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Sell Orders

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-- DJ Bismarck's 3rd Party Service -- Over 2 Trillion Secured --

DJ Bismarck
The Bismarck Factor
#1 - 2015-09-23 05:09:27 UTC  |  Edited by: DJ Bismarck
»»» Welcome to my 3rd party service! «««

Awwwww Yeah!
I am a 3rd party operator, happy to secure any transactions that you may need additional help with making sure the deal is favourable for both parties. (edit: No so new anymore after 60+ transactions totalling over 3 trillion)

Primarily I have noticed that it is a little bit more difficult for AUTZ people (Not that people of US/EU/RU TZ can't approach me) to get hold of the generally accepted 3rd parties, so I am also going to throw my hat into the ring. I have built super carriers and titans in the past, in addition to flying them currently so I am well versed in the methods used by both scammers and by legitimate 3rd parties.

I am not going to attempt to hide the fact that my main Otto Bismarck is a member of Sniggerdly in Pandemic Legion, and I was an alliance fleet commander. I also cannot guarantee that you will not get fished by the PL RekkingKrew but I will not divulge information of my sales to them at any point.

[Posted to Confirm]

This thread will also be used for client feedback.

3rd Party Service Pricing
Super Capitals: 300m in a Keepstar
Super Capitals: 400m in Lowsec
Super Capitals: 500m in Nullsec
Citadels: Astrahus: 100mil, Fortizar/Keepstar: 500mil
Other: 1%, 50mil minimum

Super Carriers: 38
Titans: 24
Stations/Sov: 1
Other: 6

Total Securely Transfered To Date: 3.172 Trillion ISK

Contact me
In-Game Channel: DJ Bismarck
EVE-Mail: DJ Bismarck (Best method)
Alternate EVE-Mail: Otto Bismarck
Twitter: @OttoBismarckEVE
DJ Bismarck
The Bismarck Factor
#2 - 2015-09-23 05:09:38 UTC  |  Edited by: DJ Bismarck
So I was thinking of what to write to attempt to assure people of my good intentions, and I feel that Grendell summed it up very well.

Grendell wrote:

Avoiding 3rd Party Scams 101

In recent months there has been an influx of 3rd party scam attempts for super capital transfers. That does not mean they are all scams, that just means there have been more scam attempts than usual. So I will write out my recommendations to avoiding going home broke.

Using a 3rd Party not on the above list

On occasion, it may be difficult to reach these 3rd parties as they have real lives outside of Eve. Here you can choose the safe approach and wait for one of the generally accepted 3rd parties. But if you insist on trying another 3rd party that is not on that list, take some serious pre-cautions. This is all completely at YOUR OWN RISK.

  • Do not get rushed into a deal. Frequently the scammer will try and rush you into using his 3rd party because of some excuse that he has to log off or he will give the deal to somebody else.

  • A common trick is to have buyers and sellers set up a meeting with you and a legitimate 3rd party. When the meeting takes place they simply don't show up. They wait until the generally accepted 3rd parties log off, then magically come on-line, giving you every excuse in the book why they were not there. They will then convince you to use some no name 3rd party, which will be their alt or friend.

  • Ask to see their feedback thread. Read every single post in that thread and look for anything suspicious.
  • (That could mean posters are all noob alts, or apart of the same corp/alliance)
    *If there was any moderation done in the thread, check what posts were edited or removed using eve-search

  • A good way to make sure they are legitimate is to see if they will accept Chribba. If they say no, just close the conversation, they are scamming you. There isn't a person in Eve that can argue Chribba isn't reputable enough to handle Super Capital Transactions. If they don't trust Dark, me, wirox, etc that's fine, but I'd like to see anyone debate Chribba out as an option.

The safest option is to only use the generally accepted 3rd parties: Chribba, Grendell and Wirox Crotikus ... or me.

I am very well known in the Australian Community, as an organiser of EVE Down Under, Host and Producer of the EVE Down Under Show and Writer and Podcaster for the Neocom.

Edit: In regards to the aledged Darknesss scam, I have removed him as a trusted 3rd party, at this stage temporarily, until some light can be shed on the events/situation.
Otto Bismarck
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2015-09-23 05:10:04 UTC
Confirming that this is an alt of mine.

