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Camera Feedback Thread

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State War Academy
Caldari State
#1 - 2015-11-12 18:55:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Evelgrivion
The new camera has some neat features, but it's not a pleasant experience to use when zooming and rotating the camera. The non-linear zoom feels awful to use in a tactile sense. Rotating the camera induces motion sickness. It's uncomfortably difficult to focus my eyes on my own ship. Unless you play the game entirely zoomed out, the new system feels direly unpleasant to use. In fact, it literally makes me feel sick and dizzy.
Iminoneih Ltd
#2 - 2015-11-12 19:24:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Arionu
What I like about the new camera functions compared to old functions: the RTS style camera function.

What I dislike:
-the scrolling with mouse is too smooth so it does not feel responsive, also there is noticeable delay where it still keeps zooming after you stop scrolling. I very much like the old way where I can quickly and precisely select my zoom level as I do a lot of manual precision flying.

-when scrolling out you are suddenly forced in the furthest zoom mode, going much further than what you possibly wanted. This also forces tactical overlay. I would prefer to select my zoom level manually and I prefer to select if I use tactical overlay/tactical view mode or not. I would prefer to retain the option to keep camera centered on my ship and zoom all the way out like currently.

-if zoomed out and engaging warp you are forced back to the middle zoom level. This can be quite hazardous in a multitude of situations and lead to lost situational awareness.

-the maximum allowed zoom level is smaller than before. edit: <- actually bigger, but when you start zooming out you hit a level where you can't zoom anymore and you need to drag the camera a bit with right mouse button before you can zoom more.

-upon further testing I could also occasionally use the pan feature.

-tracking camera not working currently

-cinematic movement of the camera is really starting to bug me after a while. I want the camera either centered on my ship or a point selected by myself.
Ariz Black
#3 - 2015-11-12 19:26:42 UTC
My primary concern is that the mouse buttons are wrong, with no option to swap them.

I want rotate on rightclick, pan on leftclick, not the reverse as is currently. Please add an option for this.
Judy Mikakka
Pandemic Legion
#4 - 2015-11-12 19:32:44 UTC
wtb use old camera feature
Atruin Egivand
Lightspeed Enterprises
Goonswarm Federation
#5 - 2015-11-12 19:47:16 UTC
Some things about the new cam...

* The new tactical overview offers a variety of new possibilities and is a nice addition for the casual pilot as well as most likely aimed towards ongrid capital fighting and navigation. No experience in that, so I won't judge it.
* The first-person view is an interesting option, but nothing more of a gimmick at the moment.
* The seamless switch between modes by zooming in/out does not feel intuitive. I'd appreciate an option to disable that.

* ...add a right mouse option to the first-person view to move the camera angle.
* ...add the old responsiveness to the "standard cam".
* ...fix the tracking cam, its feels odd not having it.

Thanks for the brightness option, fixed the OSX client for me to some extent. It was always a bit darker than the WINE option that I currently use.
Koz Katral
Collapsed Out
Pandemic Legion
#6 - 2015-11-12 22:19:41 UTC
- The new camera is currently mega bugged when warping and goes into full spazz mode

- There needs to be a way to anchor the camera to your ship (like it does currently) when in alt-f1 mode

- There should be a way to lock which camera mode you are in so it can't change when you scroll in
#7 - 2015-11-13 00:34:49 UTC
While very interesting, it... Needs work. Probably a lot. It feels extremely zoomed in, and very flat- and like many have mentioned, there's something 'off' about even just looking at your ship. I wouldn't mind it if it didn't feel like I was rotating from 3 AU away from my ship, and getting a bizarre vaguely isometric view of everything, to be honest, and how smoothly you can switch between the 'traditional' ship view and a more tactical zoomed-out one I feel is kind of neat.

But there's still a ways to go in terms of polish and not making people feel motion sickness, so.
Shade Millith
Simple Farmers
#8 - 2015-11-13 01:38:39 UTC  |  Edited by: Shade Millith

Again, you haven't learnt from the debarkal of the 'Old' New Map for probing.

In regards to the "Normal Camera" mode. The Alt-2 one.
Please stop making the camera controls less responsive, and stop adding extra weight and momentum behind it.
It feels laggy, and doesn't respond as well, especially in the vertical.
The automatic FOV zoom you've put in feels nauseating.
The automatic shift to Tactical view is annoying if I don't want to use it, but be zoomed out.
Right mouse button to move the camera's view doesn't work, and the manual FOV zoom that could be used like binoculars is gone too.
It also randomly shifts and moves around when you turn the ship, and is FAR worse than the old camera bobbing. Which you'd just made an option to remove.

Yes, it looks pretty, just like the 'Old' New Map. It looks dynamic and like a Space Ship show in TV, just like the 'Old' New Map. But it feels horrible to actually use, just like the 'Old' New Map.

Please stop thinking about what looks pretty, and think about the responsiveness and it's use as a tool.

Aglais wrote:
It feels extremely zoomed in, and very flat- and like many have mentioned, there's something 'off' about even just looking at your ship.

