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Yuan Randolph
Caldari State
#1 - 2015-06-02 16:40:36 UTC  |  Edited by: Yuan Randolph
It had been stuck here for a hour!

why why why?

I'm so disappoint to CCP nowadays.
Marsha Mallow
#2 - 2015-06-02 17:15:02 UTC
I had that a few days ago on one client (not for an hour though). Just relog, I got in fine the second time round.

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Cruor Angelicus
#3 - 2015-06-02 18:43:20 UTC
Poke around on the Sisi forums. Apparently some people were getting this in there too.

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Nick Xander
NX Industry Technologies
#4 - 2015-06-03 04:08:46 UTC
Having this same issue on all 3 of my accounts right now.......

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