Twitter: @ottobismarckEVE

EVE Down Under - a community for players in the AUTZ

In-game channel: evedownunder

Twitter: @evedownunder

MachineGun Matt
Tactically Challenged
The Initiative.
#4 - 2015-09-23 05:13:04 UTC  |  Edited by: MachineGun Matt
+1 good guy! Cool

Did a super transaction through him. Smooth and easy to deal with. Very professional!
Bam Stroker
The Graduates
The Initiative.
#5 - 2015-09-23 05:26:03 UTC
+1 for Otto who is a stand up guy.

Ignore the PL ticker and any tinfoil bullshitters who might show up in this thread - Otto is reliable and his reputation is too important for to him to screw it up by being anything other than an honest broker. You can use his service with confidence.

EVE Down Under - a community for players in the AUTZ

In-game channel: evedownunder // Twitter: @evedownunder

Row Row Fight the Power
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#6 - 2015-09-23 05:42:42 UTC
I bet all my Windrunners on Otto to deliver a super safe and sound with no scam in sight. +1 from TEST Alliance Please Ignore.
Cannonfodder Ellecon
Tactically Insignificant
#7 - 2015-09-23 05:58:44 UTC
Known Otto for a few Years, Very Trustworthy +1


EVE Down Under - a community for players in the AUTZ


In-game channel: evedownunder


Asuna Crossbreed
#8 - 2015-09-23 06:06:43 UTC
+1 Otto is a great guy. He has helped us host several public events, including once using his own titan to bridge for a AUTZ public roam. As for how good he would be as a 3rd party for supers? I would use him, definitely.
So SuiMe
Super Villains
Pandemic Horde
#9 - 2015-09-23 06:14:20 UTC
Used Otto to 3rd party a trade for a super. transaction went smoothly would use again
Tora Bushido
The Marmite Mercenaries
#10 - 2015-09-23 07:35:23 UTC
100% trustworthy. Would use myself. Big smile


Meta Gaming Level VII, Psycho Warfare Level X, Smack Talk Level VII.

Noragen Neirfallas
Emotional Net Loss
Rabble Alliance
#11 - 2015-09-23 07:44:52 UTC
If Tora says it's legit that's good enough for me. +1 would use

Member and Judge of the Court of Crime and Punishment

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Confirming that we all play in Noragen's eve. - BeBopAReBop

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Redemption Road
#12 - 2015-09-23 08:26:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Greygal
Have known Otto for over two years, +1 he's a stand-up, honorable guy! I'd trust him with almost* everything I own!

*Grandma always said never trust anyone with everything, not even your own mum Roll

What you do for yourself dies with you, what you do for others is immortal.

Free weekly public roams & monthly NewBro new player roams!

Visit Redemption Road or join mailing list REDEMPTION ROAMS for information

Signal Cartel
EvE-Scout Enclave
#13 - 2015-09-23 09:24:38 UTC
Awesome guy, absolutely no reservations about his trustworthiness.

(Wishing you great success in this venture, Otto!)

Lost in space, looking for sigs...

Blog: Cloaky Wanderer

Tactically Challenged
The Initiative.
#14 - 2015-09-23 09:50:00 UTC
Can confirm Otto is a great guy and if he says hes legit then I believe him. +1 to his service.
Tr0pa de elite.
#15 - 2015-09-23 10:00:11 UTC
Otto is good man.

Viridiana 'Vi' Sovari
Night Angels
#16 - 2015-09-23 10:31:05 UTC
+1 for copying Grendell's thread . . .

Currently for sale

All sold.

Bam Stroker
The Graduates
The Initiative.
#17 - 2015-09-23 13:02:41 UTC  |  Edited by: ISD Cepheus

EVE Down Under - a community for players in the AUTZ

In-game channel: evedownunder // Twitter: @evedownunder

Splinter 07
Veni Vidi Vici Reloaded
#18 - 2015-09-23 14:40:51 UTC
So, this Otto guy, if there's one thing i can say, hes pretty legit.
May all your third party trading wet dreams come true with this fine scholar in the realms of trust and trading.
Ruune en Gravonere
Militaris Industries
Northern Coalition.
#19 - 2015-09-23 18:10:49 UTC
honorable and trustworthy and as good as his word... would recommend Cool
Plug N Play
#20 - 2015-09-23 18:44:12 UTC
I do not have a very public persona within the greater EVE Community like previous RKK CEO's have, but for those who know me, trust is something that I am rather tightfisted with. I've known Otto the better part of 10 years now, in and out of EVE & Reikoku. I have trusted Otto with way more than he claims as stats in the current op, and am lucky to count him as a friend in and out of game.

+1 for BrOtoBismarck.

CEO, Reikoku
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