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66 mil subcap focused pilot looking for something laid back (+alts)

Harnath Boloskarl
Deep Space Search and Rescue Team
#1 - 2015-10-28 06:29:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Harnath Boloskarl
So, as it says in the title, I'm looking for something fairly laid back. I've spent most of my EVE career mucking about in wormholes, but I'm back in college now, and just don't have time for the lifestyle, as much as I love it. So, I'm looking for something where I can log in, shoot some people, then log out an hour or two later, and where it won't be a major issue if I disappear for a week or two when I have a big test, which means probably faction warfare or some other sort of lowsec corp. I'd prefer somewhere I'm not going to be flying shinies every day of the week, but if I have the excuse to pull out something blingy every once in a while, I certainly won't object.

The biggest thing for me is having dudes that are out doing stuff for me to fly with. Things like SRP and money making aren't really a big deal to me.

So, if you think you've got a corp that sounds like what I'm looking for, or have something you think I should try, then I'd love to hear from you.

EDIT: I play mostly during late-night NA
cpt abrie
#2 - 2015-10-28 06:50:30 UTC
Hey Harnath,

We are currently recruiting and i think we might be what you are looking for check the link in my sig for info or join ingame channel tcn recruitment for more info. look forward to hearing from you.

cpt abrie

Caldari Faction Warfare PVP corp Recruiting

Lasko Ferrani
DUST Expeditionary Team
Good Sax
#3 - 2015-10-28 06:53:22 UTC
come by for a chat. We might be what you're looking for.


Dust Expeditionary Team{3UST} is currently recruiting. We are part of the Good Sax Alliance. We are based on NPC 0.0 and have Sovereignty 0.0 space as well. We are seeking both experienced players and new players who wish to learn the game. We are recruiting for all time zones. We are a mostly US time zone corporation but with a EU/Asia/AU time zone presence.

We Offer:
PvP: anything from Small Gang to Large Fleet. SRP for Corp/Alliance Operations.
Mining: Upgraded 0.0 systems to mine the High End Ores and Full Fleet Boosts. Upgraded Refining Station. Multiple Ice Belts. Good 0.0 planets for PI production.
Exploration: Multiple Regions to scan Relic/Data Sites
PvE: Mission running in NPC 0.0. Belt Ratting. Upgraded 0.0 Sov systems for running anomalies
Experienced members to learn from on how to play and how to make a living in Eve without turning Eve into another job.


Voice Comms: We use TeamSpeak. Expect all members to be on Comms.
Full API key for accounts
Full account subscribed. No Trial accounts.

We are a corp of mature players so we understand that Real Life has to come first. Just ask to be kept informed if you have any issues with your ability to play. We do ask no swearing on Comms since there maybe young children listening.

Please join us in our public in-game channel “Dust Team” with questions and initial contact. We will then get you on TS for further interview.

Questions can be mailed to BluSmoke as well.
Roseline Penshar
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#4 - 2015-10-28 16:56:24 UTC
you want to play with mature player that know how RL must be done, and respect each other? check us out we are recruiting

looking for indy, pve and pvp player
HeroinaPL Trofik
The Congregation
#5 - 2015-10-28 18:09:47 UTC
You sound like a good match for us ;)

Here is why you should join the most amazing Pirate corp ever:
-We place emphasis on FUN and not GRINDING. We create our own content rather than wait for it to come to us.
-Banterous open community and relaxed teamspeak, you should always feel able to join in with everyone
-PvP in null, wormholes and lowsec.
-No mandatory ops but regular fleets in all varieties of ships. Join fleets when you want.
-NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) with very few blues.
-Well planned doctrines and great FCs. As well as a chilled environment to learn to FC and PvP.
-We always base out of areas with high PvP activity.
-Free logistics in and around the home areas.
-All timezones are welcome!
-In a competitive alliance that keeps getting better :)
Mic and teamspeak is a must at Frisky although you can be as quiet or loud as you want. We also require all our members to give a full API key and to have at least 10 mil SP although exceptions can be made depending on sexual favours.

WANT TO GET FRISKAY? Join our Public channel: Feeling Frisky or message me or one of the recruiters :D
Almost Broken
#6 - 2015-10-28 19:11:54 UTC
Hi Harnath,

Our corporation is based in Providence and we are part of Yulai Federation.

