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Dev blog: Summer 2015 Nullsec and Sov Status Report

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Aneu Angellus
The Initiative.
#241 - 2015-07-01 00:07:13 UTC  |  Edited by: Aneu Angellus
Theres so much going on with these changes and I fear that a few people are getting confused and also that maybe, possibly, some at CCP are so focused on implementing these changes that they can't see the forest from the trees.

The stagnancy problem that eve currently faces is not because of the system that is in place, although it doesn't help, its because holding space is relatively easy and in the larger picture it is relatively cheap compared to what you may get out of it (moongoo, taxes, etc...)

The space multiplier currently in place really doesn't add much restrictions in terms of how much space an alliance can or should control, a couple of high end moons and they are already pumping out more money than required, let alone tax applied to its members.

Attacking space from already entrenched players can be a pain in the backside unless their alliance is run terribly and mismanagement plays a huge part in a lot of successful attacks over the years but human error has always played a huge role in EvE and will more than likely continue - but the changes being implemented here really don't fix the situation at all, its simply swapping one flawed system for another that may remain flashy and new for a few months but once again result in stagnancy and boredom.

Your goals were as follows:

Goal #1: As much as possible, ensure that the process of fighting over a star system is enjoyable and fascinating for all the players involved

Goal #2: Clarify the process of taking, holding and fighting over star systems

Goal #3: Minimize the systemic pressure to bring more people or larger ships than would be required to simply defeat your enemies on the field of battle.

Goal #4: Drastically reduce the time and effort required to conquer undefended space.

Goal #5: Provide significant strategic benefits from living in your space.

Goal #6: Spread the largest Sovereignty battles over multiple star systems to take advantage of New Eden’s varied geography and to better manage server load.

Goal #7: Any new Sovereignty system should be adaptable enough to be rapidly updated and to incorporate future changes to EVE.

Some of the above are pretty self explanatory but I will pick the few I have issue with.

Goal #1.

When POS's were the main sov mechanic CCP understood that grinding HP was boring and pointless. CCP then introduced a new system that once again involved grinding HP. Grinding HP is not fun! Its the reason I left a while back and only came back recently. This new system, while on the surface isnt a crap-shoot of structure grinding it can essentially be called the same thing. Whether you are doing damage or not, you still have a module cycling on a structure. Whether its a single person cycling on the structure of 100, it doesnt matter, its essentially the same thing if there is no one to fight against.

Nullsec back in the day was fought over because it was one of the better ISK making areas and there was very little in empire that could give you the same kind of combat that nullsec does. Now you have empire incursions, wormhole space and faction warfare - So what is the reason to stay in nullsec?

In order for Goal #1 to be met you need to implement additional changes that are not involved here. Nullsec space needs to be made more valuable than it currently is. My method would be to double the amount of all CA's from relic sites to plex's. The doubling in requirements for high end minerals will already provide the miners with more income also from nullsec.

As nullsec has been eaten away at by various other methods of playing eve (as listed above) various other entities seem to have vacuum up a lot of those willing to tough it out in nullsec which is another issue that requires addressing.

Goal #3.

This goes to the very core of human nature and the desire to succeed. One sided fights within Eve has always been a thing and will remain as such. If you think you will somehow influence how many people side (a) will bring then you are deluding yourself. Once the initial entosis goes through and the various contestation points open up then numbers will be what matter in this current system. Sure you have given the defender various crutch's to use such as deciding the rough time for the contest and also giving them the ability to capture nodes upto 4x faster but you are leaving what is probably the most important ingredient out of the mix. How big is the alliance? How many systems does it own? Why have you not taken into account these very basic statistics? If huge numbers had a detriment on how quickly you could recapture your contestation points then I can assure you there would be a huge purge within all null-sec based alliances. If the amount of systems you owned also played a part then you can be sure a lot more space would free itself up than is currently available. If an alliance owned so much space that it essentially gave the people attacking them an advantage because they could take points faster then you can bet your ass all leadership of every alliance would sit down and re-evaluate exactly what it is they need.

The point of these two changes would be to reduce the overall size of alliances (even if it is simply by kicking the inactive) and also create a system that condenses the space used - and with the changes I said in Goal #1 then you have enough room for more people in less space, thus freeing up more space. Smaller alliances owning less space also gain the ability to hold out against larger enemies also.

Now this is where the catalyst gets put in.

Cycle all high end moons every 6 months and only allow those who have sov in the system to moon mine. If you want to throw out from RP then you can play it off as "layers" that cycle and so on - personally I don't give a damn how its portrayed, but it does add flashpoints into the game that are heavily needed.

Aneu Angellus
The Initiative.
#242 - 2015-07-01 00:16:06 UTC

All in all the new sov system does what it should do, split up fights, reduce the numbers but it doesnt remove the status quo of the largest getting the most and the smallest being trod over again and again.

Eve is a dark cold place for sure but what should be concerning CCP now is will this system allow relatively new players/corps/alliances an entry point into nullsec? Will they get stomped out of existence if a long term alliance decides to pay a visit? How do smaller alliances complete with larger?

Taking into account the numbers in an alliance, the systems they own you can essentially give a small alliance defending against a larger alliance so much breathing space that larger alliances will simply ignore them.

If a smaller alliance has the luck to get a high-end moon in one of their systems they could still win out with quick thinking and a little luck if the enemy they faced was much larger than them.

I don't understand why CCP didnt add this to the original design.

The death knell for nullsec and any competitive game mode is its entry barriers, high entry barriers means that it will eventually fizzle out and with the current power blocks as they are and the batphone ringing continually CCP needs to change up the balance of power in nullsec and also the flashpoints.

Make allies turn into enemies, bloody the larger alliances noses by giving smaller alliances a fighting chance, do something that will reinvigorate the game to feel like it is worth players time and effort and everything you do isnt for someone else to get rich. Remove the fear of the larger alliances and players will start to realize that they can make their own alliances and empires.

If the larger alliances decide to split themselves to get around this then that is a step in the right direction as it will only be a matter of time before those splits become contention points.

More change is needed than what the current design delivers and I hope that this is realised before release.
Sulz sulzovig
Zima Corp
Legion of xXDEATHXx
#243 - 2015-07-15 17:24:59 UTC
Legetus Shmoof Metallii wrote:
I'm just gonna wait until somebody complains/explains it for me

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