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Donate to Cancer, Get a Titan Kill!

Test Alliance Please Ignore
#1 - 2015-05-28 07:40:44 UTC
I ran a story on Reddit that made it to TMC.

I'll copy the Reddit Text here and link to the stories. TL;DR. I'm raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and if my page reaches $10,000, I'll run a live event to blow up my Erebus Titan! I'll stream it and have special guests and everything, will be great.

The event is June 6th! The anonymous match will come in on the 4th or the 5th.


Hi! My name is Dovi or Dovinian, and I've been a long time member of TEST and I was on CSM7 as an alternate.
For the last 3 years, my family has raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in the form of a boat race for fun.

Link here:

An anonymous TEST member has also matched my entire donation page dollar for dollar the day before the event, he's a supercool bro.

Well this year we came up with the idea of if my page reaches $20,000 I'll log in my titan and let all of EVE come blow it up in a celebration. In reality, it needs to his $10,000, then the dude is on board to match it to $20,000 and bam, titan destruction time.

To make life simpler I'm going to link a bunch of text from the TEST forums, it should all still apply.
Last year for 2014, my family and yacht club hosted the event in our hometown of Bellingham, WA, but unfortunately this year we couldn't get the approval and buy-in from the yacht club.

HAVE NO FEAR, WE'RE STILL GOING TO SEATTLE TO DO IT. Seattle has been an awesome event and is much larger than the one we threw in Bellingham. More boats, more people, more >money raised and a lot of that translates to more fun.
Backstory, in 2007 my brother was diagnosed with Leukemia on his wife's birthday. After a long and hard 2 year battle he was officially in remission and is healthy and living his dream of being >a stunt man in movies and TV Shows. His latest project has been Arrow, which has been a ton of fun.

My family feels strongly that the Leukemia and Lymphoma society is doing great things for research and advancing the techniques for curing these terrible blood cancers.

Cool things that have happened:

  • Twisted got a ******* Vinyl Decal on our main sail of TEST's logo. It's falling off now, but still mostly. there.
  • TEST Alliance Please ignore was an officially accepted sponsor of the entire event in Seattle
  • Two years in a row an awesome anonymous TEST dude matched TEST's donations dollar for dollar.
  • I get drunk and make a fool of myself every year.
  • Our boat has placed in the top 3 for team donations every year
  • 2013 I got 3rd highest individual donations
  • Our family was featured in Sailing World Magazine for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's ad

I'm posting this to Reddit to try to get us over the hump in the final two weeks. I'd love to celebrate with ALL of EVE and blow up my titan.


Anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated! It's been a great year so far but I'd like to see what we can do to get over the hump and finish it up! I'm always available to talk about how Leukemia or Lymphoma has affected you, or even how it's affected me. I'm not shy about it at all.

Raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, if my page hits $10,000 By June 4 or 5 it'll be doubled to $20,000 by an awesome dude. Then we get to blow up my titan to celebrate. Help me celebrate and set me free from the shackles of titan ownership.

I'd love any support that can be given! Keep in mind any donation is appreciated and will be doubled up. Let's free me from the shackles of titan ownership and raise money for a great cause!

Twizted Sizter
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Test Alliance Please Ignore
#2 - 2015-06-04 19:58:43 UTC
Apparently Dovinian can't pilot a sailboat and post on the forums at the same time. Disappointing.

(3:44:28 PM) Dovinian: In my eve forum post can you post on my behalf that the goal was $20,000 and it has been reached. The event is on, but let's keep going
(3:44:30 PM) Dovinian: Sailing and can't do it easily myself

It's a worthy cause. If you haven't donated yet and you're able, please consider doing so. And be sure to show up for the death march of the Dovibus.
XeX Znndstrup
#3 - 2015-06-08 11:35:20 UTC
It's a fair action.
And people will donate even without destroying your Titan. I'm sure.

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