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Handon Guild
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#1 - 2015-11-15 21:29:33 UTC  |  Edited by: Handon Guild
Looking for a action paced corp/alliance where i can get plenty of chances to do both solo, small and large scale pvp.
Wouldnt mind if there is some area where i can earn some isk as well tbh.

Arrow Can fly pretty much anything sub cap.
Arrow Can fly both carrier and dread.
Arrow Experience with most kinds of pvp
Arrow Got ts and working mic. (if your corp requires me to be on ts all the time when im logged in, then im not the guy for you since i have a family as well, so please dont post/convo me if thats one of your rules)

Arrow Have had a few years away from eve now, and only came back a little while ago, so still a bit rusty.
Arrow Doesnt matter if your corp is new or old, i dont mind a challenge, in fact i love challenges Big smile

Arrow EU tz.