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Character Bazaar

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WTS 151mill SP PVP toon - excellent cap/ all rounder - b/o added!

First post
Elite Scientists of Jita
#1 - 2015-06-24 19:59:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Rexelll
Well its finally the time to flog this char... so i'm up for sale... originally trained as a cap pilot but now a bit more rounded.

Skill queue is set to mop up the sub-cap t2 ship skills that i've never bothered with and will be sorted in 14 days... so thats the timeframe i'll set for the character auction.

Do Not Eve Mail offers to this character - only bids in here are accepted.

Eve Board Link - password for sheet = BYDI

Some highlights for your perusal:

  • All drone skills lvl 5
  • All leadership skills lvl 5
  • Ability to fly, fit and fight any titan in game (just buy the skillbook n plug in)
  • Gallente Carrier 5 / Mini carrier 4 (5 is only days away)
  • 20mill SP in gunnery
  • 12.5mill SP in missiles
  • 40mill SP in spaceship cmd
  • Skill remap available

Starting bid: 45b

Current bid: 70b Krave KLinntock

Buyout - 75b

Reserve: Hidden - i have a value in my mind, i'll post in here if someone hits it though.
End date: 08/07/15 @ 2000 GMT
Sniper rule: 10mins

Just realised i missed the formalities:

Positive Wallet
This is the character that will recieve the isk
I will pay for the transfer fee.
Currently in Jita
3 total clones, no impressive implants
sec status -1.3
no kill rights, no assets
BaLaNcE TeCh
#2 - 2015-06-24 20:07:20 UTC  |  Edited by: InBaLaNcE
60 bil b/o offer
Elite Scientists of Jita
#3 - 2015-06-24 20:21:02 UTC
InBaLaNcE wrote:
60 bil b/o offer

its a bit early for buy outs but your bid is noted thanks
Beyond Divinity Inc
Shadow Cartel
#4 - 2015-06-25 08:58:14 UTC
Nice toon, shame its out of my budget. Good luck with the sale
Elite Scientists of Jita
#5 - 2015-06-25 12:43:54 UTC
Just to re-iterate - only bids in this topic are classed as valid... guess not everyone thought that this meant anything but mails like this arent valid.

63b bid - not valid

Elite Scientists of Jita
#6 - 2015-06-25 13:42:16 UTC
apologies for the dual post but thought this was relevant...


this offer is real and posted on here then i'll accept.

However since it looks like an alt of the previous refused evemailed bid then we carry on as before

Buyout Evemail bid
Krave KLinntock
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#7 - 2015-06-25 14:26:59 UTC
70 bil b/o
Elite Scientists of Jita
#8 - 2015-06-25 14:38:21 UTC
Eve mail bid confirmed as fake - current highest bid = Krave KLinntock @ 70b
Elite Scientists of Jita
#9 - 2015-06-25 18:58:44 UTC  |  Edited by: Rexelll
New buyout added at 75b :)

+ daily bump

will be online if people want to chat
ISD Dorrim Barstorlode
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#10 - 2015-06-25 19:51:22 UTC

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