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NPE feedback Q and A

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Rek Seven
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#581 - 2015-10-22 09:45:01 UTC  |  Edited by: Rek Seven
CCP Rise wrote:

Q: 'Attributes aren't very interesting, you should remove them'
A: Again, we agree. Team Size Matters discussed removing them on the o7 show (or some other public venue) awhile back and it's still something we are very interested in. We need to figure out a good way to handle all the learning implants in the game though, which is actually a difficult problem. If any of you have awesome ideas for how to handle it don't hesitate to make suggestions.

I think you are wrong on this. Sure they aren't "interesting" but they add value. Some people like the min maxing thing and the ability to do something better that the next guy if you are willing to put the time and effort in, and removing that option simply means eve will not satisfy the OCD players out there and taking away from the investment people have in their characters.

Nobody is forced to optimize their attributes or install attribute implants but it is an option for those wishing to do so, the same way nobody is forced to install slave implants but it is an option if you want that extra edge. I know people that just balance there attributes and don't worry about optimisation and they have just as much fun (if not more) with the game as I do.

If you want to improve the NPE, rather than taking away options, boost the training speed for new accounts.

To be blunt i think your NPE team is massively out of touch. They wast too much time trying to figure out cleaver ways to teach people how to play the game, when it could be accomplished easier with a quick instructional video.

Here is a free idea from me to you: Give players X million sp on their characters birthday. This rewards vets and new accounts (delay it a month for new accounts), encourages people to keep playing and helps returning players experience new features faster.
Ellendras Silver
CrashCat Corporation
#582 - 2015-10-22 20:39:55 UTC
Kalen Pavle wrote:
Attribute enhancers are really quite simple to fix.

Change them to give a percentage increase to all sp gain. Numbers from ass:

+1 implant changes to 1.02x training multiplier
+5 implant cahgnes to 1.1x training multiplier

^ numbers are way too high but you understand. They should be balanced so that with a set of 5, +5 implants your training time is increased the same amount that two +5 implants would have modified the training time on a skill matching the proper primary/secondary stat.

They can't be balanced that two gives you the same bonus because then SP income will increase way too far.

or just remove all the atributes and give every player a flat 2700 SP hour training rate. slave sets and other sets like that remove the attributes and make them cheaper.

this is positive for veterans but also for new players, i would even say give new players a boost of 300 SP per hour for first month

[u]Carpe noctem[/u]

Maldiro Selkurk
Radiation Sickness
#583 - 2015-10-22 22:05:04 UTC
You should get rid of all implants, Skill Points already function to pigeon-hole players into what ships they can optimize and having implants just adds another and more annoying layer of restriction

Yawn,  I'm right as usual. The predictability kinda gets boring really.

Delt0r Garsk
Shits N Giggles
#584 - 2015-10-23 13:08:11 UTC
If they got rid of attributes and we all trained at the same "max speed", i don't think slave sets would get cheaper really. We don't use crystal sets etc for their training bonus, well at least a lot of people don't. We have a +5 pod for that.

Ok so now in a WH I just run +4 training only most of the time, and use links and drugs for boosts. It is such a pain if you have a fit that needs the correct pod to work in a WH. No one can use it, including yourself, most of the time.

AKA the scientist.

Death and Glory!

Well fun is also good.

Hedion University
#585 - 2015-10-24 15:36:23 UTC
trial time should be 6 months... Eve does take a while to learn and even when you think you know... you blow up and learn something new. leave restrictions and skill points alone. free skill points only helps veterans build alts. pvp is learning to die gracefully and skills won't fix that.

Is that my two cents or yours?

#586 - 2015-10-29 21:37:45 UTC
One of the best ideas for skills for early players would be something like this.

10 mil skill points for subbed accounts given out over 5 months at 2 mil unallocated skill points each month. This would help do 2 things.

1. Help new players skill into ships without putting all the skill points into one path they may find they do not like.
2. Generates money for CCP through repeat subscription of the account for at least 5 months by keeping the player's interest.