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NYX Master 109mSP FIRESALE only * 45b * Must Go now! worth 55b+

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#1 - 2015-05-19 09:26:38 UTC  |  Edited by: Veleg
sale for one hour only price is 45b thats well below what its worth, check the skills. Its worth over 50 easy!

thank you p/w: 017720

Key points:

Almost Mastery in Nyx apart from Information Warfare Links skill
Maxed out Armor, Drones, Engineering, Electronics, Navigation, Targeting
Capital Ships V, Gallente Carrier V
Fighterbombers V, Adv Drone interfacing V
Projected ECM V, Propulsion Jamming V
Capital Remote Hull Repair Systems V TwistedTwisted (+ all other Cap remote assist V, and Cap local rep V)
Leadership skills - Armor and Skirmish links and Wing Command V
Caldari + Gallente BS V
Minmatar + Caldari Frig V
Logistics V
Covert Ops V
All Tengu subs V w/ Missile Support skills
Blops capable
All T2 drones
T2 Triage
T2 Siege

Implant Set:
standard-grade Alpha
standard-grade Beta
standard-grade Delta
standard-grade Epsilon
standard-grade Gamma
standard-grade Omega

Bidding starts at 40b
Reserve: none
B/O: 47b

Increments of 1b please


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#2 - 2015-05-19 10:11:59 UTC
As you already have a WTS thread, this one gets a lock.

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