and proposals of other candidates. Different is not always bad. The basic outline is:

#1 Information is everything - better real time analytics for improved in game decision making
#2 ECM - make it more interesting, less binary.
#3 Social Integration - in game should be as connected to eve community as out of game.
#4 Roleplay - #WIZZARDHATSMATTER - make it truly meaningful for the PVE experience.
#5 Home Defense - solo bonuses tied to your high activity systems that degrade with inactivity
#6 Politics & Standings - individual, corp, alliance and fleet level management of political relationships in real time across multiple dimensions fully integrated into overview.

The basic driver behind my campaign is to set Eve up to be great for the next 10 years, and I believe this is done best by building on the strength of Eve as a hard game anyone can play, no one can master and very few restrictions on playstyle. This is best achieved by enhancing the tools both social and analytical players have at their disposal to navigate this ever increasing complexity with ease. And making ECM less boring for everyone.

The full text of my Policies and Campaign announcement are located on my blog thing:

Thanks for reading. I strongly endorse Nikolai as a great low sec representative. Whilst I live in low sec and ONLY do faction war... for years now... there is some core things I want to focus on for eve that are bigger than FW.

Benedictus Sanguinis Emperor.