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91m sp pilot LF USTZ covert ish style corp

Dark W0lf
We Do Not Accept
#1 - 2015-08-14 07:06:37 UTC
Old character some what new pilot. I just got back from a couple year hiatus and didn't feel like continuing my character where I left off at so I got a higher level character so I could do more and help out more in a corporation.
I don't have a lot of pvp experience but I am willing to blow up or lose as many ships as it takes to learn. I am also pretty self sufficient making isk on my own.

I'm looking for a covert ops kinda corp. Someone that works in the shadows and can plan tactical strikes on unsuspecting victims. I can fly Stealth Bombers, Covert Ops, Force Recon, and Combat Recon ships. Not everything has to be run using covert ops ships as I can fly many different ships. I just really like to fly those kind of ships and wanted to find a corp with the same mind set as mine.
High sec, Low sec, or Null if it's the right corp I don't mind relocating to any of those places. Also I fly in the USTZ so if I can find a corp that is active around that time would be great.

Sleeper Dreams
#2 - 2015-08-14 07:30:25 UTC
We're a small gang pvp focused wh group who prefer to do what we want without rules or blue's. We do things a bit different in wormhole's though, mainly by not following the Setup pos>occupy wormhole>get fat routine but more the Find targets>do fun cloaky stuff>run routine. We have a ton of wh combat and living experience and are willing to help out anyone so long as they're not terrible. Active during USTZ (23:00-09:00 evetime)

In game channel: Surreal Recruiting


Xanos Xellos
Goonswarm Federation
#3 - 2015-08-14 09:45:55 UTC
Hey, Come check us out. We are a group founded on having fun and working together without mandatory ops. We are also recruiting new players so that we can help EVE grow and give newer players a different option other than the Mega-Newbie-Corps.
Xan Auditore
#4 - 2015-08-14 12:42:02 UTC
Our covert ops and bomber teams are infamous throughout EvE. Just ask any goon who MoA is and the tears will start to well up in their eyes.

You should check us out.
Original Sinners
Pandemic Legion
#5 - 2015-08-14 17:24:36 UTC

We have black ops fleets once every few days and are one of the most active corps in 0.0. There are fleets daily in every timezone ranging from Ceptors to Svipuls to Cerbs to Blops to Caps. Join our public channel "Shadow State Public". We also have one of the best counter drop groups in the game...people learn very fast Vale isn't a place you want to hunt.
Intergalactic Space Hobos
#6 - 2015-08-15 04:29:22 UTC
Eclipse Navy is a 0.0 / WH Corp that bases out of Thera. We are a EU-USWest Timezone corp of pretty relaxed guys seeking more members. We fly in both WH and Kspace.

- - What we offer - -

ArrowStrong Corp Culture
ArrowDaily PvP of all flavours
ArrowRoaming from Thera
ArrowSov ratting space
ArrowBloodraider Missions
ArrowTeamspeak/Corp Slack
ArrowOpportunities for new FCs
ArrowSRP for Stratop ships
ArrowRatting techniques of 400mil+/hr

Please checkout our recruitment post or our join our public channel [Eclipse Pub]

Thank you and please give us a look