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Eveyone wants to be a Double 'D', now you can be one too!

Rayven Kaundur
Darkwing Deepspace Industries
#1 - 2015-10-27 21:43:48 UTC
Darkwing Deepspace Industries, LLHC (Limited Liability Hybrid Corporation), a well funded and expanding company in Eve is hiring and we're looking for you!!! We have openings in all departments, including mining, manufacturing, transportation services, shipyards, research & development, exploration, facility operations & maintenance as well as Fleet operations.

Sweeping floors not your cup of tea? Being a moisture farmer a little boring? Are you looking for an exciting career outside the norm? We think you've found your place. Darkwing Deepspace Industries (The Double 'D') is looking for you. We're looking for candidates of all skill levels and trades. Deepspace Miner in Otakod? Perfect! Retired Fleet Commander from the Messoya system? Awesome! Catalyst pilot from NullSec? Even Better! Whatever your career path, whatever your skill set, whatever your calling, The Double 'D' can facilitate your ability to fulfill that dream.

Tired of the way you've been ignored by your current Corp? Tired of everyone stealing your office supplies and constantly talking as if you're not there? Tired of the back office politics and the feeling that the CEO and his cronies are only using you as cannon fodder? Tired of being told that the only ship they'll give you is a 45 year old Comet with barely any functional armor and 1 hybrid turret and tell you to charge the Titan ahead? The Double 'D' values each and every Capsuleer who joins and we only equip with the best. New Capsuleers, old Capsuleers, it doesn't matter. Everyone is welcome.

So, bottom line. We are a new corporation built around one simple premise. Everyone has a place and a place for everyone. We are involved in every single aspect of EVE that you can imagine and we value good RP over anything else. We are seeking all Capsuleers who would like to join in a 'society' that is building an Empire.

We offer our new employees access to our blueprint 'Library' to help up in getting going for themselves, as well as Faction Warfare for anyone who can seize the opportunity. We offer a 4M ISK signing bonus and a 400M Buddy Link program for new Capsuleers.

If you're interested, if this sound like the place for you, send in your application and it will be reviewed in less than 24 hours by one of our HR specialists. A second round of interviews will take place, normally over voice chat, and a final decision will be made. If a good fit is found, an offer will be tended.

Anything more than a Double 'D' is a waste of space