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Dev Blog: A Call to Art: Contest Winners

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Ralph King-Griffin
New Eden Tech Support
#21 - 2015-06-10 14:42:48 UTC
Haul Inc wrote:
I suppose there is some artistic merit to Death of a Tengu and to the Patrol (though not my style) but overall i'm not impressed with the quality of the winning submissions tbh.

bitter eh,

i love them, Sandcastles before me in particular
Ishtanchuk Fazmarai
#22 - 2015-06-10 20:07:48 UTC
I really like the fantasy themed winner, the one with an avatar walking on a planet. Lol

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Miss Fuzzy
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#23 - 2015-06-11 10:28:45 UTC
Is there a gallery where the other submitted works can be seen?
Great work of the artists. Hope to see more of this.
Rivr Luzade
Coreli Corporation
Pandemic Legion
#24 - 2015-06-12 07:38:04 UTC
Beta Maoye wrote:
The Patrol and Death of the Tengu are awesome.

Absolutely agreed.

UI Improvement Collective

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Tyranis Marcus
Bloody Heathens
#25 - 2015-06-13 01:46:29 UTC
You guys need to work some kind of deal and get prints available for sale asap!

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Oculum Videntem Omnia Inc
#26 - 2015-06-14 08:36:07 UTC
Haul Inc wrote:
overall i'm not impressed with the quality of the winning submissions tbh.

Would have to agree with you.

Death of a Tengu is the only one that really stands above the rest for me.

Sandcastles Before me - doesn't do anything for me and has left me wondering why the horizon and clouds are falling off to the right in the picture. Is this just bad photography of the canvas or has the artist messed up on one of the first rules of composition? (sure hope it's the former)

Would love to see the other submissions too. Well done to all.
Braskus Aurellius
#27 - 2015-08-04 04:31:14 UTC
Those are pretty good. Except, The Patrol is just a vector traced picture of a Tristan copied and blurred on a quick background. Computer did 95% of the work. Death of a Tengu is somehow so much more artistically done on a computer. Though it is obviously so, there's some good effort put into it to be something more than just "copy-paste".
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