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EVE New Citizens Q&A

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Eve for new Player - Why not to Chose Eve

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Weed Warfare
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1 - 2015-06-10 21:52:54 UTC
Hello New Players Or the phones thinking of starting EVE ,

Most posts and Guides regarding EVE will mislead you and dont really go for there awesome Graphics because when the game itself is Broken , Good Graphics are the least of your concerns .

This post is meant to help people who are looking to start a new game , and are considering eve. The Post will cover the drawbacks of playing eve and also provide you alternatives of games which are actually more fun and skill based where you will find more fun and enjoyment as compared to EVE . So lets start to explain why EVE is a bad choice for anyone who is looking to start this game .. or coming back to it .

1 - This game is completely time dependent and has nothing to do with skills , If you willing to pay 14.99$ a month for 6 months when you can finally do something in this game than that is your choice , And even after that .. Even if your a quick decision maker , Have good reflexes etc . None of it will help when your fighting against anyone who is even a month ahead of you in training time . Most old EVE players have bee en playing for 10 + years and its mostly the old ones who keep rolling alt accounts and sell them for money. - Point to be taken ( This is not a skill dependent game)

2 - Economy - The economy of Eve is very bad , its the ones who have been playing for a ver long time eg 10 years who can make decent money while playing games , For others , any source of income is at least 2- 3 month training time leeast - wether you pick mining , PI , Mission running , WH exploration etc .. So in order to make money you will be buying PLEX for EVE / CCP which is 15 $ for your game and 19 $ 1 plex , 34 $ for 2 plex etc items . Then you will sell this was 800 MIL + to even 1.2 a month and that is just 1 PLEX but , dont consider Billion ]as a lot , Billion $ in EVE is nott to much money.

3 Sportsmanship - EVE by far has some of the worst sportsman in game , I am not talking about your CORP members or friends , I am talking about people in general , You will find friendly guys in ur CORPS or random ones , But most people in EVE are bad Sportsman who lie , cheat , fraud and harass new players for fun - I am sharing real incidents that happened with me

1 - Eve has a wierd EULA so when you guys do install it and wana play it . Read it and specially the sections related to Bans and buying and trading in Eve ,

So here it goes , My brother and i play eve together , He saw a website while googlinh on eve called ( keeping the name hidden so its not causing any problems ) , These guys were selling ISK , 12.99 for a 1000 Mil much cheaper than EVE store , my brother had no clue he had just started EVE . He paid 12.99 $ and got a 1000 Mil , got a few ships and implants and everything , A week later CCP bans both our accounts for a week saying we got goods from elsewhere and not the EVE way of buying PLEX for 19.99 $ and selling it for 870 Mil . 7 $ was a big gap and my brother was getting 200 Mil more so he purchased goods which were delivered to Him , After a week CCP banned our accounts fopr 7 days , although one CCP agent was nice enough to lift the Ban in 6 days as this was the " cough cough " First Offense .

So now we purchased 2 Plex from CCP store because we dont want to get banned . The main trading Hub of EVE is JITA , so we went there to sell our 34 .99 $ PLEX to get some money . Here is what i am talking about bad sportsmanship and bad intent of players to harm other players in real finances and EVE / CCP allows it , The per offered me 2,.4 Bil for two plex , The guy started a private conversation we negoatiated the deal and he was ok to pay 2.4 Nil for two PLEX . I suggested drawing a contract but he said Trade is just as safe and you can trade the amount with me . I trade him 2 PLEX , He trade first showed the amount of 2.4 Bil , but as soon as i accepted he changed the amount to 25000 and allowed the trade . CCP knows about this fraud , there motioning systems see all this . I asked the person to pay me the amount he promised , In return he asked me to Copy and paste my transactions Log , He was well aware logs show total money as well , SO after ripping me off he tried to create a fake contract to me for renaming Money . I contacted CCP as well and they should have a change in amount in the Trade button BOX but they dont , And they wont even recover the 34.99 $ 2 PLEX or ask the player to pay the money because now to meet my money requirements CCP wants me buy more PLEX from them and this time sell if safely.

Such bad a negative vibe that all players are trying to make a fool , fraud and backstab you , Makes it no fun for any new comers

Eve will take your time , and even while as you frow . There new patches keep making the older one stronger. . The trade cheat was from by Mr USSF IOWA (xxxxx) no name . But this is common among most players .. SO for your summers or for a break you wana try some new game here a list for you , most of them free to Play as well
1 - League of Lengends
3 Americas Army -
4 - Dreadgnaught (
5 Path of EXILE -
But those are just my recommendations over playing eve , CCP responded to me saying " Its game and person business among players , we cannot interfere with that , But my brother buying fomr someone else was not a CCP , that had them involved

CCP - A serious Tip[ , In Trade , Select OK from both parties to accept then tradeAcccept and Accept , After this , Incase of any changes you should have anothyer " Message Box " You are trading this for this and two check boxes Both for buyer and seller
iMessage Box should have two check boxes both showing the final products and when both are checked and accepted by Buyer and Seller only then treade should happen . So ask you developer to at least fraud in your sandbox systen
Weed Warfare
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#2 - 2015-06-10 22:02:25 UTC
Dearn CCP

