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Any ETA/Update on the Mac Freeze-Delays?

Arthur Aihaken
#1 - 2015-09-16 21:32:33 UTC  |  Edited by: Arthur Aihaken
Performing the following actions causes a lengthy client freeze:

1. Opening the market window. This is bar-none the worst interruption at present, as this easily causes a 10-second+ client freeze/delay while it loads.
2. Opening standings. This has always been bad, and seems to get progressively worse with more Factions, corporations and agents (which obviously sucks for mission runners).
3. Opening the fitting window. There is an occasional (not sure why) delay when opening the fitting window lately.
4. Initiating a contract. Same delay as the market window.
5. Opening the LP store (any LP store).
6. Multi-client crashes (experienced two complete lockups this week first time in a while).
7. Initiating the multi-sell window. When selling a list of items, you cannot utilize any chat window as it keeps forcing the multi-sell window to the front.
8. Showing either weapon info or charge info (via the fitting window).

Addendum: Updated 19-Sept and 25-Sept.

I am currently away, traveling through time and will be returning last week.

#2 - 2015-09-18 14:42:17 UTC  |  Edited by: Manssell
And in case CCP just thinks it's only a few people on these forums that's having this problem.

Really CCP I love ya'll and I know a lot of this has to do with your 'partners' but the Mac client has been turning to %#$& for a lot of us the last year or so. We have several major bugs that you've acknowledge that have been around since last spring like the browser crash and cloak bug (through several releases) with only a 'will be fixed sometime maybe' response, and many more like this we never even hear a word on. Then there is stuff like the new graphics that are not even available to Mac users!

While I appreciate that you say the Mac client is not where you want it, from a customer perspective this is becoming unacceptable! For many of us the Mac Eve experience is terrible, yet all we get is 'working on it' and then it never changes. In any business that is called *&$% customer service. Hell, some of us read the internet, we know what the deal is with 'your partners' and Cider yet we can't even get word if anyone is even at home working on our issues anymore.

Edit: Now that I've had a shower I want to stress this is not a grrrr ccp post, just total frustration with the state of the Mac client and the support we get. When Final Fantasy XIV ported over to Mac this summer the lead producer and director gave a personal apology, a pledge to fix it, and offered refunds to customers because of the same performance problems and bugs EVE Mac users are just expected to live with for years.

That's a difference in customer service!
K1ra Yamata
Space Exploration Company
#3 - 2015-09-19 20:13:17 UTC  |  Edited by: K1ra Yamata
i agree with you guys, the state of the mac client is really not good.
I fear that with the EL Capitain osx release at the end of this month it will get even worst.
So lot of stuff is Bugged, crashes and Freeses and ofc the Graphics Bugs.
But the worst thing for me is still That closing one client kills the other ones. (yes i know there are workarounds but they are anoying)

And as you guys say, an ETA or update on the Situation would be nice.
Space Exploration Company
#4 - 2015-09-23 07:24:23 UTC

so we dont get an "official" answer about the Status or any ETA ?
The Mac Eve client is barely usable if u compare it with the Windows client. Its really a Shame.
Axtex Veila
#5 - 2015-09-23 16:10:28 UTC
OSX client is just a Wine distro, which can't be debugged properly.
CCP do not have resources to develop native client, and they have no resources and proper devs to debug wine distro Big smile
We can stop whining about lags - client doesn't get tested properly and every new build causes new bugs to appear.

Afaik CCP dropped native OpenGL support thus it creates more Winish overheads due to the translation of the DirectX calls to OpenGL.

CCP is kinda guys with no QA/QE from the begging and intent to make any reasonable changes 'cause rewriting almost everything from scratch. It's so tarded, as much tarded as Eve's Python runtime.

We have two options
1. Stop whining and play this **** (Optionally install windows for EVE-only purpose)
2. Ragequit, tell everyone that CCP is tarded, see that there is nothing like Eve, return and continue Whining, start over.
Dersen Lowery
The Scope
#6 - 2015-09-23 21:52:03 UTC
Well, and they have a really basic problem: NVIDIA just bought TransGaming, who make and support Cider, which is the particular game-focused WINE wrapper that CCP has always used.

They might be scrambling to figure out how they're going to continue to offer a Mac client. I'm sure they will, but the how of it could be... involved.

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I voted in CSM X!

K1ra Yamata
Space Exploration Company
#7 - 2015-09-26 10:49:46 UTC
Axtex Veila wrote:
OSX client is just a Wine distro, which can't be debugged properly..

CCP do not have resources to develop native client, and they have no resources and proper devs to debug wine distro Big smile

lol ?
its not a "Wine distro". They are using a Wine Fork or Wrapper.

Also anything using wine can easily be debugged, since wine has lots of Debugging Features.
Also about your CCP doesnt have the resources crap.
Thats just Wrong.
A Single good Dev whos experienced with the whole Wine/WineSkin environment can easily put together a working Eve Wineskin within a week. Look at my thread here :
In Crossover which essentialy is just a Wine Fork eve runs Perfectly in osx. (even many clients at the same time, without a single issue)
And those Crossover game Wrappers get created by normal users Alone.

Now my guess is. At some Point CCP got a Partner to take care of the Mac client.
And that worked for a time. But that Partner got lazy or whatever and stopped or slowed down to fix the occuring bugs in the client.
And the Bugs got more and more and more.
And now its at a crazy Point.
But since CCP isnt directly involved anymore with the mac client all they "can do" is talk to there partner to please fix stuff.

IMO the only way to solve that is to tell the partner you got 2 weeks to fix thoses Bugs or we take care of it ourselves and then create a own wine skin.

I could be wrong here, if i am, then im sorry. But that is the feeling of the Situation i get.

Arthur Aihaken
#8 - 2015-09-29 11:20:29 UTC
No improvements in Vanguard. Drat...

I am currently away, traveling through time and will be returning last week.