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EVE Launcher

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I talked my friend into playing Eve and this happened.

Sun Huren
Genuine Forgeries
#1 - 2015-12-20 01:09:35 UTC
Cry I talked my friend into playing Eve. She signed up for a demo account, and downloaded the software via a link provided after signing up. She complained the launcher wasn't working. It wasn't. Especially frustrating was it looked completely different. I soon learned she managed to get some Beta Launcher that needed to have test servers disabled; and a buggy checkbox type thing enabled before the launcher stalled for minutes and finally launched the game. Then to make matters worse the character customization for her new character was completely bypassed! I've sent her my copy of the normal installer. Hopefully that will allow her to actually customize her character.

This is completely unacceptable. Bug or not; new players should not be forced to use Beta software. They especially should not be forced to purchase character customization using ISK that will take them months to accumulate with constant effort. You are going to lose customers with this kind of behavior.