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150m+ and alts looking for home.

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#41 - 2015-11-15 05:16:43 UTC
Hey there buddy, I think we might provide just the environment you are looking for. We are an experienced, organized and industrial focused corp; not to say we don't fire off our lasers. We operate as the executor corp in our own alliance and are members of The Guardians of the Galaxy Coalition. Check out our recruitment thread and drop into our recruitment channel if your interested! Have a good one. cheers! o7

Recruitment Thread:

Alliance Thread:

Recruitment Channel: Blood Oath Foundation Recruitment

Aurra Jol
Black Aces
Goonswarm Federation
#42 - 2015-11-18 20:36:19 UTC

Here's some info about Echelon Research ...

☆ Null sec corp in established space
☆ Active & social with 100+ members
☆ PvP: anything from Small Gang to Large Fleet. SRP for Corp/Alliance Operations.
☆ Mining: Upgraded 0.0 systems to mine the High End Ores and Full Fleet Boosts. Upgraded Refining Station. Multiple Ice Belts.
☆ PI: Good 0.0 planets for PI production.
☆ Exploration: Multiple Regions to scan Relic/Data Sites
☆ PvE: Mission running in NPC 0.0. Belt Ratting. Upgraded 0.0 Sov systems for running anomalies
☆ Experienced members to learn from on how to play and make a living in Eve without turning Eve into another job.
☆ Members of SMA & Imperium
☆ Lots of fleets to join
☆ A true 24x7 corp

We'd be keen to talk to you in our in game recruitment channel; Echelon Recruiting


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