Being based in Providence and part of provi bloc there is always plenty of PvP with alliance and coalition fleets, as well as an extremely active alliance.

We are laid back corp understanding RL first, having kids I often have to disappear at a moments notice :p

Besides PVP there are plenty of other activities to get involved in from mining ops with Rorqual support, to industry, running plexes and PI.

We live nr a good trade hub, and there are usually plenty of ships available to alliance on contracts.

If you're interested and would like to have a chat mail/convo me in game or join public channel GAMCORP.
Davos Azizora
Dissident Aggressors
Mordus Angels
#7 - 2015-10-28 19:42:14 UTC
As the name implies, we are a bunch of null-sec jack of all trades, masters of none. We do BLOPS, small gang, big fleet, cap, mining, building, high sec, wh space, D all of the above kind of corp. The leadership has an average of 8 years in game experience in all aspects. Most of the members have been in the game an average of 3 years. We are a very social, teamspeak based corp that prides itself in that if you are in Misfits, you are treated like family. We get RL. We understand that everyone wants to play the game based on different interests.

Some points that make us Full of Awesome-sauce!

-affiliated high sec training corp that offers a place to train, and get ready for null sec, and meet the group before going 100% committing!
-No forced fleets
-mine, rat, or pew we dont care
-EU and US timezones
-FC training
-leadership positions available
-good null sec, not ******
-large group of BFF's that love to create content
-diverse group and very interesting, non censored conversations
-Full api required, TS required

And if all of that doesn't make you want to come and say HI, we can offer different tastes for those with.....refined palettes. You know who you are.

:) Feel free to join Misfits Recruitment channel or mail me anytime

Look forward to hearing from you and flying with you!
JengoFett Miromme
No Vacancies
No Vacancies.
#8 - 2015-10-28 20:48:16 UTC  |  Edited by: JengoFett Miromme

Come by and chat with us. We are RL first corp living in NPC space, Curse Region. We log in, fleet up and shoot stuff on a nightly basis. Curse has been picking up lately.
No problem if your in college. We have several people in your shoes. We are laid back easy going group of pilots.

More Info on us:
Jack Carrigan
Order of the Shadow
The Revenant Order
#9 - 2015-10-28 23:06:31 UTC
The Revenant Order is a Low Sec PvP Alliance based in Solitude that has been up and running for over 4 years.

The Executor Corp, Order of the Shadow has been at the helm for the entire operation, and has been in business for over 6 years with the same CEO.

We want YOU for low sec PvP Operations!

Website: The Revenant Order (A Work in Progress)

One of Our Coalition Ops: Video

In-Game Public Channel: TRO Pub

Diplomats: Jack Carrigan or Kailani

What we Offer:
- Stability and Continuity
- Target Rich Environment
- Low Sec Living/Null Sec Roaming
- Skilled Fleet Commanders
- A Wealth of Experience
- Rich Corporation/Alliance History
- Black Ops Support
- Capital Support
- Industrial Support
- Capital Production
- Local Coalition
- Coalition TS3
- Jump Freighter Services
- Limited SRP (Will Expand With Corp)
- Social/Tight-Knit Group
- Training for Newbros

What we Seek:
- Gunslingers (Sub-Capital and Capital)
- Cloaky Freaks (Bombers/Recons/Black Ops)
- Logistics
- Scouts
- FCs

What we Expect:
- Reasonable Activity Level (RL Always First)
- Respect Toward Your Corp/Alliance/Coalition Bros

- Must Have TS3
- Must Be Willing to Relocate to Solitude
- Military Service a Plus but Not Required

I am the One who exists in Shadow. I am the Devil your parents warned you about.

||CEO: Order of the Shadow||Executor: The Revenant Order||Creator: Bowhead||

Dannar Hetoshi
Rote Kapelle
#10 - 2015-10-29 01:56:21 UTC

We're recruiting. Check us out, you sound like you'd be a good fit.
bane hunt
The Price Of Freedom
#11 - 2015-10-29 02:47:58 UTC
Check us out man, we are exactly what you are looking for!
Intergalactic Space Hobos
#12 - 2015-10-29 07:08:37 UTC
The Price Of Freedom
#13 - 2015-10-29 17:05:45 UTC
appears my boss (bane hunt) got here before me, he linked the forum thread so I won't repeat that part but i've got to say he's right when he says we are exactly what you are looking for.

late night US is probably our most active time period and when people are on most of them are itching to blow stuff up. We live in npc null which gives us the opportunity to roam around looking for targets all over the place.