They're using a Field of View zoom. You can zoom like that in Tranq EVE if you hold right mouse button, shift the mouse slightly to move the camera angle, then hold left mouse button and push the mouse upwards.
Net 7
#9 - 2015-11-13 02:38:08 UTC  |  Edited by: DaReaper
ok i'll add my issues:

1) the 'original camera veiw" is not centered on the ship, when i warp the ship slides to the bottom of the camera. a "lock camera view" might be a good option

2) the zoom for tachtical and 'normal' camera are reversed. i.e. (i have a track ball) if i hold both mouse buttons and move the ball up i zoom out in 'normal' view but in tachitical view i zoom in. If i slide the mouse down in normal view i zoom in but in tachtical view i zoom out, this is confusing.

3) camera zoom and movement are way slower then what we currently have and a bit choppy.

4) the trasition for 'look at' is disorentating.

i'll add more as i try stuff

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Malevelon Roe Industries
Convocation of Empyreans
#10 - 2015-11-13 02:40:25 UTC
Can we get it so that bounding box targeting targets all valid enemies within the box? Or all ships? this selection of one seemingly random one is not really great.

The idea of a bounding box is to allow you to select all things within it, this seems quite counter-intuitive.
Cap'n Schmitty
#11 - 2015-11-13 02:43:23 UTC
I'd like to echo much of what's already been said here (particularly the inertia and forcing a mode based on zoom level) and also add that I miss being able to right-click and drag to tilt the camera around. I don't see why that shouldn't still be an option in "normal" (not tactical or first person) camera mode.
Net 7
#12 - 2015-11-13 03:15:10 UTC
when i load i'm looking at a black screen. i have to click a camera mode to no longer just see black

OMG Comet Mining idea!!! Comet Mining!

Eve For life.

Malevelon Roe Industries
Convocation of Empyreans
#13 - 2015-11-13 08:04:17 UTC
I also get the black screen on log in.

Also warping in first person is amazing, warping in tactical is... hilariously less so.
Jonas Kanjus
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#14 - 2015-11-13 09:02:11 UTC
Well, I filed a bug report on camera controls. For some reason, holding the middle mouse button while move mouse around causes the camera to spaz out. Almost like it is instantly switching around zoom levels or something.

Anyways, while the first person view is cool, it seems pointless since the turrets on the ship are always pointing at what you are firing at. I *MISS* not having the camera focused solely on my ship. I feel it is a must to be able to look around freely to get a tactical feel of the field.

I agree with others, please allow us to choose which camera system works best for us.

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Rivr Luzade
Coreli Corporation
Pandemic Legion
#15 - 2015-11-13 09:07:04 UTC  |  Edited by: Rivr Luzade
I very much hope that we get the option to deactivate the first person view and zoom out to tac overlay view. When I zoom, I want to zoom away in a straight line and not in this curved, hickuppy manner it currently does. When I zoom in, I also do not need inertial on the camera (In this regard I would have thought you learned from your new map's team, but apparently, you did not. Improve your communication between the teams!)

Zoom-in to the ship when you enter warp (and in combination with that inertial) is absolutely discomforting and hazardous to anything you do in the game in space. When I zoomed out to a specific level, I did so on purpose and do not need the game to tell me what zoom level I should be on. Also, the new view mode buttons do not include an option to have the mode as it currently is on TQ. All the modes available serve no purpose or use.

I also cannot turn my camera around my ship when I undocked. The compass moves, but the camera remains static.

UI Improvement Collective

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Torgeir Hekard
#16 - 2015-11-13 09:14:29 UTC
New camera is cinematic-only.

It's completely useless and downright harmful for actually flying around.

1) It's never centered on the ship. Ever tried flying RC planes? Do it and see how you fare on the first try.
2) Forced switching between camera modes depending on zoom level. Yeah. Right.
3) Related to the previous is forced switching of tactical overlay. Zoom in too close and you have to switch overlay. Again. In a middle of piloting a 6km/s malediction in battle. Yeah. Right.

Personally I always fly with the tactical overlay on and the camera centered on my ship (except when looking at enemy guns).
The new camera simply does not provide such an option.

It's good for running hisec L4s, but it's absolutely horrible for manually piloting fast ships.

The whole idea behind the new camera design is faulty.

Tactical overlay should be an independent option. I want it when zoomed in, I want it when zoomed out. I want it when looking at the enemy ship. If I don't want it when doing missions, I will disable it manually, thank you.

Camera modes should be independent from zoom level. I don't want inertial controls and cinematic angles when trying not to die in an inty. I want not to die. Cinematcs get in the way.

Free-floating camera should be an explicit option, not an inescapeable consequence of zooming out too far. Controlling flying things in 3 dimensions with a fixed point of view (as in, fixed to the Ether) is counter-intuitive as any experience with RC models should tell you.
Iminoneih Ltd
#17 - 2015-11-13 11:02:07 UTC
I tested with multiple hull types and characters.

Every time I log in already in a ship and hit undock right away the camera angle is stuck deep inside the ship model showing only parts of the ship. Can not change camera angle, only zoom out after which you can look around again.

Bug report ID EBR-55673 sent.
CCP Burger
C C P Alliance
#18 - 2015-11-13 11:43:15 UTC
somehow this made it out a day early :) here is a short writeup on the feature.