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Intergalactic Summit

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[OOC] Intergalactic Summit Resources

Aux Aliette
#1 - 2015-07-29 11:32:56 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Falcon
Welcome to the Intergalactic Summit.

This forum section is IN CHARACTER ONLY, and is provided as a medium for characters within the EVE Universe to come together to make announcements, broker deals, discuss current affairs, and interact on an in character basis.

As well as the normal Forum Rules the following points need to be observed when posting here:

  1. In Character
  2. Absolutely no out of character (OOC) comments or references are allowed on this forum. This is the only forum where players can immerse themselves completely in role-play.

    If there is an OOC comment or post it will be deleted. If a thread is too OOC or not explicitly IC it will be moved to a more appropriate forum. This post is the only OOC post that will be present on this forum section, in order to lay down the ground rules.

  3. Content Limits
  4. Keep it PG-rated in here, and within the scope of the forum rules.

  5. OOC Behavior & Hostility
  6. If a post, comment or thread is deemed not in the spirit of role-play and borders more on flaming, trolling or personal out of character hate, the offending comment will be removed and the player warned.

    Similarly, deliberately disruptive behavior that is detrimental to roleplay such as posts that contain any out of character references, the use of alternate characters deliberately created to harass, troll or undermine the roleplay of other members of the community or veiled attacks using roleplay as an attempted justification will not be tolerated.

  7. IC Behavior & Hostility
  8. Differences of opinions do occur in character, and there are harsh divides between the factions within New Eden based on political, religious and racial ideology. In some instances hatred for a particular faction, religion or collective of individuals is a key part of a character's personality.

    It is expected that all participants on these forums are able to clearly identify what constitutes in character hostility, and are clearly able to separate it from out of character actions.

    Any references to real life hate speech will be treated as a severe breach of the forum rules, and will be dealt with as such, however action will not be taken against characters who hate the Amarr, Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar or any other faction within the EVE Universe.

    Please refrain from reporting posts that contain in character references to dislike of a particular faction or demographic. This is not a breach of the forum rules.

  9. Killmails & Killboards
  10. Posting killmails, killboard links or screenshots of killboards will be considered as trolling or off-topic, and subject to removal or warning. There will be no discussion allowed of privately run killboard issues/accuracies taking place in this forum.

  11. Reporting Inappropriate Conduct
  12. If you spot something which needs moderation, do NOT retort with OOC comments. This will earn you a forum warning for OOC posting on an in character forum.

    Please use the report function or file a support ticket to have the situation addressed.

  13. Moderation
  14. Moderation will be carried out on an in character basis, by myself, Aux Aliette, your friendly Communications Relay Committee contact from the Directive Enforcement Department.

Finally, two reminders:

Firstly, this forum section is STRICTLY IN CHARACTER. Posting out of character will earn you a forum warning, or a posting suspension depending on your warning history.

Secondly, remember that this is ROLEPLAY and is supposed to be enjoyable. Leave your real self behind, stay true to your character and have fun!


IGS Communications Director  ||  Directive Enforcement Department  ||  CONCORD Assembly