I'm working full time and was getting to the conclusion that eve wasn't for me anymore because I didn't have the time I used to have to dedicate to the game. Yet in Price i've found a group that are happy to see me when i'm on a day off and can play most of the day, but understand and miss me when real life pressure comes calling.

Hope you find what your looking for :)

but really you don't need to look further than us
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#14 - 2015-10-31 10:05:37 UTC
Hey buddy, I think we might have a group that provides everything you are looking for. Check out our recruitment thread for more details!

Have a good one!
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#15 - 2015-10-31 13:12:58 UTC
MBLOC is a PvP corp and we do lots of it. Fleets up everyday ranging from AF frigats to HAC's with logi support. We are part of Caldari FW for the sheer volume of pvp and war targets. We’re good at pvp but we are not a hard core corp; there are no cta’s or mandatory ops, we’re tight knit and like to have fun.

Our alliance holds many of the militia FC’s and the alliance has the best SRP around. Our corp and alliance are always at or near the top spot for kills in Caldari FW. Check out our kb’s to see what we kill and what we kill them with.


MBLOC Killboards
Top killer list in Caldari FW
The Battle of Kehjari at Crossing Zebras
In game channel: MBLOC Public

► We are a PvP focused corp
► One of the top killers in FW for corp and alliance
► Experienced PvP'ers and Fleet Commanders
► Alliance level logistics

► 150+ members
► Veteran level challenges
► Free pvp ships
► ZERO taxes

The Mjolnir Bloc
United Warriors
#16 - 2015-11-01 13:06:34 UTC

United warriors is recruiting PVP pilots. We are a small comunity of vets in game and friends offline.

Contact me in game or visit our rectruitmenmt thread for more details.

Kind Regards,

Garen Lemmont
Outdated Host Productions
#17 - 2015-11-01 23:48:54 UTC
If you're still looking, give us an honest look. No commitments in-game... when you're on we'll be here face-blapping or running some anoms hoping to get jumped :).

Green Skull LLC is Recruiting!

Proteus Ormande
Risk Breakers
#18 - 2015-11-02 07:00:47 UTC
#1 - 2015-07-02 22:50:44 UTC | | Edited by: Proteus Ormande
Come check out FUITA!

Currently looking for mature pilots who have PVP experience (FW, Small Gang, Large Fleets, CAP's, Low-sec, Null-sec, HS ganking-if you can shoot it, we hunt it.)

What we offer:

☼ US/EU TZ's

☼ A growing corporation in an active PvP alliance that believes in community.

☼ PVP OPS with capable FC's.

☼ Comms {TS3}

☼ Corporation Logistics - JF services available.

Is FUITA for you?

☼ Active Pilots with a minimum of 15m SP - active pilots with less will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

☼ Pilots willing to branch out their training to become successful.

☼ Social Pilots able to log into Comms.

Join the public channel: FUITA Pub
Grabby Inc
#19 - 2015-11-03 06:17:29 UTC
B-V-A is actively searching for various player types with one central focus, PVP.
If you like freedom to do what you’d like, whether it is:
As long as you’re willing to pick up your guns, and crawl into the trenches with the rest of us, you’ll be more than welcome to fly with us. That being said, we are a PVP corporation, in a PVP alliance. We encourage you to care-bear as much as you like, but in the times between Major PVP activities.

Here’s the down low of what we expect:
-TS During fleets is mandatory, out of fleets is highly encouraged.
-Must be at least 18 years of age.
-When online, must join all fleets with the name “CTA or STRAT OP”
-Maintain a good attitude, because as a PVP alliance, we experience losses as well as successes.
-Show respect to all members of BVA, because we are all brothers in arms.

If you believe that you are a good fit, then we’d like to talk to you more about your options and opportunities in BVA.

Brethana EU

kikz0150 US

dingding nice (Chinese only) 华人成员联系人[/i][/u][/b]

Public Channel: