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More Ships please

Empire Hooligans
#1 - 2015-08-07 23:34:49 UTC
I would realy like to see more ships....

- love to see some faction destroyers...

- love to see a few more battlecruisers with different specilizations...

- love to see a cruiser sized specilized miner ship (that falls between the ore frigs and the barges/exumers) (i dont want to mine more per hour, i just want different options for mineing)

- love to see battleship sized logi ships (we have frig size, we have cruiser size, why not battleship size??)

HOWEVER. would love to see them finish doing the ballance pass on the remaining ships first, and then add in the new ships
Daichi Yamato
Jabbersnarks and Wonderglass
#2 - 2015-08-08 00:09:25 UTC
Another 'more ships just cause' thread?

How do you imagine the faction dessies working? Turrets? Or the alternate weapon systems? Will the Minnie be a dual weapon system?
What specialisations for BC's do you want to see?
What mining specialisation? Options?
And t2 logi are powerful enough. Im just gonna say no to that.

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Nevyn Auscent
Broke Sauce
#3 - 2015-08-08 00:23:11 UTC
Procurer is Cruiser sized, even if Covetor is BC sized. So already Cruiser Barges exist.
If a new Mining Cruiser was made, why would it be an option? And not either outmined by the barges or outmining the barges. There is no niche for it to fill.

Same storry with the BC's with different specialisations.

Battleship sized logi bring interesting balance issues, though the BS sensors make for slower lock which helps balance them already.
Jack Carrigan
Order of the Shadow
#4 - 2015-08-10 04:15:33 UTC
Gas-mining cuisers would be a plus.

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Tiddle Jr
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#5 - 2015-08-10 05:01:39 UTC
Yes plz!

Navy/Pirate Dessy's.
Pirate BC's.

SoE line should be extended.

ORE mining BC.

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James Baboli
Warp to Pharmacy
#6 - 2015-08-10 05:32:54 UTC
So some ideas percolating in my head:

Secondary faction destroyers and battlecruisers.

A great choice with gal/amarr bonuses, the sexy color scheme and blaster bonused amarr hulls
Signature bonus:
hybrid range

Lovely gallente hulls repainted in their colors, gal/cal bonuses and a focus on agility and range control
Signature bonus
MWD capacitor reduction

That color scheme we all love to hate on caldari inspired hulls, with projectile or missile bonuses and a strong theme of tough shields and cal/min bonuses
Signature bonus
Signature radius reduction

As everyone knows, ore has been making premiere combat frigates for awhile, and been selling them with a wink as "mining frigates". This expertise, when scaled up to a full line of "mining" ships with this sort of capability relative to their class, would make for some fun ships to mine other players hulls for salvage with.
Signature bonus:
Ore hold and mining bonused. Because otherwise it's not ORE.

A third line of Combat battlecruisers,

Minmatar get a dedicated arty platform with the grid and tracking bonuses to actually use medium arty

Caldari get a damage/range bonused platform that loses the iconic shield resist bonus for a slightly more offense oriented platform

Amarr gets a CBC with more grid and a tracking bonus to accomodate a beam based battlecruiser

Gallente get a slower, heavier blaster boat than a brutix, with a tracking bonus in place of the armor rep bonus.

A line of logistics battlecruisers

With the same t1 resist profile as the t1 logi cruisers, the output rep wise (4 large reps as max reasonably sustainable) and much less damage mitigation than a t2 logi cruiser, I envision these as a slightly newbro friendlier way to get 70-80% of the performance of t2 logistics cruisers on grid, without the cap, link or rep drone bonuses that help make t2 logi so much more effective, and with a need to put fairly high levels of EHP on them without t2 resists.

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Making battleships worth the warp

Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#7 - 2015-08-10 07:11:09 UTC  |  Edited by: queenoftheworld
T3 battleships plz

This would help force small gang escalations to caps :)
Barrogh Habalu
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#8 - 2015-08-10 07:34:00 UTC
Yes, more ships, please.
Means to achieve that goal I suggest: make some garbage ones usable in modern realities. Thanks.
#9 - 2015-08-10 07:45:27 UTC
I'd like to see more variety of pirate ships.

Angel Cartel for instance, only 1 type of frigate, cruiser and battleship.

Plus insurance on faction ships is completely useless.
Zansha Expansion
Brave Collective
#10 - 2015-08-10 10:31:13 UTC
Gunrunner1775 wrote:
- love to see battleship sized logi ships (we have frig size, we have cruiser size, why not battleship size??)

Blender- errm, no, Nestor.

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Zan Shiro
#11 - 2015-08-10 11:18:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Zan Shiro
elitatwo wrote:
Gunrunner1775 wrote:
- love to see battleship sized logi ships (we have frig size, we have cruiser size, why not battleship size??)

Blender- errm, no, Nestor.

I am thinking they want something cheaper.

Which current BS can do kind of now. Drops some highs, fit some cap mods...gets you somewhat there. Oddly enough one of the better Sin fits I have ever seen just loaded up reps in the high slots. When you aren't a dps monster with your highs..reppers can not seem so bad. Gets it more useful if you have say redeemers running as well to be the heavy hitters.

the question I also have with this is do these people know sensor strength goes to crap on BS's over cruisers. the normal tricks of boosting don't pan out as well on the BS'. I have taken my HG talon clone and seen its numbers in ships beside tengu. the boost a BS gets from them....well its a boost I guess in that the number goes higher. Buts its not omfg huge for damn sure.
Barrogh Habalu
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#12 - 2015-08-10 12:05:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Barrogh Habalu
Zan Shiro wrote:
I am thinking they want something cheaper.

And I want to see CCP Falcon doing a handstand.

Before looking at BS logi (like you've said, their reps are pretty good, just lacking reach), I'd say we need better understanding of what frig logi are supposed to be and how they are supposed to perform.

You'd think that frig holes would at least offer them some niche, but no, someone decided it was a good idea to also make them instablap holes with logi being of no use even more.

But I wouldn't say I want T2 frig logi or something until we figure out T1 ones at least.
Lucius Kalari
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#13 - 2015-08-10 12:34:21 UTC
I think another "design a starship" competition would be nice to see if they do put more ships in game Big smile