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[ETHBC] Etherium Beach | SMA | Open Recruitment AGAIN !

Cristi Malukar
Albireo Solem
Pan-Intergalatic Business Community
#1 - 2015-11-11 06:37:41 UTC
We are an experienced corporation with years of living in null sec. We have just joined a more epic alliance, Space Monkey's Alliance. We have been part of a big renting corp in the drone regions for years an we decided it's time to move out, form a more active corp that can hit some reds in the face while we keep the Strip Miners on.

We can offer:
- Ratting systems
- Mining Fleets with proper belts
- Rorqual boost
- Weekly Jita runs
- ALOT of PVP OPs (alliance takes care of this )
- Manufacturing ( we can build you any ship you want)
- Chance to get started into industry/trading
- Did i mention ALOT of PVP OPs ?
- New players friendly (we can teach you how null works)

We are looking for:
- Funny and open minded people
- People that use TS
- At least 10 mill SP (so you can join at least some of the OPs) / Miners can have lower SP
- PvP focused people are very welcome ! We really want some pvp oriented guys in our corp.
- People with JFs are also highly regarded ! We move alot of ores and stuff around space.
- Almost everyone is welcome that knows how to fallow a FC and not hit the Self Distruct button out of panic.

For more info you can also join our ingame channel: Etherium Beach Party
For recruitment mail : Cristi Malukar , Moatie , Andy Hardie , Serafim Red , boernl