Before you close the topic

Let me explain

Ranting - Google the word . i am not ranting i am telliing the truth . i have Chat Logs from GM and Screenshots to prove it .. SO NO

Your mistakes this is not ranting , This is a personal experience being shared with others so that they dont get ripped for 34.99$ because EVE IS not user friendly


That was a suggestion that Trade you be changed , And that it should have a message Box showing to Accept trade before it was completed . It was a feedback to the dev team , but sir your lack of perception that i am abusing devs is your problrm . Yes i agree i am angry but that doesnt mean i used any foul language in any way or tried to disrespect anyone . If you want ill add the screenshots so you know its personal experience not ranting , something i am helping others to be ware of cause you wont be able to help ..

Lastly , Please dont close posts , Freedom of Speech should not be suppressed because you dont like hearing things that you dont like.

You might BAN me or Close this TOPIC but this is the truth about EVE and i dont know why your getting so upset hearing about it as if you dont know

Anyways Screnshots attach , If you cant help us . You should not even BAN us when we have better people to buy Goods from

SO either you fix your problem or ler others feel free to fo what they want
Paranoid Loyd
#3 - 2015-06-10 22:04:42 UTC
You are upset because you got scammed. Scamming is part of the game. Deal with it.

"There is only one authority in this game, and that my friend is violence. The supreme authority upon which all other authority is derived." ISD Max Trix

Fix the Prospect!

Mike Avarant
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#4 - 2015-06-10 22:07:41 UTC
So you got scammed and now eve is a bad game? Scamming is a part of the game.
Ralph King-Griffin
New Eden Tech Support
#5 - 2015-06-10 22:07:43 UTC
so can i have whats left of you and your brothers stuff?
Weed Warfare
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#6 - 2015-06-10 22:11:04 UTC
Sorry for multiple reply , Couldnt figure out a way to attach pics

The Amount on top is for 2 Plex

So there u go sir , not you know its not ranting but its to help new players beware of how EVE is
Have Naught Subsidiaries
#7 - 2015-06-10 22:11:26 UTC
I can't help but think that somewhere out there, a jita scammer is having this screen printed onto canvas and hung on his den wall......
Ralph King-Griffin
New Eden Tech Support
#8 - 2015-06-10 22:14:47 UTC
L'ouris wrote:
I can't help but think that somewhere out there, a jita scammer is having this screen printed onto canvas and hung on his den wall......

more like trying to figure out how to convince this guy to walk into the taxidermist with him alone
Cellini Benvenuto
Ephemeral Syzygy
#9 - 2015-06-10 22:17:48 UTC
As a fellow newbie, my personal opinion:

1. Skills matter in Eve. It isn't all about older players. As a new player, you stick to frigates, master them, and while it may take some time, with good playing skills (and not a lagged computer like mine), you can give anyone a run for his money. But eve is more than just 'good reaction times' game and thought needs to be put into the ship you choose to fight in and choose to fight against.

2. That's bullshit. Making 40-50m an hour in a dessie/frig hunting clone soldiers or doing low-level complexes is pretty easy. I started doing it in my second month. I can't play every day or frequently enough. But whenever I do play, 2 days out of 3, I've made more than enough to buy 2 assault frigates and fit them (which is my current ship of choice - even if I made better isk in a dessie).

3. That sounds reasonable enough. If you buy from illegal sellers without doing your homework, then don't you think getting a small ban is justified?

4. On the plex scam: that's people's skills, mate. It happened in an online game. It could have happened in real life. It's your real life money. You should be careful with it and do your homework and not expect 'papa' CCP to come and help you. You sell your plex on the market, and there's never any issue. Why bother with private conversations? From my life experience: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
Weed Warfare
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#10 - 2015-06-10 22:20:37 UTC
See i know

so you guys its fun , because for you fraud and cheating and scamming is normal

But not for all man , Some of us come from good games with friendships that last for life , I dont care about the 34.99 , If he didnt have the money i wouldnt have cared , But the fact that even after having the money or maybe even Billions more you still chose to be a lesser person

Thats will impact your personality as you grow . Playing the game . Your mind becomes more open to criminal behbviours where u think doing wrong gets more profit and trust me we dont need more of that

All i am trying to imply most ppl have billions ,if you ave the money .. why scam a new guy , someone who is working hard to make money , even paying cash cause he doesnt have 10 years of experience as you .. Why Scam such pilots

He had the money , he saw the copy and paste and that i only had 1.4 , Thats i needed to buy n fit 6 ships for various things and he chose to betray .. after knowing the guy had only 1.4

Thats what i am trying to say , f i got sfrewed
ISD Dorrim Barstorlode
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
ISD Alliance
#11 - 2015-06-10 22:25:18 UTC

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