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.01 ISK Buyer Scheme

Catain Tsuruomo
Caldari State
#1 - 2015-05-04 17:06:35 UTC
I am getting to where I can sell minerals and came across this little scheme where a buyer has placed a regional order at .01 ISK per.

Buy Orders

I understand they are hoping to nab someone too lazy or limited to move their goods elsewhere. I just want to be sure that if I travel to the station where a buyer is selling above that amount, that is the figure used. In other words, do sale orders go to the closest buyer?


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BeBopAReBop RhubarbPie
Rote Kapelle
#2 - 2015-05-04 17:15:25 UTC
Based on that pic, if you sell at Altrinur XII, the first 6291 units you sell will sell to the person with the order at 3916.00 isk per unit. That order was place at a different station in the same system with a range of five jumps. If you move to a station outside of that five jump range, and not at Hek VIII, you will sell to the 0.01 isk order unless you create your own sell order. Make sure you set the price when you sell the item. If you enter 0.01 is as your sell price, it will still sell to the 61816 isk order, but only sell for the price you entered.

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Cruor Angelicus
#3 - 2015-05-04 17:22:44 UTC
You will always sell to the highest bidder that you are in range of.

In other words, if you sort all the buy orders by price you will sell the highest green entry on the list.

(Because a green entry is one you are in range of)

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Memphis Baas
#4 - 2015-05-04 17:36:12 UTC
Buy orders can have range. If you're in range of the buy order, it will appear green.

The person who sets up the buy order can determine the range (but they need to train some of the skills in the Trade category). Most people leave the range at "station", so that YOU have to bring the items to them.

Others don't mind setting up a region-wide order, to catch anyone selling without paying attention. In this case, the buyer will have to travel to all the little stations all over the region and pick up 2 items here, 3 items there, and it takes a while, but if they get the stuff at 0.01 ISK, the profits are worth the time it takes to collect and transport.

Finally, there is a middle ground, and you need to pay attention to it because it will be green but you may not be able to sell to it. Some buyers decide to put a region-wide buy order, at a slightly-lower price that's still decent, but they want to cut on the travel time so they set it up with a Minimum Quantity - you can only sell to it if you have 10,000 units or whatever minimum quantity. That way the buyer only has to travel to stations where there's a reasonable quantity that will make it worth his time.

In any case, pay attention to the Minimum Quantity (Minimum Volume) column on the right side. The order will be green but you won't be able to sell if you have less than that many.
Catain Tsuruomo
Caldari State
#5 - 2015-05-05 04:44:39 UTC
Thanks, all, for the info!

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